kleinerHumani 2015/08/27 08:15:32 0 0
Hello,i've created a bot whre is goning to a website an log in and log out of these website. I have a list with 25 email and passwords is to Login the bot. The problem is the bot always takes only the first e-mail...
kabone76 2015/08/23 21:31:51 0 0
How would I go about passing a variable from a form to the web module? For instance lets set my form asks for a username and a password. When the person enters in both of those and hits the submit button it should forward that username and password over to the web module, but I can't seem to get it to change the values of the webmodule. Any sugestions?
Karmagedon 2015/08/25 16:27:27 0 0
This damn nightmare! Where is the documentation says that you can not use global variables in Process Control - IF?http://developer.botchief.com/actions/botchief_actions.htmlI spends three days to deal with a simple action. Developers, you think this is normal?I understood only with assistance:http://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?postid=1696#.VdzPBfntmko(Thanks to the author for help)The program is...
Karmagedon 2015/08/25 12:46:03 0 0
I can not understand how to use Double(number) with Process Control - IF for compare with a certain value (for example - "1"). This is possible?...
kabone76 2015/08/25 00:19:55 0 0
I was curious if I could install bot chief on two computers that are at my house, because I use two different computers for work, I thought I saw in the of the threads it was okay if you did two at your house but not for a friend. Please let me know so i know if i can or not!
Whitehatravi 2015/03/10 00:21:05 0 0
Hi,Is there any way to select flash elements on a page? I am trying to sign up on  a page that uses flash and I am not able to select the specific elements to set values. I know you had told that you are working on this and will release an upgrade. I am waiting for it to be used my bot chief editor since some time. Any idea when this will be available.?
Karmagedon 2015/08/24 18:35:48 0 0
kabone76 2015/08/22 19:03:03 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:3.5.4When I link a button and try to debug the form with a module I get "Object refference not set to an instance of an object" I have just been trying to get the module to run. When I click the button I keep getting the error above. If I cant get this working I will never get the rest of the GUI working.. And there will have been no reason for me to purchase the developer version of your software. I have been waiting ...
Karmagedon 2015/08/20 23:34:56 0 0
Change User-Agents in two ways. First, create a variable to hold the list of User-Agents....
akeshari 2015/03/30 02:01:01 0 0
can someone please explain how useragent work? Can we change what browser to be used using useragent? If yes, how do we do that? what variable do we use?
Karmagedon 2015/08/20 12:42:18 0 0
If your code module is a large number of lines, the ability to integrate the code into the blocks would be convenient. The code block can not use the "Process Control - Goto", but it is possible within a block of code.You can also add the ability to protect from editing some blocks (the lock icon in the second half of the image).Note: I used the "Wait (loop)" to draw an example - there is an old icon.Example:...
TurboGolom 2015/08/14 13:24:36 0 0
Hello its me again,so i try to create a program for an email provider and im nearly done with it. only problem for me is to set a username.My Idea is to create a username with my previous data informations like firstname+lastname+randome number = usernameproblem is that i thought the variable operate function is exactly what i need but it does not seem like working for me.So i got 1 big table with 6-7 Column. Every Column got massiv...
Myky 2015/08/18 04:45:41 0 0
Hi there.I would like know, if it's possible to refund product, if I don't like it for example.Thank you for your respond.
CrosseyedVarmint 2015/08/13 16:42:42 0 0
Howdy. I've been playing with BotChief for data submission purposes. I've run into a problem with browser pop-up windows that goes something like this:After a form is filled out with information, a button is pressed to send the form's data to the site. The site responds with a pop-up window with another button to close the window, which, once pressed, directs you to the next page. BotChief's Flash Operate, Control Operate, Mouse Emulation, and Keyboard Emulation all press...
Stephen 2015/08/16 15:49:14 0 0
I would like someone to create a bot for me. Its a simple bot. Email me if your interested. I will pay via paypal.  Stephensockstv@gmail.com
iiSushi 2015/08/09 17:45:49 0 0
There is a class on a game site that changes name depending on if you won or not.By default the html is <div class="clearfix status">When you win it's called <div class="clearfix status won">When you lose it's called <div class="clearfix status lost">I need to be able to have a scraper store the name in a variable so I can track each time I win and lose.When it...
NonameGenerator 2015/08/05 15:17:16 0 0
1. Browser Operation - Load Url - Action Settings...
NonameGenerator 2015/08/05 10:40:44 0 0
1. If I buy the Pro version ($ 97) and then want to upgrade to version Elite ($ 197), it would be to somehow take into account the difference in price? How much do I pay in the transition from version to version?2. When you run the module opens a window built-in browser. When you run a multithreaded (seen in the video) opens multiple browser windows. Is it possible to launch a module without opening a browser window? If not, whether such a...
TurboGolom 2015/08/02 16:44:37 0 0
Hello BC im using here and there your tool and to be honest several Times its just annyoing as hell that the bot cant find the tasks of Websites like Buttons etc. Allways i get on a Point where i cant continue my Script cause BC cant find the Buttons etc of websites.IM working on a Script where my Program should complete a Surcey but  BC cant find the Buttons of the Survey or even if i do it manual he cant find fields etc at the Survey....
Justin 2015/07/22 15:32:12 1 0
I need one that can automatically make a Kongregate.com account and automatically post on that forum with what I want to say. But I keep running into errors such as "selection not found" when trying to sign the new acc. up. Please help and its really simple I think because the site requires no captcha and email verification so if someone could help me I'd be so grateful.
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