Karmagedon 2017/07/24 04:18:06 1 0
There are situations when you need to use mailboxes from different services, for example, when registering accounts. This module shows how to solve this problem.You can use it as a template to create your own modules.I added comments to variables and actions, where necessary....
amjadhasan 2017/08/25 04:50:16 0 0
I'm trying to make a chat bot where it uses random sentences.so i set up variable with lines and it would use a random oneheres the lines:Hello123How are youSo what i've did was use multiple "Set Value" with the same variable and i enter in the variablethe lines (hello, 123, how are you) but when testing i found out that it doesn't change linesand...
jlaviena 2017/08/23 03:20:43 0 0
   Simple Question, i just don't know where my serial number would be found to log into bot runner. 
kabone76 2017/08/22 02:18:23 0 0
*EDIT* It's already added. 
Karmagedon 2017/08/19 12:05:46 0 0
Proxies are used for these commands? Installed globally or using the command Set Proxy?
Karmagedon 2017/08/18 23:10:41 0 0
Suppose I wrote a module that uses Email Operation. These commands are only available from the PRO version of BotChief.If I send this module to a user (He bought it) with a free version of BotChief:- Will he be able to launch it in BotChief Runner? (I think yes. I asked for full confidence.)- If he opens it in the editor, can he change the settings of these actions and use test run on action?- If it opens it in the editor,...
kabone76 2017/08/16 03:16:40 0 0
I have a module that returns results similiar to the ones listed below while using a custom form. These results need to go back in to the database where accounts are store. Autopilot_Results will have the same SOURCE, USERNAME, PASSWORD, PROXY.COOKIESTRING is the only value that needs updated. There will be multiple accounts, so COOKIESTRING will need to be updated for the matched SOURCE AND USERNAME in the results from the module. I have verified that COOKIESTRING is returning a value to a...
Karmagedon 2017/08/15 23:41:45 0 0
When designing or updating a module, variables are often added. But when the work is done, they are output and saved to the CSV file only in the order in which they were added.For example:...
mavillar 2017/08/14 19:36:01 0 0
Hi,I'm using the Data Process module and I can connect my MSSQL database.As Operate I use Select Data, then I Add the 3 fields I'm interested in and in Svae Results, I select a table variable setup before with the same fields chosen in the select.Once i try to save the configuration, a dialog box come up and indicates: "Make sure that the variable for 'save result' has enough columns as the result".even if the table variable had more columns than required, always hapen the same.No matter what yo...
Karmagedon 2017/08/10 05:00:39 0 0
Karmagedon 2017/08/10 05:17:43 0 0
I create several variables and set the default values for them in the variable manager. But if I write a module and use a test run, these values are not used.
khostoto 2017/07/29 23:58:11 0 0
how to update the browser ! soundcloud don't work
Jjones88 2017/08/10 11:17:43 0 0
Hey,I been trying to create a table loop that allows me to add a number so the actions repeat on that chosen number. I been going through the forms and not understanding how to do this. I have all actions that work inside the Table Loop. I have:Variables:1 Name: Loop ActionInitialize Variable - Need set Variable before the variable before run - There is no...
user_1234 2016/08/24 02:25:36 0 0
It would be nice to have a easy way / function to quickly get a time / date from a specific time zone.Could you add this or give me a sample code to use the c# or java code action?
Artdope 2017/08/08 19:26:56 0 0
Hello there,I was wondering how to make botchief use (press) the "Enter" Key. Is it possible? Thanks for your time and consideration. :)
cyberi 2017/08/06 20:32:52 0 0
I just bought the 197$ version hoping that is faster then ubot since I can run a lot of threads without opening debugger but it looks like I spend my money for nothing!I have made a bot  that posts somewhere(don't want to share the website name) and it has to write like 10-20 words on a text box. So I added 20 + 20 (space) keyboard(web) functions . But they are very slow. I have made the interval on 1-2 milisec. so it writes fast but it takes like 10 second to go to the...
Jjones88 2017/08/01 07:40:54 0 0
Hey,Sometimes a proxy does not work with the website I am creating a bot for. This means that when the website denies the proxy, the bot timesout. What can I add to the page url load to go back to "Set Proxy" when this happens. Thanks
jattdagar 2017/07/28 16:18:55 0 0
i have purchased rotating proxy but they provided me the api key i don't know how to add this api key in my traffic bothelp me to add this api key so that it changes the proxy
dawidurus 2017/07/27 19:26:25 0 0
Hey!I will glad to buy from you a tumblr creator which is contains the proxies changer, link confirmation and 2captcha api. What would be a price? Please reply here or on david.m.thunder@gmail.com
cyberi 2017/07/27 22:19:23 0 0
I'm getting this error when I try to run my bot in botrunnerhttps://prnt.sc/g103cvHow to fix it? I tried to delete and reinstall still same error
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