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yossi johnny ma 2017/05/28 13:22:19 0 0
hello everyone,Are there any bots who's able to click ads on my website and randomize IP's so it'll appear that people from all over the world are clicking them?If not, how hard is it to create one? And - are there any STEP BY STEP tutorials to help me build one like this?I'm not talking about softwares like ads clicker bot and such.But - I need...
user_1234 2017/05/27 06:19:57 0 0
Network authentication down again!Please fix this soon, this was an issue earlier too.My customers are getting mad!
udaladul 2017/05/27 21:32:21 0 0
I saw, for developer version have custom auto update function.Any tutorial for its? ...
udaladul 2017/05/25 15:05:31 0 0
Dear admin, can i request for gui design?calendar/date selectTreeViewProgress bardatagrid with checkbox/image etcwysiwyg /html editor is posibleThanks
mikeinnyc 2017/04/09 02:15:58 0 0
Any idea how to do pagination without a next button?...
warrenjb 2017/05/24 23:01:31 0 0
Yet again the login server is down, this is my 2nd post in 5 days about the same shit issue!You guys need to get your shit sorted or get out of the business of charging people for software, how can a poor level of infrastructure you can be bothered to maintain affect all your customers who have paid for working software licensesI expect a free licence matching what i have paid for to replace to many hours of downtime and...
mikeinnyc 2017/05/25 03:18:31 0 0
Too many problems with your activation server.Remember, Business Rule Number 1: The customer comes first.It is unacceptable for the Bot chief not to be able to connect a second time!Workaround by allowing the product to work without activation.Please Fix this problem so this cannot happen again.No excuses please. Thank you,...
khostoto 2017/05/26 00:52:07 0 0
hello can someone help me !! I need my bot run Just if this one find a image or text on page ! I have tested with find operate But the condition is true on each test  !!can someone help me !! 
warrenjb 2017/05/26 07:55:02 0 0
After numerous login failures over the past few weeks due to the auth server being down, now today there is another error "StartIndex cannot be less than zero, Parameter name: startindex"This error also stops you using the software that has been piad for ?What is going on guys?????????This is now becoming a joke and as the title says nearly to the point where we switch software and demand refunds on the licences purchased, sort it out once and for...
steve316 2016/09/18 12:30:25 0 0
Here is the scenario. Hopefully someone who speaks English will be able to understand and help.I am trying to get my bot to find a link and click it, however the link is not always present if not I need it to move to page 2 etc.I have tried using the IF statement but I can't get it to look for the link and provide a false or true.If the link to renew is present I want it to click it If not...
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