Karmagedon 2018/07/04 20:38:15 0 0
I looked at this example:15. Creating a process bar with BotChief Forms. - DownloadBut... This example does not show how to manage the progress bar from Web Module....
Karmagedon 2018/07/07 01:26:36 0 0
Can I use software protection system (ASProtect, Enigma, VMProtect and other) with BotChief project compiled applications?
Karmagedon 2018/07/04 17:54:48 1 0
WebCreative 2018/03/01 08:54:59 0 0
Network error, please try to login later againOnly for me or other people also getting this error?
tothephonebooth 2018/07/04 07:53:40 0 0
I'm not an expert at computer programming. I just want someone to create a basic bot that does this:- When I get an email in Gmail with a specific subject, open it- Click the link inside the email.- On the TypeForm page that opens, press "Enter" twice (that will complete the activation form)Basically, I work online and I get emails every day that I have to open and "confirm" as part of the...
Karmagedon 2018/07/04 14:03:51 0 0
Can I compile modules with different versions of browser in one compiled application?...
Karmagedon 2018/07/03 05:59:30 0 0
Karmagedon 2018/06/27 01:26:18 0 0
Outlook - Error...
billybot 2018/06/18 07:54:04 0 0
Is there a way to create an action where it keeps looking for a specific text from the web page again and again and once that text is found a sound goes off? Thanks.
zhangyuhan 2018/06/26 08:43:32 1 0
Can release a HTTP post tutorials or post a template, don't know how to configure, always a problem!I found a tutorial, but only...
winter400 2018/06/15 23:38:47 0 0
Hello,I use input captcha but it's not working, The captcha need to New Keystrokes Elumation for input.How i do this?Best regards,Winter100    
winter400 2018/06/14 13:09:56 0 0
Hello,How to remove blank empty column or row? I use Process duplicate but it's not working now!Best regards,Winter100
minhthuycntt 2018/06/14 09:31:27 0 0
Can I  : Settimezone, Dissabled WebRTC,Dissable Flash, Install addons in chorme. Save and restore Chorme profile?
WebCreative 2018/05/26 08:45:17 0 0
I can easily search on google and see google image result (BotChiefEditor)  is there any way i can download image one by one Full size.. from google image search result... like i limit download 10 image per keyword.can i create this with BotChiefEditor?
tony greaves 2018/05/24 16:44:57 0 0
HelloI am trying to make a bot that will scrap urls and then fill in a form.How do i set the parameters so the different forms i scrap are adjusted.
LordDeanUK 2018/05/22 23:17:38 0 0
Afternoon,i stumbled across Bot Chief but i think it can do what i'm looking for.So i work as a self employed data miner and looking to automate some of my work.I'm looking to create 3 projects.Project 1 - Facebook keyword searcherProject 2 - Twitter keyword searcherProject 3 - Google searcher ...
kwaninmacau 2018/05/21 14:46:06 0 0
Hi,If buy software, could I get support about how to use or how to achive some function?I can't find control on some website, I am confused about it right now.Thank you!
kwaninmacau 2018/05/20 14:50:29 0 0
I run Botchief, but it so slowly every run any opration.Why does Botchief  run so slowly on my computer?
kwaninmacau 2018/05/18 06:22:35 0 0
When I use botChief to auto do something on some website, can it's owner dedicate that I use some software to do so?In addition, can I use php script to run botChief module or project?Thank you very much!
pasie15 2018/03/31 01:27:40 0 0
Hi whenever I try to run a module in a new window, I get an unknown error and the debug window shows for a split second and goes away. Any Help?Generates the error 'location: 0 Reason : failed reason:...
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