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  • My topic Unknown error with ...
  • Hi, I updated to the version but I got a "Unknown error" when I launch the compiled version. I made no change on my bot, just update botchief. Do you have a solution ? Thanks
  • 12-11 14:10
  • andy200486
  • My topic How to download PDF file
  • Hi, I try to download a PDF file but that doesn't work, here are my steps : set download location new mouse emulation (web) left click on the <a></a> Then appears a popup with title "Download File" but it stay at 0% and 0MB/0MB Could someone help me ? Thanks
  • 3-10 17:46
  • andy200486
  • My topic Table Loop with set value
  • Hi everyone, I'm actually using a "TableLoop" with 2 "Set value" inside. I have a CSV set as a "Table Variable". So my "TableLoop" loop on every row of my CSV and I would like to use the value inside the row to set some value inside html field form. In the "Set Value", I have my CSV from the "Table Variable" in the "From Variable" section, I set the column I will and the "Row Index" to 0. But, in fact,  it set the value of the first row (row index 0 ?) each time. I would like to switch from row for each loop. So, can someone help me to achieve this ? Thanks
  • 1-26 15:44