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user_1234 2017/03/24 00:54:31 0 0
Hi, I've had a couple issues running my programs, and it would be really helpful to look at the "Task Log" history while in the Botchief editor, not just runner.Thanks, have a good day!
techmech 2017/03/23 03:13:59 0 0
Hello,I just purchased your BotChief Developer and am starting with the basics since I have never built a bot before.I am walking through your reddit.com new user tutorial and have come onto an issue with NewCaptcha Browser Operation as demonstrated in the tutorial video. When testing running the NewCaptcha operation, when the "select image" option comes up and I select the "Im am not a robot" checkbox (red circle with the...
FMorrell 2017/03/16 14:13:30 0 0
I click select control, press play button, click find html green box comes up hit save.right click control operate click test run. everything goes great.ran bot 3 times in current window ran greatran bot 3 times in new window, fails to find control every timetried inner and outer html, everything I could think of. still will not run in new window.can you tell me what is wrongthe url...
ohans 2017/03/16 05:35:08 0 0
I have aproblem with the ‘ IF ’function. I think this is not working properly. I made a  film to explain. This is the URL of the film. https://vimeo.com/208478213  but maybe I  do not understand this function. can you look at...
jonas 2017/03/07 20:22:08 0 0
Hello,I have created a bot that uses variables from a table.I compiled the bot but after I run it (with admin rights) and want to import the data from a CSV file, it says  "Import fails, check if the file is correct or wheter it is occupied!".In the BotChiefEditor, the exact same file can be imported correctly.Any ideas for that issue?Thanks!  ...
monkeyclaws13 2017/03/06 06:34:40 0 0
Hello,I have setup an account for phone verify and loaded $10 onto it and setup the plugin.  I am able to get phone numbers for google but they are not being accepting.  Any reason why?Thanks
mikeinnyc 2017/03/05 00:40:27 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:1607
winter400 2017/03/05 20:12:14 0 0
hello,How to use windows automation? I need video tutorials. I can't use windows automation, open win program, type, fill and click on software?Best regards,Winter
mikeinnyc 2017/03/01 18:36:15 0 0
ok, Im still confused. Trying get make fresh leads for me to call. I've spent some considerable time now.I was able to follow the YouTube video "BotChief Multi Level Scraper" along with "BotChief Tutorial Series - 03 - Using the Scraper Action."Combining certain parts to try to figure out my goal.Part 1: To extract Company Name and Address from a website THEN...
user_1234 2017/03/05 05:35:41 0 0
I was working on my program I spent a lot of time on, and now I can't find the .dat file.I tried restoring the old folder and updating but I can't find it anywhere!Do you know how I can recover it?
mikeinnyc 2017/03/06 00:09:26 0 0
Can someone help me find my data location that I just scraped?Also it would be great if someone made a PDF HELP book showing what each control does.
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