pipskok123 2017/12/12 06:38:30 0 0
Hellowhen i create new module and i set some variable tables - input variables values popup doesnt show up?? And when i run module i get error no variables found??Why settings are not showing up before running module?Thanks
tuningstore71 2017/12/12 00:47:32 0 0
Among not getting support by sunboya, maybe once a week max, Now after I bought 80$ worth of proxies It says There was an error with your registration. Please try registering again.I tried losing and reopening the application and cleaning cache, nothing works,Also before it asked for phone verification and won't allow me to register.. any info you could share with me?        
imdavid 2014/09/26 05:59:22 1 0
Hey all,So lately I've been playing around with BotChief but I can't get this one thing done... Let's say I have this table variable with 1 column, in this column there are 4 rows: site1.comsite2.comsite3.comsite4.com4 rows are an example, most likely it'll be more like 500+, how can I get botchief to visit these websites in order? So first visit site1.com, do some actions then...
RealJosh 2017/12/08 04:08:10 0 0
I am looking to create a bot that automates the actions of a player in the Flash Browser game ...
codeblue229 2017/12/03 10:08:14 0 0
I am new to BotChief and I have watched most of available tutorial video. I wonder if there's any official manual or help files so I could get to understand the usage of all commands/actions. Let's say I wonder like to create a URL "www.domain.com?param1=xxx&param2=yyy" with parameters substituted and then stored into a variable. How can I do that? What if I want to do more complicated string manipulation? Thanks!
saburnz86 2017/11/28 11:11:17 0 0
Hey,I'm new to the forums here so Happy Cyber Monday!!I need help in designing a BotChief script that will open a website, let you log in, and click through a set of advertisements for money. (Actually, it might be a scam website template but still...yes, brave I know)It uses a creative yet subtle Captcha recognition system, and I can design up to the point where I can extract the right values that I need, but I cannot reword four src string...
stachik111 2017/11/27 04:21:24 0 0
Hello guys! I just started using botchief today. I want to run a bot that creates  accounts with already existing emails. I am trying to find a way for Botchief to automatically assign each email i have to each account but I have no idea how to. So in essence I want my 100 already made emails to be assigned to 100 accounts created by Botchief. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks
rutanmamuju 2017/11/26 00:59:33 0 0
hi. i just learned about bot ..I want to create a bot to input the daily form every 9 am. if I can get the bot to force or try to enter data every second so that I can enter the top 10 fastest report rankings. is there anybody can help me step by step? sorry for my poor english...
lylyl 2017/10/18 01:51:35 0 0
when i clicked menu edit from it show system exception no base class and if click menu pointer it will error...
shaebert 2015/10/16 15:39:32 0 0
Hello, I am considering purchasing this product and currently am running the free version. Before I buy this product I want to make sure I am able to do what I am looking for. I am pretty much trying to keep item prices and stock I drop ship from Amazon and other online retailers up to date on eBay. So anytime there is a price change on amazon or an item goes out of stock I want to have a action that updates the item I have...
mavillar 2017/11/27 07:54:12 0 0
Hi, I need to know how can i process a set of images like the following ones:...
nick1986 2017/11/24 04:56:29 0 0
hello all , im facing an obstacle with Botchiefi need my control operate to find a reddit title ( for example navigate to reddit , hot section or to a subreddit) so that i can choose the operation id like for example click a reddit title to open it , also same applies for the upvote button and the "comment" link under that reddit, need to find those with control operate to click themi know that reddits are divided to...
cesario678 2017/11/22 05:26:02 0 0
I'm trying to get the get confirm link to confirm some emails I receive and never confirm any, just click on the emails.can you help me?I did not find any tutorial.I think you need new videos teaching each function, because I speak another language and I have many problems to understand English.and without videos it worsens everything.
Rkayswiss 2017/11/22 01:04:03 0 0
Hey guysPls add search in subfolders (like Junk, Spam etc.) to the function.I just received a confirmation mail from the biggest music platform worldwide into Junk and the function didn't find it because it was not on the top level inbox ;)
robotxt 2016/04/09 03:10:35 0 0
Hi!Will be nice to keep on updating the change log thread, or if there is another place where this is been updated i would like to know :)Many thanks!
Rkayswiss 2017/11/17 07:45:40 0 0
Actually Botchief's MSSQL feature seems to have a big issue on MSSQL. On a failed transaction, it does not reset its internal transaction status, attemping to reuse an already failed, but commited transaction - rendering the MSSQL module completely unusable, even when changing to another user, it tries to use the same, not available transaction.SQL Server Version 10.50.400
manchego 2017/11/15 22:39:36 0 0
I have compiled a module and when I try to run it I get Thread 1 unknown error. The first time I compiled the module and tested it there were no problems and it ran fine.However, I then updated it and run the bot in BotChief Editor it runs fine with no errors but after compiling again it will not execute without generating the error.I have also noticed that when I try to run the compiled bot and select Debug, no debug browser is loaded and it is also not...
udaladul 2017/09/18 09:14:00 0 0
any sample how to create progress bar and realtime custom logs?...
manchego 2017/11/15 04:40:38 0 0
Hi, I believe it is possible to download the Tor files (not browser) that allow network traffic to exit via the Tor network so all traffic is being anonymised. Has anyone tried this and had any success? How reliable is it when interacting with sites or does it generate more captchas?Thanks.
manchego 2017/11/15 06:17:20 0 0
I am trying to work out how to load a url that has ID=1234 at the end of the URL and then scrape the html title from the returned page, store that title and then loop but next time load a URL with the next ID , e.g 1235 and then 1236 etcI can't work out how to increase the ID by 1 each time it loops. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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