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ihrajcom 2017/02/18 05:08:53 0 0
Hi everyone I want to create a costume bot, to check Email is register or available in https://twitter.com/signupI have thunder lists emails to check if already registered or available.I need final of the task to give me how available and already registered to save in a txt file sash as:| registered                 | available....
Alex7735 2017/02/13 06:44:54 0 0
how can i add to a form in a calendar for example i get to the month of june and now i want to be added to that 1st day (june 3rd)
jverley 2017/02/12 08:59:33 0 0
I've been looking but can't find any info on this one.How do you import/export variables from one module to another? Or how can I create them on the fly from a csv file? I see I can import a csv file and then assign them to already created variables inside of a module, but that's a pain in the *** when you have 100+ variables that are going to be set up exactly the same between modules.Simple ones, like username, password, name, etc. That...
212nycowboy 2017/02/10 02:39:58 0 0
What exactly is the public proxy setting in botcheif runner? Does editor have access to a large list of proxies? I pay for them now but if public work then i'm happy with free.Thanks
gooddeal700 2016/11/12 13:44:50 0 0
Hello everyone,These days, I became seller on Amazon.i need to know if it can be done and how to do that.i want that BotChief will search on Amazon with a list of keywords , for each keywordi want that BotChief to search my particular item in first page if not there move on to the next page and so on and so on until it find it .after BotChief will find my particular item i want it to write a log file saying in what page number the bot found the item...
MoralUtility 2017/01/13 15:23:36 0 0
Ordered botchief pro today just curious how long it takes to get license. On redirect from paypal it gave an error so not sure if that was where the license was given or notThank you,
Adive 2017/01/13 13:21:56 0 0
The bot has a captcha thing, but I was wondering if you can make the captcha automated too, instead of it being manual.My goal is to make a voting bot (the site has a captcha + 1 time per 24h so im also using proxies), that I could leave on my VPS for long times with loads of proxies.That's why I'd need an automatic captcha.. So is it possible?    
user_1234 2017/01/09 10:49:27 0 0
Hi, I need help with getting my program to work with a json API.I'm new to getting this work, so help / an example would be great.If someone could help me that would be great. I have Bot-chief Developer, so I have access to all options.
kudave2 2017/01/06 23:23:42 0 0
I've added 2 string variables for scheddate and schedtime on a form but I'm not sure how to use these string variable or some other functionality to get the RunWebSubmitModule to execute at the specific date and time.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!Dave
winter400 2017/01/05 17:01:37 0 0
Hello,I'm trying send HTTP Post UTF-8. But it's not working.My Title: Thát is nót goodResult: Th?t is n?t goodHow i fix it? What is setting http post?Thanks,Winter4000
kudave2 2017/01/06 10:21:58 0 0
Used forum example http://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?postid=4349&searchText=date#.WG8T24WcFhE to get date/time from system and on TestRun got error stating that I was using a different version of browser and it couldn't run.  If I run in debug it doesn't return date/time to the variable that I assigned.  Looking for the best way to obtain system date and time for a wait or sleep process.  Thanks!
ni8_blue 2017/01/03 09:08:05 0 0
Hey I am working on botchief editor, under dropdown options after right click on module, selecting insert action then moving down to others section,selecting "Keystrokes Emulation".After selecting "Keystrokes Emulation" , when I click on test run it prompts me "Success" but It should show a dialog to enter value for variable as I am using a variable.Variable "Initialize variable with no default" value set and its range is...
bottodo 2016/12/20 10:30:31 0 0
Hello,I dont know how to Press Enter key... Anyone can help me?Thanks all!
bottodo 2016/12/21 10:29:40 0 0
Hello,I try custom bot, but it's always download xrunner29.0.zip when i open my bot. Thanks!
mpspringer 2016/12/20 21:19:37 0 0
What is the best way to randomly select a cookie value and use the value?Example Cookie:name: datrcontent: g_0tWLBZrwroZAjeSCZmOs16domain: .facebook.compath: /
winter400 2016/12/04 18:27:42 0 0
Hello,I graph search Facebook Group. How to read json file? I want to get ID group. Any example?Thank all!{  "data": [    {      "name":"Disney College Program Spring/Spring Advantage 2017",      "privacy":"CLOSED",      "id":"437876983085996"   ...
killbane 2016/09/16 14:43:55 1 0
I tried upload image option. It shows success on click option but fails on finding window.Anybody willing to help me
lorand 2016/12/05 19:46:40 0 0
How can i user the table loop and multi threads ?I need to log in one and the to some repetitive action in loop from a table,the problem is that i cannot make the bot to get a new link from the table. All threads get the same link.Thanks!
Miguel 2016/11/30 19:30:44 0 0
My test module has:1 Double var1 Table (2 columns)1 String var (to get Double2String from the Double var)Initially, the table has 5 rowsWhen I do a Table Loop action,  Double var is incremented 1 unit.I convert this double to String and save it in a String varI put the string var value in the row1 of the table.But all rows...
mpspringer 2016/11/28 19:12:19 0 0
What is the best way to use variable for Screen Resolution?randomly select one of these:320x568375x667414x736768x10241024x1366Can you please explain how to set a Double Value Type variable?
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