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SillyPeptide 2017/06/24 22:38:22 0 0
As title reads, i'm looking for someone to help me program my bot. I'm a tech noob, and the WhiteHatbox skype support has been painstakingly slow.  If you know what you are doing and want to earn a little cash please shoot me an email. Nothing overly complicated with what i'm trying to do, but it does involve the record feature.  Email to: throwawayacct404@gmail.com
kameo2k 2017/06/20 02:37:34 0 0
Is it possible to get a discount on purchasing the elite license if I already have the pro version? $197 is kind of steep considering I already paid $97 for the pro version. Thanks!
katshea 2017/06/21 11:49:25 0 0
I've downloaded BotChief and I've been going through the tutorials as best i can, but this is all new to me, I've never tried to create a bot before, so forgive me if my questions seems dumb. What the hell is a variable? Why do I need it? What is the difference between the types? I can't seem to find any clarification on this so any input would be great.
SillyPeptide 2017/06/21 07:06:59 0 0
Hi all,When i try to add URL to some sites they are completely blocked and appear as white screen. Can someone please share a way around this issue.Thanks much,Love
varreaga 2017/06/16 01:45:25 0 0
Hi am i missing something i cant get this to delete the first row of the table , is there another step that hast to be done for this to work any help will be appreciated....
udaladul 2017/05/09 23:32:33 0 0
How to create Return funtion without using End modulebecause when i used End module all progress after End are stopedi'm familliar with Ub*t and they have Return module...
veloro 2017/06/12 23:25:57 0 0
hi, it would be great if you guys can provide an updated handout/video on what services Botchief can do?
mavillar 2017/05/30 05:04:19 0 0
Hi,I have a module in BotChief. It works fine and the whole module behavies as desired. It consists in a loop scrapping content from a website, and write the content in a file. When I leave it working, in about 15 minutes or so, arises an error saying: BotChief stop working and two options as shown in the image.Also I compiled the module in an standalone app and the same behavior.What's happening?...
udaladul 2017/05/27 21:32:21 0 0
I saw, for developer version have custom auto update function.Any tutorial for its? ...
Artdope 2017/05/29 21:04:45 0 0
I was wondering how I would go about making a counter in bot chief?Im trying to record everytime I click a certain button, and then rest for a certain amount of time after...say...100 clicks or actions.Does anyone have any advice as to what would be the best way to do this??Thanks for your time and consideration. :)P.S.I was thinking maybe write a 1 for every action in a ....
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