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  • My topic Critical error on botchieft
  • I tried many times and could conclude that botchieft cannot  run 2 funtion together. I ran a function (Ex: Function1) in repeat mode ----> ok But when running another function (Ex: Function2) ---> Function1 will be stopped This is a bug of botchieft that needs immediate fix
  • 4-24 20:29
  • baby2i
  • My topic Can not run exe File after ...
  • I can not Run exe File after update botchief From 4.5.9 to 4.6.5. Please give an Example for this action This is My path file: C:\new\MAXIMIZEWINDOWS.EXE
  • 2018-01-31 09:47
  • baby2i
  • My topic Can not set Custom browsers...
  • After setting the variables for "Custom browsers's Navigator Infomation" and checking again ---> the result is unchanged (except User Agent). Where do I go wrong? If I do not make a mistake then this is a bad thing for the software because google can still detect it (Example: When creating bot to login to google account). And it does not automatically translate the language to the corresponding country when running the bot (for example,  I tried set value for varible as follows:   + appCodeName = TestappCodeName   + appName = TestappName   + appVersion = TestappVersion   + UserAgent = TestUserAgent    + platform = Testplatform   + Language = TestLanguage And this my result Here is my test module: /editor/attached/file/20171223/20171223192237_0290.dat
  • 2017-12-27 05:34
  • baby2i
  • My topic Can not pause windows of Br...
  • Hi every one. I am a newbie and using botchieft editor (Developer vesion) I'm looking for a command to pause processing the next command. So I  want to enter some value by my hand before running the next command (I do not want to use the Sleep command because are not sure about time). Everyone please show me how to do?
  • 2017-02-08 01:07