zhangyuhan 2018/02/01 11:07:46 0 0
I know that there is a great feature is to set the proxy ip. However, proxy ip instability, is there a router dial ip for it?
thechosen 2018/01/31 01:41:43 0 0
Hello.I`m searching for somebody who can teach me how to create bots with BotChief. You have to know BotChief very good and you must be able to speak english....
baby2i 2018/01/29 19:40:02 0 0
I can not Run exe File after update botchief From 4.5.9 to 4.6.5. Please give an Example for this action...
itsfunnybro 2018/01/26 23:01:58 0 0
how can I create a bot from BotChiefEditor (Developer version) that can be automatically click ads on several random articles.? only I want clicks to be make in random ads but from one ad company, I don't want my bot to click on adsense ads, I want my bot to click on only another network company ads showing on that page.. and that ads are at the footer in 6 part like native ads.. 
johncfh93 2016/03/28 04:27:34 0 0
Can I know whether all options on run mode are workable? ...
andy200486 2018/01/25 21:12:13 0 0
Hi everyone,I'm actually using a "TableLoop" with 2 "Set value" inside. I have a CSV set as a "Table Variable".So my "TableLoop" loop on every row of my CSV and I would like to use the value inside the row to set some value inside html field form.In the "Set Value", I have my CSV from the "Table Variable" in the "From Variable" section, I set the column I will and the "Row Index" to 0.But, in fact,  it set...
Dashenfelder 2018/01/25 08:23:32 0 0
This past update to version 4.6.5 wiped my projects file where I had my main bot! I have a compiled version of the bot, but not the .dat file. I need to make regular changes to the bot so I just left it in the project file and didn't think an update would wipe it. Is there any way to get the .dat file out of the compiled version?1) I know I should have had a backup of the file computer 101 please don't give me that lecture!2) Why would WHB...
WhiteHatBox 2013/12/23 06:00:19 0 0
If you want some new bots to do your job automatically, and you can't create it by yourself using BotChief. You can post your need here. We will check and help you to do that.
Destiny Love 2018/01/04 18:30:58 0 0
need help setting up mod for trafficbot
peiqube7 2018/01/03 20:20:53 0 0
How to delete text in an input field? If a text is already there, I want to delete it and input my own. Is there a way to do it?
mavillar 2017/12/29 02:44:07 0 0
Hi,I'm using the Scraper function and followed the video tutorial and well, it scrapes info, but not properly.It does not respect the order between fields.It mix information among list items. Let's say the first item scrapped is a company name, well, in the telephone field, it gets the phone number from other company and so on....I have followed the same procedure in all...
mokote 2016/04/12 10:44:39 0 0
when you search on facebook you have only few records loaded and to load more you need scroll down, how to do it properly?regards for whitehatbox team :)
sajisaji 2017/10/16 23:43:05 0 0
hello everyonei have an issue with making a bot for textnow websiteit has 2 captcha verification, in the first one its okey and i handle it with 2captcha plugin...
baby2i 2017/12/23 19:23:06 1 0
After setting the variables for "Custom browsers's Navigator Infomation" and checking again ---> the result is unchanged (except User Agent). Where do I go wrong? If I do not make a mistake then this is a bad thing for the software because google can still detect it (Example: When creating bot to login to google account). And it does not automatically translate the language to the corresponding country when running the bot (for example, pinterest.com). I tried set value for varible as fo...
mavillar 2017/12/21 20:36:54 0 0
I'm unable to select an option from a select tag.I only can expand all elements in the select but no click on an option.What's the procedure?Here I have the project: https://mega.nz/#!...
forensicsman 2017/12/23 22:47:57 0 0
Does this software have mouse actions like mouse move, mouse drag, left click, right click?Also can it detect pixels on the screen?I do not see these i the action list on the the left side of the editor?Thank you
forensicsman 2017/12/23 12:11:30 0 0
Hello,How do I download your free version? I want to make sur your software does what I need before spending $90.Thank you
lorand 2016/12/05 19:46:40 0 0
How can i user the table loop and multi threads ?I need to log in one and the to some repetitive action in loop from a table,the problem is that i cannot make the bot to get a new link from the table. All threads get the same link.Thanks!
roundnews 2017/12/01 14:49:57 0 0
I haven't used my BotChiefEditor and BotChiefRunner for months. Now, after I finally got some time and new ideas for bots I receive the following error message (screenshot attached). The software fails to start and I have run out of ideas of what to do. I have even tried to update to the newest version and I have the same error message (I originally got this message with one of my compiled bots that worked just fine in the past).Has anyone else run into this problem? If yes then how can this be ...
pipskok123 2017/12/12 06:36:10 0 0
Hellowhen i create new module and i set some variable tables - input variables values popup doesnt show up?? And when i run module i get error no variables found??Why settings are not showing up before running module?Thanks
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