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Taking Requests for Video Tutorials done in English

ReplyThanks 2015/09/18 15:49:06 1 0

Hello Everyone,

I will be doing some tutorials in English to help make sure the people who want to use bot chief and do not have the experience needed to create the bots they are looking for have the ability to do so. So please feel free to comment on here with requests for tutorials, and I will do my best to answer as quickly as possible, and get started making that tutorial!

Please include the following for me if you want to make a request:

Name of the bot:

A step by step of how this bot should work.

Any other useful information I will need to make the best quality video to help you succeed!



2015/09/19 22:56:12
Thanks very much!
Let's ROCK!
Ahmed Farahat
2015/09/27 00:00:57

thanks what about this

how to set the HTTP referer in load url action not necessary video any illustration will be fine

2015/09/27 17:36:57
I will take a look at it :)
Ahmed Farahat
2015/09/27 19:25:42
thank you very much
2015/10/12 11:07:47
Any updates on the tutorials? I would love to have a video made on how to create forms and compile programs :)
2015/10/18 21:54:27
6 # Danksta 10/12/2015 11:07:47 AM
Any updates on the tutorials? I would love to have a video made on how to create forms and compile programs :)

hi, we have finished it, and it has been updated on our forum, please check it,


if you have any other problems, please feel free to have a contact with us.

2015/10/22 13:07:28

I really need help on how to input a random address in a sign up form. Like street, city, state, zip code?

Or if someone wants to make the bot for me I'm willing to pay 5 bucks.

2015/10/22 22:11:42

Hi, deivid725, Here is some example template, it may be helpful to you.


Luke Guile
2015/11/28 19:52:46


I would be very grateful it if you could make a tutorial for an Instagram bot.

The bot would be able to follow people based on a hashtag you input or people following a certain user.

It should also unfollow people you are following after a certain amount of time.

It would be good if you can include input values to dictate the scheduling of the follows and unfollows e.g. 50 follows every 1 hour for between 9-5 with 20-30 seconds in between each follow (something like this).

Any help you could provide on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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