Harvey Norman 2016/10/11 10:08:14 0 0
I'm trying to use Send Email action with a gmail account. I right click on the action to do a Test Run but it came back with failure and email sending was unsuccessful. Is there an error log or something to check to see what is wrong?
user_1234 2016/10/07 13:41:40 1 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:4.1.5Hi,I have a program that worked with ealier versions of botchief (and runner) but not when it uses the inequality var(double) <, >, or <> it always comes shows false. Even when it is < or > than the variable specified.When the function is false ...
mansour 2016/10/03 16:12:53 0 0
hi every body I have a question when i see some bots was created by botchief have a wonderful skin, so how to change theme in forms ?  ProxySpider or tweetattackspro. or give me any hint. 
chasetrust 2016/08/06 14:31:05 0 0
I don't know if anybody can create a Bot for Vbro website.. for auto sending messages to apartment owners
digall 2016/10/03 23:51:35 0 0
I'm having issues with latest version V 4.1.5 so i want to downgrade to V 4.1.4.I know i can downgrade to last version from whitehatbox app but the problem is i run BOTChief directly by clicking exe file not from whitebox app. So i can't use that feature from whitehatbox app.BTW if statement with custom project is not working in latest release.
tcraig911 2016/10/01 00:53:48 0 0
Okay I posted a question before asking about death by captcha and I still cant find my answer =/ Has anyone come across video tutorials explaining the process of setting up death by captcha in botchief?  Im so lost on which actions to set up, how to send the captcha to dbc and that whole set up. If anyone has seen any posts or tutorials explaining this please send them my way. Thank you!
ronnie173 2016/09/28 06:30:29 0 0
Hi can botchief get pass recaptcha? If so how can I do it?
killbane 2016/09/26 22:06:10 1 0
I want to scrape IG followersBut I'm unable to login to IG.Its login button class changes on refresh and the username /pass field have same classes.Not able to click the login button.Also need help scraping followers from modal box.
ronnie173 2016/03/27 07:35:17 0 0
Hi I am trying to scrape all images and text from a page but I don't see any videos on how to do this. If I can get one image but I don't know how to make the scraper keep going until it gets all of the images. Also I need to download all of them to a directory on my hard drive. If anybody can give details on this or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks
TurboGolom 2016/09/26 06:40:17 0 0
So hello Guys and welcome to my Post. Im trying to get into this Tool after a long long break and now i wanna start with it again but i have here and there some questions about Functions or the Logic behind the Tool.1. So i  try to create an e-mail creator where i need to fill in informations like name,subname,street,streetnumber and all that kind of things. On the mail site is an Option to choose an wish e-mail adress and i wanna build it from the...
acousticfiend 2016/09/24 10:18:09 0 0
Is there a function to have a bot look at 2 spreedsheets and find any changes between the two and then send an alert if it finds any changes?
usmanamjad 2016/09/22 02:05:08 0 0
HI , I need your help to create google account creator Bot . Unable to find any latest version video and help me to create Google Bot ..  waiting ..
steve316 2016/09/18 12:30:25 0 0
Here is the scenario. Hopefully someone who speaks English will be able to understand and help.I am trying to get my bot to find a link and click it, however the link is not always present if not I need it to move to page 2 etc.I have tried using the IF statement but I can't get it to look for the link and provide a false or true.If the link to renew is present I want it to click it If not...
steve316 2016/09/18 12:33:25 0 0
I have compiled my bot into .zip but the program will not run on someone else's computer unless they download bot runner. I don't want to reveal the program I am using to build the bots. Is there a way to make it work?
user_1234 2016/09/15 12:36:33 0 0
Could you add an action that does the following for a thread:- Empty All Variables- Delete all non-needed temp data.- Clean cookies- Loads blank page.In effect, it would replicate a new thread, without having to terminate and re-initialize a new one.I didn't program botchief so I don't know what is kept in the temp data for the thread/browser. If you could delete all...
Whitehatravi 2016/09/06 09:45:36 0 0
I have bought Dev license and I am not able start BotChief.I am running on bot chief on windows xp. When I started, it had an update and after updating to the latest Ver 1.4.3 I got a Unhandled Exception -  Microsoft .Net framework pop-up error. The error says"Could not load file or assembly 'whitehatboxpack version = culture=neutral, publickeytoekn=null or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.Can you pls...
user_1234 2016/09/12 21:35:02 0 0
Hi, I want to pitch a suggestion for the botchief runner.I have a program that needs to start and stop 10,000's of threads in several hours. With the current botchief runner it can take seconds for each thread to initialize and it takes a minimum of 1 second to start each one (Which is part of the settings).Can you add a feature for faster thread initialization so I can start 50+ threads in a couple of seconds. I have a powerful computer which can...
acousticfiend 2016/09/11 15:42:34 0 0
Is there a function I can run that will extract the text from a pdf and save it as a new file?
usmanamjad 2016/09/11 14:46:24 0 0
I bought Google Register. But when i click to run/ every time it is download xulrunner. what is this ??How can i use this .. any video or help m please ..i have to create gmails but unable to use ..
user_1234 2016/08/24 02:25:36 0 0
It would be nice to have a easy way / function to quickly get a time / date from a specific time zone.Could you add this or give me a sample code to use the c# or java code action?
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