212nycowboy 2016/11/19 01:12:37 0 0
How can I run many tasks at the same time? So many windows pop up at same time.
webport 2016/11/12 01:20:34 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:32bitSoftware Version: BotChief Editor in windows 7 environment, open program get error message: (Load browser DLL file failed, please run it again using administrator rights!) I authorized the app to no avail. Tried running again in every compatibility mode available; any suggestions?       
seoinspects 2016/11/04 13:51:47 0 0
Dear SirRecently i finish successfully setup bot chief editor and  finish bot chief runner but i facing some problem now 1. several time to say my system debug problem l i don't know how can i solve this problem? 2. several time to say my system XULRunner down lode i don't know why? and3. i don't know how many Fan page Like i get my page per threadsThanks   
mokote 2016/10/12 06:46:37 0 0
Hello,is there any way to control html5 video speed?regards
Wouter 2016/11/05 08:31:19 0 0
Hello,I got 2 variables: Variable A and variable B. Variable A is a storage variable and i'm not quite sure how to set up variable B.Variable A:Im a setting variable A as a number using the 'scraper'. Example, if there's a ratio of 1.43 on the content i'm scraping, my variable A will be 1.43.Variable B (question):My variable B is a formula. Example, variable B...
Constantine89h 2016/11/01 14:11:32 0 0
For some reason, it works for most pages, but a specific page that I need the download timeouts. How do I correct this issue so that it downloads?
steve316 2016/11/03 17:49:14 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:32bitSoftware Version:NAI have compiled the bot but every time we run the program it is not loading the website and times out.
santhanaraj76 2016/11/01 07:00:54 0 0
Hi support,I have a gym webpage. Below is the process.I need your assistance to develop this.1) my trainers will create a appointment with his client in this gym webpage2) when my clients comes in and the scan in thier id, once scan in the ID will be logged into our sql database (show as check-in)3) I want this biochief to look for the client's appointment and marked it as"arrived" in this gym webpage.4) once our client's...
ukhan 2016/11/01 09:12:52 0 0
My Question is ....
mpspringer 2016/10/28 21:33:10 0 0
How to block browser window popups?
exchangeis 2016/10/30 19:51:08 0 0
i have just purchased BotChief and have viewed all of the training videos and searched this forum for the answer but cannot work this one out.I have created my first project to fill a field from table variable and then read and fill Captcha with Deth by Captcha. I have been able to identify/set Captcha img but how does the answer field get populated. Note the Captcha is a simple text (not complex...
Timbalord 2016/10/28 06:58:11 0 0
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Timbalord 2016/10/28 05:34:14 0 0
Operating System:Windows 8.1Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:4.1.9When i set several Scraper settings and give the focus to another action and then return to the scraper again, the settings are gone. But it works like defined before. 
acousticfiend 2016/10/29 22:40:14 0 0
Is there a way to parse data from JSON info received from a URL? For instance this url, http://search.mobile.walmart.com/search?query=673419247382&store=5430Can you make each thing a cell in a csv? like "upc" would be i a cell and the "67341924738" would be in the next?
Timbalord 2016/10/27 07:20:47 0 0
hi everyone, i am completely new to botchief. At the moment i try to figure out, how to build a bot for chat. login works, several ifs work to get to the chatpart of the webpage but then:more then 300 users wrote me a chat message. So i try to figure out, how to scrape a list of all the userids and save them to a table. In a list view i see 20 users per page which have written...
DanJ 2016/10/25 18:01:42 0 0
Is it possible to make Multi-threading bots with different proxy's so each unique thread would have a unique IP?So for example you could quickly generate accounts using unique IPs, or make a bot to generate fake website traffic or views etc.
robotxt 2016/10/26 08:07:07 0 0
Operating System:Windows Server 2012Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:4.1.9Not sure why is not deleting a row from a table when using get values from table on variable operate function. I've setup the table variable as a local variable but when i run the module on the runner it doesn't  work...
bechampions87 2016/10/18 16:56:10 0 0
Hi,I want to create a bot that that loops until it meets an exit condition. I also want to count how many times the bot goes through the loop. What's the best way to about this.Thanks!
bechampions87 2016/10/18 16:44:51 0 0
Hi,I've read some stuff in the forums, but I'm still not clear how control variables work.For example, can I use them to verify if a certain element exists on a page and then put them into an IF statement?Thanks!
DanJ 2016/10/23 19:38:19 0 0
Hi, i have noticed that in a few of the forum posts that online CHM based manuals get linked to to explain the programs functions etc. For example:http://developer.botchief.com/actions/botchief_actions.htmlhttp://developer.botchief.com/plugin/botchief_plugin.htmlAre the actual CHM downloads available anywhere, so i could read them offline or keep them in a folder for reference?...
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