user_1234 2017/03/05 05:35:41 0 0
I was working on my program I spent a lot of time on, and now I can't find the .dat file.I tried restoring the old folder and updating but I can't find it anywhere!Do you know how I can recover it?
mikeinnyc 2017/03/06 00:09:26 0 0
Can someone help me find my data location that I just scraped?Also it would be great if someone made a PDF HELP book showing what each control does.
mikeinnyc 2017/03/04 12:09:10 0 0
Example: I added States abbreviated then saved. not working if I use multiple values only works with one value....
ChessieBaybe 2016/08/03 12:22:17 0 0
NEVER MIND. I FOUND THEM, BUT CAN'T FIND A WAY TO DELETE THIS POST.I just downloaded the free version with plans to get the developer version if this work as advertised (which I'm sure it will).I was wondering... while doing my research, I thought I read there were plugins somewhere that could be added to BotChief but I can't find them.Do they exist? And, if so, where can I find them?...
winter400 2017/02/25 11:39:07 0 0
Hello,I use command, error. Please help:Command: Netsh mbn show interface. Error: The following command was not found: mbn show interface.Regards,Winter400    
digall 2016/08/10 10:42:09 0 0
Below I have enlisted some suggestions and problems that i encounter. These suggestions are basic one in my thinking. Hope developer will consider them on future updates.1) Display content of table to a richtextbox on custom form2) In variable operation for append string there should bespecial character for new line. As in delimiter there is (\n) for new line.3) In file operation...
winter400 2017/01/05 17:01:37 0 0
Hello,I'm trying send HTTP Post UTF-8. But it's not working.My Title: Thát is nót goodResult: Th?t is n?t goodHow i fix it? What is setting http post?Thanks,Winter4000
monkeyclaws13 2017/03/01 16:13:49 0 0
Hello,Is it possible at all to update the UI controls values from a module without having to exit the web operation module like when using a return value?Thanks
chiannepatty 2017/03/01 01:56:18 0 0
Could someone give me a few pointers or a tutorial or point me in the correct direction to get help! I'd really like to make a bot for a fashion selling platform called poshmark. I'd like it to auto follow, and auto share. This is my first time ever being on a website like this, so please help me
mary.tabatha 2016/12/06 23:35:18 0 0
Hi,I've yet to purchase the license for BotCheif i first wanted to see first if i could make a simple checker bot that checks my balances. I thought it would be easy, nope. I'm having difficulty as it has recaptcha, i'm happy at this point to solve it myself, but i cant think of a way for BotCheif to stop while i solve it, or even better show me a paid recaptcha solution that will do this automatically. I want an expert to help make a bot for me, and to show me a few things...
robinconn@gmail.com 2017/02/21 06:46:33 0 0
When I try to run a "Load URL" I get an "outdated browser error".  How do I update the browser being used in Botchief?
mounirthabet 2016/05/16 11:32:16 0 0
Hello every one very simple question : Can i use  BotChef to solve reCaptcha ?if the answer a Yes How use it ?...
warrenjb 2017/02/22 09:31:09 0 0
how do i use this service and api in bot chief ? is there any exmaples to follow ?
ohans 2017/02/21 03:11:28 0 0
can i use spin tags in botchief.My language is not English and I do not own spinnerchief.I want to load a text file in botchief. like this{word1|word2} and {word4|word5|word6} and botchief create a message.and the next run a new message.i hope you can help me with this.
warrenjb 2017/02/20 04:59:52 0 0
some sites i wish to open in the editor are reporting:         BROWSER NOT SUPPORTEDYour browser is out-of-date. Please download one of these up-to-date, free and excellent browsers.How can this be resolved ?Thanks
ihrajcom 2017/02/18 05:08:53 0 0
Hi everyone I want to create a costume bot, to check Email is register or available in https://twitter.com/signupI have thunder lists emails to check if already registered or available.I need final of the task to give me how available and already registered to save in a txt file sash as:| registered                 | available....
jverley 2017/02/12 09:01:59 0 0
I got this program yesterday and upgraded to PRO to use the runner packages and such. I tested all of the email ones, and as far as I can tell they do nothing? AM I doing something wrong, or are they all just broke and in there to waste unsuspecting fools time? (like myself?)
Alex7735 2017/02/13 06:44:54 0 0
how can i add to a form in a calendar for example i get to the month of june and now i want to be added to that 1st day (june 3rd)
jverley 2017/02/12 08:59:33 0 0
I've been looking but can't find any info on this one.How do you import/export variables from one module to another? Or how can I create them on the fly from a csv file? I see I can import a csv file and then assign them to already created variables inside of a module, but that's a pain in the *** when you have 100+ variables that are going to be set up exactly the same between modules.Simple ones, like username, password, name, etc. That...
kudave2 2017/02/12 18:15:24 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:4.2.7Variable operate (table) not working properly when using processing way of Get value(s) from table, checking Remove row after get value(s), selecting Remove row and add the row to the first of the table and using the Last row as the Row Index.  Basically, it will load the values from the table columns from the Last Row BUT...
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