Rkayswiss 2017/11/17 07:45:40 0 0
Actually Botchief's MSSQL feature seems to have a big issue on MSSQL. On a failed transaction, it does not reset its internal transaction status, attemping to reuse an already failed, but commited transaction - rendering the MSSQL module completely unusable, even when changing to another user, it tries to use the same, not available transaction.SQL Server Version 10.50.400
manchego 2017/11/15 22:39:36 0 0
I have compiled a module and when I try to run it I get Thread 1 unknown error. The first time I compiled the module and tested it there were no problems and it ran fine.However, I then updated it and run the bot in BotChief Editor it runs fine with no errors but after compiling again it will not execute without generating the error.I have also noticed that when I try to run the compiled bot and select Debug, no debug browser is loaded and it is also not...
udaladul 2017/09/18 09:14:00 0 0
any sample how to create progress bar and realtime custom logs?...
manchego 2017/11/15 04:40:38 0 0
Hi, I believe it is possible to download the Tor files (not browser) that allow network traffic to exit via the Tor network so all traffic is being anonymised. Has anyone tried this and had any success? How reliable is it when interacting with sites or does it generate more captchas?Thanks.
manchego 2017/11/15 06:17:20 0 0
I am trying to work out how to load a url that has ID=1234 at the end of the URL and then scrape the html title from the returned page, store that title and then loop but next time load a URL with the next ID , e.g 1235 and then 1236 etcI can't work out how to increase the ID by 1 each time it loops. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
peiqube7 2017/11/12 05:27:41 0 0
I managed to create several twitter accounts with botchief and confirmed the email. upon signing in to upload the pictures, twitter stopped my "robot" behavior and asked to verify a phone number. Do you fellows know how to get arround this?
mjmeridian 2017/11/11 09:47:21 0 0
Is it possible to run multiple versions of bot chief saved job?  what are minimum requirements OS Memory?Thanks
monkeyclaws13 2017/03/06 06:34:40 0 0
Hello,I have setup an account for phone verify and loaded $10 onto it and setup the plugin.  I am able to get phone numbers for google but they are not being accepting.  Any reason why?Thanks
peiqube7 2017/10/30 01:25:48 0 0
I'm able to create a basic script to create email accounts, but I don't know how to retrieve the email address and password that Botchief used to create those accounts. In one post I read that they are stored in a .CSV file, but I don't know where is that file stored?
Tung Nguyen 2017/11/03 11:25:35 0 0
I need help! How can I fill the blank with username and password for multiple accounts? I used variable but they are not in order and fill in randomly!
Rkayswiss 2017/11/08 01:30:29 0 0
Hey guysIs there a difference in running a module within the editor and the runner / standalone?Im experiencing a weird issue:When I run the module in Editor, everything fineAs soon as I run it standalone or in Runner, the Captcha response controls are not on the site. I switched the Editor browser to latest version, is this version not included in Runner and/or standalone? I...
wateronmars 2017/10/31 20:54:00 1 0
I'm looking for an expert in facebook scraping, to scrape data from personal facebook profiles, like name , uid , city , pages likes and group likes, basically everything is visible without being friends, thanks 
Globalaspect 2017/10/31 03:37:51 0 0
Hi all,I'm considering buying this software (for educational use of course), but its pricey, and i've seen some negative posts on here. One concerning statement i've seen a user "kabone76" post is:"Fuck BotChief! WhiteHatBox will steal from you, disable your keys when they don't get their way"I'm not sure if this is a joke, or this is a real thing, but wanted to get some feedback on...
afuller187 2017/10/30 06:28:11 0 0
I am watching a video tutorial of how to use Botchief. They imported a module that was on their PC when adding a new task. Like here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp1F4hZL1iQHow do I get these modules to create tasks?Where are better tutorials? a manual maybe?Thanks
rsmithman3782 2017/02/07 08:22:49 0 0
I have a quote action inside one of my modules. This works perfectly when running in debug mode inside of botchief.When I export the module and run inside of botChiefrunner the module runs but it does not execute the quote action at all. Is there something I am doing wrong? Do I need to compile the module into an exe?Thank you.
afuller187 2017/10/31 07:23:24 0 0
Hi there,I have the Pro version and would like to upgrade to the Elite version (since I need the keystrokes emulator). When I click the keystrokes emulator in botchief editor, it says upgrade. So I click upgrade and it brings me to the botchief website where I can buy the elite version. But I just want to upgrade from Pro to Elite. And pay the difference..How do I do this?Thanks
dspnrykez 2017/10/30 14:38:52 0 0
I'm having difficulty finding the link for the facebook groups I'm apart of. I'd like to autopost information to my groups. 
Yagami77 2017/10/28 11:34:02 0 0
Hi there,Is there a tutorial on how to use the editor browser instead of the default one that opens in a new window? My intent is to have the user perform tasks between modules. Is that possible? This is a mockup of my main form. ...
mavillar 2017/05/21 17:40:40 0 0
Is there any documentation available for the software?I have watched some video tutorials and understanding some concepts are not as easy for a newbie as shown in videos. There are many commands that if not explained well, i see impossible to complete a script as the ones i need.Thanks.
warrenjb 2017/05/24 23:01:31 0 0
Yet again the login server is down, this is my 2nd post in 5 days about the same shit issue!You guys need to get your shit sorted or get out of the business of charging people for software, how can a poor level of infrastructure you can be bothered to maintain affect all your customers who have paid for working software licensesI expect a free licence matching what i have paid for to replace to many hours of downtime and...
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