mokote 2018/04/14 12:50:59 0 0
hello,is there any way in "process controll" ->"if" function to find letters/special signs or numbers?example:X =2018ifX contain "[0-9] numbers" and do not contain letters/special signs "[a-zA-Z&._-]" return value "true"elsereturn value "false"regards
digitalsearchengines 2018/03/28 15:26:16 0 0
hello to the great botchief team,I Request a email scraper video for google yahoo or any directory like yellowpages etcIt will be very supportive to develop a data scraping bot.
SubZero17 2018/03/27 08:28:41 0 0
Hey Botchiefs,is there a option where I can connect Botchief with the Google Authenticator and/or how can I imput the function that the Bot fills in the Security Code automatically? I couldnt find it and in the Tuts I watched I couldnt find it also. The link for the Video where it is explained is fine also.And can I join the Skype group for faster answers and other helpful stuff?...
PercyTapia 2018/03/04 20:24:42 0 0
Hi,could you please give me any suggestions for solving this problem:This is a details page about rental properties.I need to get the text value next to "Parking". In this case "No Garage". I can select and find the control ok on one property page but on other pages the control is in a different place (1 row above or below) and it scrapes something else like "Utilities"-value.I can't find any unique classes, IDs, titles or anything for "Parking" and so cannot get the correct value on every page....
digitalsearchengines 2018/03/25 02:40:50 0 0
I was trying to create a new mail sending template in black bulk mail based on rediff mail . When i started creating it in botchief . It is giving me Browser version error....
udaladul 2017/05/07 05:31:38 0 0
Urgent, need help How To Create Checkbox in datagrid view GUI Forms...
thechosen 2018/03/17 17:19:05 0 0
Thanks for creating and uploading new tutorial videos on youtube (finally), but can you please create some more "realistic" tutorials instead of showing how to download control buttons as image files?For example I would love to see how I can automate those 3 tasks:send requests invitations on xinghttps://youtu.be/vvzT3K9w0cAremove request from list...
digitalsearchengines 2018/03/11 16:49:37 1 0
hello support team,I am  a VIP Diamond member of whitehatbox.i need help to learn how to compile Bot chief pre made modules in a new software with full functionality.Or how to compile premade Template of BlackBulk Mailer in a new software with same functionality.Kindly reply to my post. Looking for...
andy200486 2018/02/27 17:27:09 0 0
Hi, I try to download a PDF file but that doesn't work, here are my steps :set download locationnew mouse emulation (web) left click on the <a></a>Then appears a popup with title "Download File" but it stay at 0% and 0MB/0MBCould someone help me ?Thanks
andy200486 2018/03/09 20:48:03 0 0
Hi,How can I convert my project from GeckoFx 45 to GeckoFx 33 ?Thanks
Moritz 2018/02/15 22:49:49 0 0
hi i make bot for write to sitei have csv table column1 column2 column3column1 search with this on site, when found write column 2 and column3 to this sitehis search with column1 works if he finds but does not take column2 and column3 from this line but from another linewhat am I wrong?...
WebCreative 2018/03/02 06:19:26 0 0
What is the best discount coupon offered for BotChief & BotChiefEditor?also what is the best discount coupon running for BotChief & BotChiefEditor Developer Version?
mavillar 2018/03/05 02:49:49 0 0
Hi,I'm trying to scrape a link from a message from the facebook comments plugin loaded in a webpage.Here you are an example:...
goodboxing 2018/02/28 01:17:49 0 0
I created a simple task that runs fine in BotChief Editor.Every time, it fails. Here is the log:2018/02/27 12:08:47  Finish tasks.2018/02/27 12:08:46  Thread: 1.  Task: "google_test"  wait for the next run.2018/02/27 12:08:45  Thread: 1.  Task: "google_test"  failed. Reason: unknown error.2018/02/27 12:08:43  Thread: 1.  The 1st time to attempt to re run the...
Karmagedon 2018/02/27 09:30:41 0 0
Hey. Please could you make an small example where the difference between these options is clearly shown...
ACUNE2018 2018/02/24 05:15:42 0 0
Hi guys,Great software by the way, I'm just having an issue with multi-threading. I have compiled and started up a new bot, but it only ever loads one instance. I have attached a copy of the settings and logs.Thanks in advance...
WebCreative 2018/02/22 02:31:37 1 0
When i change browser to chrome set proxy  option disappear. got another option in action setting but somehow its not working for me... any video about how can i set proxy for chrome browser. 
Justin 2015/07/23 13:10:46 0 0
Is there a way to make a botchief proxy maker that automatically makes a proxy when you run the function?For example I'm using botchief to automatically make forum accounts but I need a botchief to switch to a different proxy everytime it makes one so my IP is always switching.Thanks
veloro 2017/06/12 23:25:57 0 0
hi, it would be great if you guys can provide an updated handout/video on what services Botchief can do?
RajaZuhaib 2018/02/15 23:56:47 0 0
how to install the free version?
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