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Examples of using Html UI!

ReplyThanks 2017/03/28 17:30:33 1 1

Here is a simple example of using Html UI, we will add another one which contains some JS functions later.

Download example here: HtmlUI_example1.zip, it contains a project file and html folder, please put the 'MyHtmlFiles' folder in your computer's D disk.

Some notes you need to read first:

1. If you use local Html resources, please DO NOT use 'iframe' in your html files.

2. You should add 'id' attribute to the tags that you want to operate.

2. When you want to use 'Html Attribute Operate' action, you can't select any html control. So you should edit this form first, and use 'Analysis Controls' function to load all tags and their id of the html page.

2017/03/28 17:31:20
2017/05/18 01:40:51
i will see if it comes handy
2017/12/14 23:11:37

very good and thanks you

Good luck

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