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kameo2k 2017/04/22 06:28:44 0 0
Well I am loving the automation of this thing and the fact that it is pretty easy to understand. I have an issue with the e-mail operations though. I am trying to send an e-mail from my Gmail account and the operation is failing. I made sure that the SMTP server was correct as well as requiring SSL and the port number per google's instructions. Also made sure both POP# and IMAP were enabled for my Gmail account and turned on "allow less secure apps" under the account settings. Has anyone else su...
warrenjb 2017/02/20 04:37:10 0 0
i am trying to open a website that is using the latest adobe flash, and it seems BotChief editor does not have the latest version of flash installed, how can this be resolved ? 
mikeinnyc 2017/04/23 08:43:39 0 0
AlexanderLAV 2017/04/20 18:04:03 0 0
Could you explain please. How can i do that?I try to set "Save to variable" to my table variable but i can't do this. 
user_1234 2016/05/20 16:10:56 0 0
Could you add support for copy / pasting of functions in one module to another module? I would like to copy parts of one module to add to another. I would also like to copy control variables to use many times in different modules.
mikeinnyc 2017/04/09 02:15:58 0 0
Any idea how to do pagination without a next button?...
Boobie 2017/03/30 22:49:45 0 0
Hi There,I would like to create a bot that grab a screen capture from each page.Is that doable with BotChief?For example I'm a member in a landing page that has 20 landing pages.I would like to grab a screen capture from each one of the landing page and save it into a jpg or png.Is that doable with BotChief?Thanks,Bob
kudave2 2017/01/06 23:23:42 0 0
I've added 2 string variables for scheddate and schedtime on a form but I'm not sure how to use these string variable or some other functionality to get the RunWebSubmitModule to execute at the specific date and time.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!Dave
user_1234 2017/03/24 00:54:31 0 0
Hi, I've had a couple issues running my programs, and it would be really helpful to look at the "Task Log" history while in the Botchief editor, not just runner.Thanks, have a good day!
techmech 2017/03/23 03:13:59 0 0
Hello,I just purchased your BotChief Developer and am starting with the basics since I have never built a bot before.I am walking through your reddit.com new user tutorial and have come onto an issue with NewCaptcha Browser Operation as demonstrated in the tutorial video. When testing running the NewCaptcha operation, when the "select image" option comes up and I select the "Im am not a robot" checkbox (red circle with the...
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