lorand 2016/12/05 19:46:40 0 0
How can i user the table loop and multi threads ?I need to log in one and the to some repetitive action in loop from a table,the problem is that i cannot make the bot to get a new link from the table. All threads get the same link.Thanks!
Miguel 2016/11/30 05:42:03 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:4.2.3When I do a Find Action of a control with index variable and test it, it's ok.But the saved variable (control type) returns false.Is it a bug or I'm doing it wrong....
Miguel 2016/11/30 19:30:44 0 0
My test module has:1 Double var1 Table (2 columns)1 String var (to get Double2String from the Double var)Initially, the table has 5 rowsWhen I do a Table Loop action,  Double var is incremented 1 unit.I convert this double to String and save it in a String varI put the string var value in the row1 of the table.But all rows...
winter400 2016/11/29 17:49:02 0 0
Hello,I'm trying make real time task log for custom form. Same default form Botchief. Any have video tutorials?...
robotxt 2016/11/29 12:34:21 0 0
Operating System:Windows Server 2012Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:4.2.3I try to get values from a dropdown list and everytime i click on "get listbox values" i get this error...
mpspringer 2016/11/28 19:12:19 0 0
What is the best way to use variable for Screen Resolution?randomly select one of these:320x568375x667414x736768x10241024x1366Can you please explain how to set a Double Value Type variable?
Miguel 2016/11/28 09:00:07 0 0
Hi, I'm totally a newbie.Is possible use a webBrowser control from a Form to set output of a WebOperation Module (Via SetCurrentBrowser or another command? (I would like to display results from Weboperation module output on a form->webBrowser object)See pic for more info...
winter400 2016/11/28 17:42:07 0 0
Hello,I'm trying developer bot. But i dont know how to disable debug mode popup, or hidden web browser when i run program. Can help me?Thank,Winter400
killbane 2016/11/26 17:06:05 0 0
I created a bot for using a table of data to post. Now I come to know the New Keystroke Emulation (web) Dont show variable containing tables.Does botchief editor ever going to reach standards of ubot studio?
AhrimanSefid 2016/11/24 08:10:37 0 0
I need to change this html command<img alt="" class="bs-captcha-image form-control-static" id="bs-captcha-image" src="/image/Captcha?k=32278991-6b94-4ef5-9c64-8094ff3e3fd1&amp;l=5&amp;t=Numeric&amp;r=0.959809023402542">to<img alt="" class="bs-captcha-image form-control-static" id="bs-captcha-image" src="/image/Captcha?k=32278991-6b94-4ef5-9c64-8094ff3e3fd1&amp;...
phil1966 2016/11/23 09:03:05 0 0
im having a problem posting to my facebook groups.  I have set up the bot to login and goto random groups i belong too. But thats as far as i can work out how to post , could someone please help me .  Thanks 
212nycowboy 2016/11/19 01:12:37 0 0
How can I run many tasks at the same time? So many windows pop up at same time.
webport 2016/11/12 01:20:34 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:32bitSoftware Version: BotChief Editor in windows 7 environment, open program get error message: (Load browser DLL file failed, please run it again using administrator rights!) I authorized the app to no avail. Tried running again in every compatibility mode available; any suggestions?       
seoinspects 2016/11/04 13:51:47 0 0
Dear SirRecently i finish successfully setup bot chief editor and  finish bot chief runner but i facing some problem now 1. several time to say my system debug problem l i don't know how can i solve this problem? 2. several time to say my system XULRunner down lode i don't know why? and3. i don't know how many Fan page Like i get my page per threadsThanks   
mokote 2016/10/12 06:46:37 0 0
Hello,is there any way to control html5 video speed?regards
Wouter 2016/11/05 08:31:19 0 0
Hello,I got 2 variables: Variable A and variable B. Variable A is a storage variable and i'm not quite sure how to set up variable B.Variable A:Im a setting variable A as a number using the 'scraper'. Example, if there's a ratio of 1.43 on the content i'm scraping, my variable A will be 1.43.Variable B (question):My variable B is a formula. Example, variable B...
Constantine89h 2016/11/01 14:11:32 0 0
For some reason, it works for most pages, but a specific page that I need the download timeouts. How do I correct this issue so that it downloads?
steve316 2016/11/03 17:49:14 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:32bitSoftware Version:NAI have compiled the bot but every time we run the program it is not loading the website and times out.
santhanaraj76 2016/11/01 07:00:54 0 0
Hi support,I have a gym webpage. Below is the process.I need your assistance to develop this.1) my trainers will create a appointment with his client in this gym webpage2) when my clients comes in and the scan in thier id, once scan in the ID will be logged into our sql database (show as check-in)3) I want this biochief to look for the client's appointment and marked it as"arrived" in this gym webpage.4) once our client's...
ukhan 2016/11/01 09:12:52 0 0
My Question is ....
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