Yagami77 2017/10/28 11:34:02 0 0
Hi there,Is there a tutorial on how to use the editor browser instead of the default one that opens in a new window? My intent is to have the user perform tasks between modules. Is that possible? This is a mockup of my main form. ...
mavillar 2017/05/21 17:40:40 0 0
Is there any documentation available for the software?I have watched some video tutorials and understanding some concepts are not as easy for a newbie as shown in videos. There are many commands that if not explained well, i see impossible to complete a script as the ones i need.Thanks.
warrenjb 2017/05/24 23:01:31 0 0
Yet again the login server is down, this is my 2nd post in 5 days about the same shit issue!You guys need to get your shit sorted or get out of the business of charging people for software, how can a poor level of infrastructure you can be bothered to maintain affect all your customers who have paid for working software licensesI expect a free licence matching what i have paid for to replace to many hours of downtime and...
varreaga 2017/06/16 01:45:25 0 0
Hi am i missing something i cant get this to delete the first row of the table , is there another step that hast to be done for this to work any help will be appreciated....
khostoto 2017/05/26 00:52:07 0 0
hello can someone help me !! I need my bot run Just if this one find a image or text on page ! I have tested with find operate But the condition is true on each test  !!can someone help me !! 
udaladul 2017/05/07 05:31:38 0 0
Urgent, need help How To Create Checkbox in datagrid view GUI Forms...
veloro 2017/06/12 23:25:57 0 0
hi, it would be great if you guys can provide an updated handout/video on what services Botchief can do?
Karmagedon 2017/10/17 18:58:17 0 0
Does the program support Ipv6 proxy?
cjones636 2017/09/24 21:55:28 0 0
I have a module that scrapes Hot Trends from Google. What i'm wanting to do is a the scraped trends into a listbox, how is this accomplished?
Dashenfelder 2017/10/02 07:08:56 0 0
I am trying to create accounts with my bot. However, when it fails, is there a way to return some sort of "Fail Logs" to my CSV file? I would like to know at what step the bot failed, and have all of the variables that the bot has returned to the CSV output file. Is there an easy way to do this type of thing?
nikkiminnie123 2017/10/05 01:33:18 0 0
How to import a csv file using botchief which will automatically fill the data from the csv file to the form.How to generate data for more than 100 people automatically to fill the form example: Patient form for 100 patients at the hospital which has 4-5 fields like (Add name of patient, Medication,Room Number, Doctor's name..and so on)..Thanks
TurboGolom 2017/09/08 05:53:39 1 0
Hello Community, so im working for a long time on a project which is breaking my brain at the moment.So  im working on an adress generator which is creating random adressinformationsthe adress looks like: Firstname,Lastname,Country,City,Street,Streetnumber,ZIP and some other thingsEach information is stored into a seperated txt file.What i wanna do ?So the User is pressing the "generate" Button...
lorand 2017/09/26 21:12:04 0 0
I have 2 columns in a table first with data and second with numbers.How can i sort the table based on the numbers (ascending ):ex:a 1x 2t 3
ronnie173 2017/09/16 20:37:35 0 0
Hi all I am trying to make a bot that clicks on links that downloads a zip file. But I need to download all of the zip files that is on the page and save them to a specific directory. Can someone show me where to get started.
khaledsamer 2017/05/13 05:38:25 0 0
Hi , i have a website that has a dropdown options menu the tags of it is : <select>    <option>    <options>    and so on <select>i mean it's not a <div> like in tutorial . the menu has 16 options to choose from and when i use control operate it gives me only 1 html element and when and when i click...
moises580 2017/09/12 03:30:13 0 0
Good afternoon,in today's I made the purchase of the Software "BotChiefEditor", try to activate said software but gives an error. what should I do?
jattdagar 2017/09/03 15:59:08 0 0
how to press ctrl key with botchiefi want to close current tab of the browsertell me any way to do so
Dare_odeneye 2017/08/10 00:19:58 0 0
Hi i am looking to make a bot with a calculator.Hi i have "Scraped" information from a sight into a variable table. this scrapped information are numbersdoes anyone know how to make a bot that takes the numbers from the variable table and put them into a calculatorThank you
durelas@gmail.com 2017/08/28 20:06:39 0 0
Hi!This is my very first attempt with a bot and I'm having problems with the last step. The target site collect signs from audience and my bot starts to work ok: pick the info from my .csv files and fill name, lastname, email and city fields, but in the last step show a success message and then just not run again. ...
don31499 2017/08/20 17:04:27 0 0
Hi,I have made my first search bot! I'm stuck on how to make my bot click random links on a webpage?thanks
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