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ronnie173 2017/09/16 20:37:35 0 0
Hi all I am trying to make a bot that clicks on links that downloads a zip file. But I need to download all of the zip files that is on the page and save them to a specific directory. Can someone show me where to get started.
udaladul 2017/09/18 09:14:00 0 0
any sample how to create progress bar and realtime custom logs?...
khaledsamer 2017/05/13 05:38:25 0 0
Hi , i have a website that has a dropdown options menu the tags of it is : <select>    <option>    <options>    and so on <select>i mean it's not a <div> like in tutorial . the menu has 16 options to choose from and when i use control operate it gives me only 1 html element and when and when i click...
moises580 2017/09/12 03:30:13 0 0
Good afternoon,in today's I made the purchase of the Software "BotChiefEditor", try to activate said software but gives an error. what should I do?
TurboGolom 2017/09/08 05:53:39 1 0
Hello Community, so im working for a long time on a project which is breaking my brain at the moment.So  im working on an adress generator which is creating random adressinformationsthe adress looks like: Firstname,Lastname,Country,City,Street,Streetnumber,ZIP and some other thingsEach information is stored into a seperated txt file.What i wanna do ?So the User is pressing the "generate" Button...
jattdagar 2017/09/03 15:59:08 0 0
how to press ctrl key with botchiefi want to close current tab of the browsertell me any way to do so
Dare_odeneye 2017/08/10 00:19:58 0 0
Hi i am looking to make a bot with a calculator.Hi i have "Scraped" information from a sight into a variable table. this scrapped information are numbersdoes anyone know how to make a bot that takes the numbers from the variable table and put them into a calculatorThank you
durelas@gmail.com 2017/08/28 20:06:39 0 0
Hi!This is my very first attempt with a bot and I'm having problems with the last step. The target site collect signs from audience and my bot starts to work ok: pick the info from my .csv files and fill name, lastname, email and city fields, but in the last step show a success message and then just not run again. ...
don31499 2017/08/20 17:04:27 0 0
Hi,I have made my first search bot! I'm stuck on how to make my bot click random links on a webpage?thanks
Karmagedon 2017/07/24 04:18:06 1 0
There are situations when you need to use mailboxes from different services, for example, when registering accounts. This module shows how to solve this problem.You can use it as a template to create your own modules.I added comments to variables and actions, where necessary....
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