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Karmagedon 2017/07/11 04:32:11 0 0
Here it is written that you need to use a lock for some actionshttp://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/bbspost?postid=4944#.WWPYaBXyjMwThese actions are listed:Upload File, Mouse Emulation(web), KeyStrokes Emulation, Flash Action, New CaptchaIs this all the action for which...
the one 2017/07/15 08:37:27 0 0
isntagram signups have automated username generater
SKC1406 2017/07/01 23:33:53 0 0
I'm new to Botchief and I've just been creating a new/test module to get my head around things.I've added some simple commands which run fine within the editor itself, but it doesn't seem to work when running in a new window - it comes up with the error 'cannot find controls'....
tcraig911 2016/10/01 00:53:48 0 0
Okay I posted a question before asking about death by captcha and I still cant find my answer =/ Has anyone come across video tutorials explaining the process of setting up death by captcha in botchief?  Im so lost on which actions to set up, how to send the captcha to dbc and that whole set up. If anyone has seen any posts or tutorials explaining this please send them my way. Thank you!
exchangeis 2016/10/30 19:51:08 0 0
i have just purchased BotChief and have viewed all of the training videos and searched this forum for the answer but cannot work this one out.I have created my first project to fill a field from table variable and then read and fill Captcha with Deth by Captcha. I have been able to identify/set Captcha img but how does the answer field get populated. Note the Captcha is a simple text (not complex...
howard 2017/07/13 09:47:37 0 0
Hello,Please provide good examples for captcha solving by deathbycaptcha.I could not find any tutorial/samples on how to implement it. I have deathbycaptcha settings but i dont know how to fill the answer.I dont want to use 2captcha because i dont have any balance there and its hard to purchase a credits. I hope you can take time and create some samples for us. Thank you..
the one 2017/07/15 09:47:16 0 0
so how do i select the auto generated username before adding value
kawijetrider 2017/07/15 00:51:19 0 0
I was wondering if this software works in Windows 10?
WhiteHatBox 2013/12/23 06:00:19 0 0
If you want some new bots to do your job automatically, and you can't create it by yourself using BotChief. You can post your need here. We will check and help you to do that.
Karmagedon 2017/07/17 05:22:43 0 0
I do not understand what she is doing. Anyone help?
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