bottodo 2016/12/21 10:29:40 0 0
Hello,I try custom bot, but it's always download xrunner29.0.zip when i open my bot. Thanks!
bottodo 2016/12/21 10:24:29 0 0
Hello,I try custom bot, but it's always download xrunner29.0.zip when i open my bot. Thanks!
mpspringer 2016/12/20 21:19:37 0 0
What is the best way to randomly select a cookie value and use the value?Example Cookie:name: datrcontent: g_0tWLBZrwroZAjeSCZmOs16domain: .facebook.compath: /
buckwildn16 2016/12/16 10:52:26 0 0
I have been trying to use this a little with a few bots I made. I send the updated zip but when the bot is opening and it goes to download the update I get program stopped working. I dunno if its something I am doing or something being worked on or ?? 
winter400 2016/12/04 18:27:42 0 0
Hello,I graph search Facebook Group. How to read json file? I want to get ID group. Any example?Thank all!{  "data": [    {      "name":"Disney College Program Spring/Spring Advantage 2017",      "privacy":"CLOSED",      "id":"437876983085996"   ...
buckwildn16 2016/12/08 11:07:42 0 0
I am trying to scrape info from brickseek using the scraper function "scrape some text" I want to scrape the store info, the qty and price. I can do this perfectly fine with the scrape one text and then add it to my table but what I would like to do is do this in one action with the scrape some text command. The problem lies when I try to select control it highlights but no elements pop into the tree therefor when I choose find html there is nothing there. I don't have a good grasp on multilevel...
mary.tabatha 2016/12/06 23:35:18 0 0
Hi,I've yet to purchase the license for BotCheif i first wanted to see first if i could make a simple checker bot that checks my balances. I thought it would be easy, nope. I'm having difficulty as it has recaptcha, i'm happy at this point to solve it myself, but i cant think of a way for BotCheif to stop while i solve it, or even better show me a paid recaptcha solution that will do this automatically. I want an expert to help make a bot for me, and to show me a few things...
buckwildn16 2016/12/07 11:38:13 0 0
Once I scraper action to scrape the page html and choose show variable nothing is displayed. Am I missing something here? It pops up and its all blank so I cant seek out a regex from a blank variable. Any direction?
killbane 2016/09/16 14:43:55 1 0
I tried upload image option. It shows success on click option but fails on finding window.Anybody willing to help me
lorand 2016/12/05 19:46:40 0 0
How can i user the table loop and multi threads ?I need to log in one and the to some repetitive action in loop from a table,the problem is that i cannot make the bot to get a new link from the table. All threads get the same link.Thanks!
Miguel 2016/11/30 05:42:03 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:4.2.3When I do a Find Action of a control with index variable and test it, it's ok.But the saved variable (control type) returns false.Is it a bug or I'm doing it wrong....
Miguel 2016/11/30 19:30:44 0 0
My test module has:1 Double var1 Table (2 columns)1 String var (to get Double2String from the Double var)Initially, the table has 5 rowsWhen I do a Table Loop action,  Double var is incremented 1 unit.I convert this double to String and save it in a String varI put the string var value in the row1 of the table.But all rows...
winter400 2016/11/29 17:49:02 0 0
Hello,I'm trying make real time task log for custom form. Same default form Botchief. Any have video tutorials?...
robotxt 2016/11/29 12:34:21 0 0
Operating System:Windows Server 2012Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:4.2.3I try to get values from a dropdown list and everytime i click on "get listbox values" i get this error...
mpspringer 2016/11/28 19:12:19 0 0
What is the best way to use variable for Screen Resolution?randomly select one of these:320x568375x667414x736768x10241024x1366Can you please explain how to set a Double Value Type variable?
Miguel 2016/11/28 09:00:07 0 0
Hi, I'm totally a newbie.Is possible use a webBrowser control from a Form to set output of a WebOperation Module (Via SetCurrentBrowser or another command? (I would like to display results from Weboperation module output on a form->webBrowser object)See pic for more info...
winter400 2016/11/28 17:42:07 0 0
Hello,I'm trying developer bot. But i dont know how to disable debug mode popup, or hidden web browser when i run program. Can help me?Thank,Winter400
killbane 2016/11/26 17:06:05 0 0
I created a bot for using a table of data to post. Now I come to know the New Keystroke Emulation (web) Dont show variable containing tables.Does botchief editor ever going to reach standards of ubot studio?
AhrimanSefid 2016/11/24 08:10:37 0 0
I need to change this html command<img alt="" class="bs-captcha-image form-control-static" id="bs-captcha-image" src="/image/Captcha?k=32278991-6b94-4ef5-9c64-8094ff3e3fd1&amp;l=5&amp;t=Numeric&amp;r=0.959809023402542">to<img alt="" class="bs-captcha-image form-control-static" id="bs-captcha-image" src="/image/Captcha?k=32278991-6b94-4ef5-9c64-8094ff3e3fd1&amp;...
phil1966 2016/11/23 09:03:05 0 0
im having a problem posting to my facebook groups.  I have set up the bot to login and goto random groups i belong too. But thats as far as i can work out how to post , could someone please help me .  Thanks 
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