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warrenjb 2017/02/20 04:37:10 0 0
i am trying to open a website that is using the latest adobe flash, and it seems BotChief editor does not have the latest version of flash installed, how can this be resolved ? 
mikeinnyc 2017/04/23 08:43:39 0 0
kameo2k 2017/04/22 06:28:44 0 0
Well I am loving the automation of this thing and the fact that it is pretty easy to understand. I have an issue with the e-mail operations though. I am trying to send an e-mail from my Gmail account and the operation is failing. I made sure that the SMTP server was correct as well as requiring SSL and the port number per google's instructions. Also made sure both POP# and IMAP were enabled for my Gmail account and turned on "allow less secure apps" under the account settings. Has anyone else su...
AlexanderLAV 2017/04/20 18:04:03 0 0
Could you explain please. How can i do that?I try to set "Save to variable" to my table variable but i can't do this. 
Boobie 2017/03/30 22:49:45 0 0
Hi There,I would like to create a bot that grab a screen capture from each page.Is that doable with BotChief?For example I'm a member in a landing page that has 20 landing pages.I would like to grab a screen capture from each one of the landing page and save it into a jpg or png.Is that doable with BotChief?Thanks,Bob
FMorrell 2017/03/16 14:13:30 0 0
I click select control, press play button, click find html green box comes up hit save.right click control operate click test run. everything goes great.ran bot 3 times in current window ran greatran bot 3 times in new window, fails to find control every timetried inner and outer html, everything I could think of. still will not run in new window.can you tell me what is wrongthe url...
ohans 2017/03/16 05:35:08 0 0
I have aproblem with the ‘ IF ’function. I think this is not working properly. I made a  film to explain. This is the URL of the film. https://vimeo.com/208478213  but maybe I  do not understand this function. can you look at...
jonas 2017/03/07 20:22:08 0 0
Hello,I have created a bot that uses variables from a table.I compiled the bot but after I run it (with admin rights) and want to import the data from a CSV file, it says  "Import fails, check if the file is correct or wheter it is occupied!".In the BotChiefEditor, the exact same file can be imported correctly.Any ideas for that issue?Thanks!  ...
mary.tabatha 2016/12/06 23:35:18 0 0
Hi,I've yet to purchase the license for BotCheif i first wanted to see first if i could make a simple checker bot that checks my balances. I thought it would be easy, nope. I'm having difficulty as it has recaptcha, i'm happy at this point to solve it myself, but i cant think of a way for BotCheif to stop while i solve it, or even better show me a paid recaptcha solution that will do this automatically. I want an expert to help make a bot for me, and to show me a few things...
mounirthabet 2016/05/16 11:32:16 0 0
Hello every one very simple question : Can i use  BotChef to solve reCaptcha ?if the answer a Yes How use it ?...
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