WebCreative 2018/02/22 02:31:37 1 0
When i change browser to chrome set proxy  option disappear. got another option in action setting but somehow its not working for me... any video about how can i set proxy for chrome browser. 
Justin 2015/07/23 13:10:46 0 0
Is there a way to make a botchief proxy maker that automatically makes a proxy when you run the function?For example I'm using botchief to automatically make forum accounts but I need a botchief to switch to a different proxy everytime it makes one so my IP is always switching.Thanks
veloro 2017/06/12 23:25:57 0 0
hi, it would be great if you guys can provide an updated handout/video on what services Botchief can do?
RajaZuhaib 2018/02/15 23:56:47 0 0
how to install the free version?
caliray 2018/01/27 20:30:48 0 0
When I submitted my original post, I got a message  that 9+8 does not equal 17 and I ended up on a blank page not knowing if my post was submitted or not..Original title "Open spreadsheet and text file, copy and paste data from text file to spreadsheet?Original questions "Almost 4 years ago I asked about this and it was not possible because BotChief could not open spreadsheets or copy anything to the clipboard. Has...
robotxt 2016/10/25 13:21:38 0 0
Hi,Can you explain me how to select values from a dropdown list, been checking the forum but i got no clue. Also watched some videos but im not get any idea on how to do it. I select the control operate mode with On click and next select Set Value but im not able to get the dropdown list values. Is there another way to approach this?...
Solve Recaptcha 2018/02/05 20:40:01 0 0
Can I ask for a plugin to be created for integration support of reCAPTCHA version 2 service provider***********.. THANKS!
Sain 2014/08/27 02:07:16 0 0
Hi. I need to solve near 500 000 captchas a month. Please add more anticaptcha services with lower cost payment, like 2captcha.com ($0,5 for 1000 captcha).
ronnie173 2016/09/28 06:30:29 0 0
Hi can botchief get pass recaptcha? If so how can I do it?
ahmednabel2012 2018/02/03 19:49:40 0 0
I want to save data from this site in a table that contains all the data such as the first and second names, the title and the rest of the data and do an update to the page and retrieve the data again and I can not anyone can do this to me and this is the sitewww.fake-it.cc/?for_country=de
mist717 2014/05/25 09:40:11 0 0
Can you add more variable option, such as using variable for controlling the input for scrapes and command option. It will same plenty of time.  am tired of adding 20 "if statements" just to loop through information on webpage or clicks buttons. It  will be better with a variable and a loop. Thank you
zhangyuhan 2018/02/01 11:07:46 0 0
I know that there is a great feature is to set the proxy ip. However, proxy ip instability, is there a router dial ip for it?
thechosen 2018/01/31 01:41:43 0 0
Hello.I`m searching for somebody who can teach me how to create bots with BotChief. You have to know BotChief very good and you must be able to speak english....
baby2i 2018/01/29 19:40:02 0 0
I can not Run exe File after update botchief From 4.5.9 to 4.6.5. Please give an Example for this action...
itsfunnybro 2018/01/26 23:01:58 0 0
how can I create a bot from BotChiefEditor (Developer version) that can be automatically click ads on several random articles.? only I want clicks to be make in random ads but from one ad company, I don't want my bot to click on adsense ads, I want my bot to click on only another network company ads showing on that page.. and that ads are at the footer in 6 part like native ads.. 
johncfh93 2016/03/28 04:27:34 0 0
Can I know whether all options on run mode are workable? ...
andy200486 2018/01/25 21:12:13 0 0
Hi everyone,I'm actually using a "TableLoop" with 2 "Set value" inside. I have a CSV set as a "Table Variable".So my "TableLoop" loop on every row of my CSV and I would like to use the value inside the row to set some value inside html field form.In the "Set Value", I have my CSV from the "Table Variable" in the "From Variable" section, I set the column I will and the "Row Index" to 0.But, in fact,  it set...
Dashenfelder 2018/01/25 08:23:32 0 0
This past update to version 4.6.5 wiped my projects file where I had my main bot! I have a compiled version of the bot, but not the .dat file. I need to make regular changes to the bot so I just left it in the project file and didn't think an update would wipe it. Is there any way to get the .dat file out of the compiled version?1) I know I should have had a backup of the file computer 101 please don't give me that lecture!2) Why would WHB...
WhiteHatBox 2013/12/23 06:00:19 0 0
If you want some new bots to do your job automatically, and you can't create it by yourself using BotChief. You can post your need here. We will check and help you to do that.
Destiny Love 2018/01/04 18:30:58 0 0
need help setting up mod for trafficbot
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