Serg0337 2019/03/30 22:45:40 1 0
Hi Guys!I'm having a problem with my browser screen resolution. I know it says that a big screen is better, so I use a 15" retina screen that's 2880 x 1800 and the browser size is always small and with chrome it's always zoomed in (crazy big). I thought it could be the screen, so I connected it to 46" TV, and I got the same result.Here are 2 screenshots, one using the Firefox user agent and the other with chrome (my hand for size reference) On the one with Chrome I even unpinned all BotChief pan...
Orochirpg 2019/03/28 21:31:56 1 0
Hey im newbie with BotChiefIm thinking if its possible to bot vote in this website https://www.rpg-paradize.com/?page=vote&vote=110644 Need to :Submit the recaptcha, click on the vote button,clear cookies, change proxy and repeat :DThanks
Karmagedon 2019/04/06 08:37:39 0 0
Why is this happening and how to deal with it? I want the modules to be displayed in the same order in which I entered them....
jeff1985 2019/04/06 05:36:57 0 0
we are looking for someone to develop a traffic bot with fingerprint technology built in that uses real 4G IPS addresses.. Experience programmers with fingerprint technology experience only. Traffic bot must read as a real browser like google chrome or firefox or microsoft edge...must not be detected by ad networks as illegal or fraudulent traffic. We also want them to add a auto scroll the page meaning once...
Karmagedon 2019/04/06 01:54:09 0 0
What happens if I use a global variable with the same name in two different modules (or several)?
Karmagedon 2019/01/24 09:46:44 1 0
Hello.I have a compiled module for one of the sites with more than 10 modules in the composition. When compiling, I arranged them in a certain logical order. Each module has a lot of initialized parameters. For each module, I gave my own names for the parameters, which are different from variable names.There is a problem.Today I needed to update one of the modules - it is located first in the list of my modules. But I can only remove it and add it to the end of the list. This does not suit me, b...
Karmagedon 2019/04/03 15:45:06 0 0
At the start of the BotChief Editor with Chrome mode, a message with the "...localhost..." text appeared a couple of times, but I don’t have a screenshot.CrashLog****************************异常文本****************************【出现时间】:03.04.2019 10:30:27【异常类型】:NullReferenceException【异常信息】:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.【堆栈调用】:   в BotChiefEditorb.?(Object A_0, EventArgs A_1)   в System.Windows.Forms.Timer.OnTick(EventArgs e)   в System.Windows.Forms....
Karmagedon 2019/01/11 22:42:38 1 0
I bought it with the BotChief editor, right? Runner have built-in modules. But I have never used them. Because I do not know how....
mkezhaya 2017/06/29 14:31:01 0 0
Karmagedon 2019/03/27 18:37:31 0 0
numeric variables are reset to zero after converting to stringstep 1...
geraldpil 2019/03/26 23:44:53 0 0
I am creating a bot to click on my blogger sites adsense ads, I have tried Find Control to and got control and shows success but when I carry out a test run it does not appear to click the ads, what could cause this to fail?
geraldpil 2019/03/25 01:28:26 0 0
HelloI am newbie to BotChief, I have tried to create a very basic bot to log into Twitter, for some reason I cannot get it to click the blue login button.----------------------------I am usingLoad urlSet Value (user)Set Value (password)Control Operate (click log in button)<<<<<<<<<<SleepEnd---------------------------------...
geraldpil 2019/03/22 01:22:32 0 0
HelloI am a newbie, just purchased the software. On the introduction video it talks about 2 files BotChief Editor and BotChief Runner, I have the pro version and I can't locate the Runner? Not sure how the completed Modules are able to run on my computer if they cannot be run?I am also having problems runner the tutorial videos from within the software, when I click them nothing appears to happen. Thanks.
Karmagedon 2019/03/17 15:56:40 0 0
I propose to add a new command that would stop the work of the modules. Similar to pressing the Stop button in a BotChief Runner or compiled application....
donski_d 2019/03/14 02:40:00 0 0
Hi I am looking to have a bot created and am willing to pay for it , I have submitted a ticket  for this but so far have not got a response on taking the orderis there anywhere else I can get bot created that any one knows about - i would like windows forms if possible
Karmagedon 2019/03/09 14:23:31 2 0
I wrote an application that allows you to run compiled modules automatically.To use, you must specify the settings in the file autorun_options.ini.After that, run the file autorun.exe.Unzip the archive in the folder with the compiled application that you want to run. At startup, the first module is selected from the list of modules in the compiled application.DownloadWatch the video.
andy200486 2019/02/25 17:09:33 0 0
Hi everyone,I was wondering if it was possible to run my compiled boot without clicking on the run button ?Maybe can I pass parameters to the .exe ?Thanks!
donski_d 2019/03/06 22:58:29 0 0
Hey I put in a request to have a poshmart bot created  but I have not had any response - can any body else do ? Happy to pay 
chiannepatty 2017/03/01 01:56:18 0 0
Could someone give me a few pointers or a tutorial or point me in the correct direction to get help! I'd really like to make a bot for a fashion selling platform called poshmark. I'd like it to auto follow, and auto share. This is my first time ever being on a website like this, so please help me
donski_d 2019/03/02 05:36:37 0 0
I am trying to test the software and I can get get past stage 1 - the site is secure  - it is this one https://poshmark.com/loginany ideaserror getting The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.
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