WebCreative 2018/05/26 08:45:17 0 0
I can easily search on google and see google image result (BotChiefEditor)  is there any way i can download image one by one Full size.. from google image search result... like i limit download 10 image per keyword.can i create this with BotChiefEditor?
tony greaves 2018/05/24 16:44:57 0 0
HelloI am trying to make a bot that will scrap urls and then fill in a form.How do i set the parameters so the different forms i scrap are adjusted.
LordDeanUK 2018/05/22 23:17:38 0 0
Afternoon,i stumbled across Bot Chief but i think it can do what i'm looking for.So i work as a self employed data miner and looking to automate some of my work.I'm looking to create 3 projects.Project 1 - Facebook keyword searcherProject 2 - Twitter keyword searcherProject 3 - Google searcher ...
kwaninmacau 2018/05/21 14:46:06 0 0
Hi,If buy software, could I get support about how to use or how to achive some function?I can't find control on some website, I am confused about it right now.Thank you!
kwaninmacau 2018/05/20 14:50:29 0 0
I run Botchief, but it so slowly every run any opration.Why does Botchief  run so slowly on my computer?
kwaninmacau 2018/05/18 06:22:35 0 0
When I use botChief to auto do something on some website, can it's owner dedicate that I use some software to do so?In addition, can I use php script to run botChief module or project?Thank you very much!
Karmagedon 2018/05/02 06:35:36 0 0
My request to the developers - please make an example of the project using multithreading.
pasie15 2018/03/31 01:27:40 0 0
Hi whenever I try to run a module in a new window, I get an unknown error and the debug window shows for a split second and goes away. Any Help?Generates the error 'location: 0 Reason : failed reason:...
guerreiro.v 2018/05/16 00:30:33 0 0
Hello, I just updated BotchiefRunner to version 4.2.0. Perfect working bots running on GeckoFx 45 stopped working.  Reason: unknown error. With Botchiefeditor I had to switch browser between versions in order to get the module working.Please advise.
sjacob67 2018/05/15 07:54:50 0 0
If I upload a csv file to botchief, can it read the csv filelog into my facebook accountgo to a group I manage look for users listed in the csv fileremove users if the name or facebook profile url matches the csv file?
WebCreative 2018/05/15 05:33:18 0 0
Is it possible BotChief Runner will auto start with windows startup and start task?
Pablo González 2018/05/03 03:45:50 0 0
Can anyone please share some information on how to set up the pop up manager so that pop ups are shown and clicked on? I am trying to create a bot for a site that requires access to mic&webcam and need to accept the request to use them
mokote 2018/04/14 12:50:59 0 0
hello,is there any way in "process controll" ->"if" function to find letters/special signs or numbers?example:X =2018ifX contain "[0-9] numbers" and do not contain letters/special signs "[a-zA-Z&._-]" return value "true"elsereturn value "false"regards
digitalsearchengines 2018/03/28 15:26:16 0 0
hello to the great botchief team,I Request a email scraper video for google yahoo or any directory like yellowpages etcIt will be very supportive to develop a data scraping bot.
SubZero17 2018/03/27 08:28:41 0 0
Hey Botchiefs,is there a option where I can connect Botchief with the Google Authenticator and/or how can I imput the function that the Bot fills in the Security Code automatically? I couldnt find it and in the Tuts I watched I couldnt find it also. The link for the Video where it is explained is fine also.And can I join the Skype group for faster answers and other helpful stuff?...
PercyTapia 2018/03/04 20:24:42 0 0
Hi,could you please give me any suggestions for solving this problem:This is a details page about rental properties.I need to get the text value next to "Parking". In this case "No Garage". I can select and find the control ok on one property page but on other pages the control is in a different place (1 row above or below) and it scrapes something else like "Utilities"-value.I can't find any unique classes, IDs, titles or anything for "Parking" and so cannot get the correct value on every page....
digitalsearchengines 2018/03/25 02:40:50 0 0
I was trying to create a new mail sending template in black bulk mail based on rediff mail . When i started creating it in botchief . It is giving me Browser version error....
udaladul 2017/05/07 05:31:38 0 0
Urgent, need help How To Create Checkbox in datagrid view GUI Forms...
thechosen 2018/03/17 17:19:05 0 0
Thanks for creating and uploading new tutorial videos on youtube (finally), but can you please create some more "realistic" tutorials instead of showing how to download control buttons as image files?For example I would love to see how I can automate those 3 tasks:send requests invitations on xinghttps://youtu.be/vvzT3K9w0cAremove request from list...
digitalsearchengines 2018/03/11 16:49:37 1 0
hello support team,I am  a VIP Diamond member of whitehatbox.i need help to learn how to compile Bot chief pre made modules in a new software with full functionality.Or how to compile premade Template of BlackBulk Mailer in a new software with same functionality.Kindly reply to my post. Looking for...
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