Yuki 2015/02/24 19:41:47 0 0
I bought the bot with elite user version but it wont work it said invalite code pls help.24/02/2015
nittonotes 2015/02/21 11:24:09 0 0
Hey guy, I'm having a little trouble here updating my software. I purchased the user pro version, but it seems since I selected the auto log-in when using your free version that I have made it impossible to update the serial number. What can I do to input the new serial number?
Baller20 2015/02/17 06:48:06 0 0
So, I downloaded WhiteHatBox and then downloaded BotChiefEditor & BotChiefRunner, but when I'm launching them my Norton virus scan pop-up a message like : "High risk! etc etc" and recommends me restart my computer...So, are there some risks or do I need just shut down my Norton virus scan and run your bots without it ?
TheMan 2015/02/17 19:54:22 0 0
Can the browser have variable option  That will be great
TheMan 2015/02/17 19:45:44 0 0
Such javascript, c#, and cmd. I try adding some code it was giving me errors!. Thanks!
Tronix 2015/02/16 04:45:20 0 0
Hello,I have some suggestions and feedback that I gathered while trying to make a bot to download all the images from a website.Suggestions:Would it be possible to add a Table of Controls?And to be able to download all the images in a column of this new value type with the Get Image action (also to be able to choose the folder to where they will be stored)....
louisfans 2015/02/05 03:24:14 0 0
hi, i make a script to register email, but i was stuck at select the question, i did my best and still don't know how to resolve, please advise. thank youregister yandex email (mail.yandex.com) and stuck in select questions this dropdown
onlygrace 2015/02/09 23:28:23 0 0
Please update the software. I run my bot in botchiefrunner using death by captcha, but always failed. wrong captcha. I check my captcha balance but no captcha being processed by deathbycaptcha. I guess the problem is in BotChief. Please check
Briankong21 2014/08/31 00:19:16 0 0
I registered botchief today and I'm trying this program right now.But I don't know how to verificate the email.Of course I can see the menu button at left side of control panel, but when I useed that, it did not work.I cant find the article about that.Can you help me?
pinch 2015/02/04 20:17:55 0 0
HiI need read data from file, and use pair login:password  line by line and input this in web form. And need will separate login from password. How to do this?Thank
Whitehatravi 2015/02/01 16:05:34 0 0
Hi, How can I edit the free bots in the bot chief editor. The bot chief runner only allows to run the free bots. I want to modify/edit the free bots in the bot chief. How can I do it?Where are the files/project located for these free bots?
topmm 2015/02/01 10:49:59 0 0
Hey mate, I'm trying to build yahoo accounts using your system build in yahoo account creator.Everything seems to work ok except the fact that after i enter the captcha and recieve congratulation account created message the program doesn't save the created account.It take's me to yahoo home page and stay there and ... "Searching for page element", no error no nothing.I think that maybe  yahoo has updated or something....
kevinleijh 2015/01/26 20:50:01 0 0
How to move the mouse to a location?
Whitehatravi 2015/01/29 04:47:00 0 0
Hi,I am not able to run the bot chief after the latest update.( Ver- 3.3.0)When I try to run the program inside the whitehatbox, I get  an error saying " Network Error, Please try to login later again. Clicking on ok in the pop-up, shows the Botchief editor login page with my name, email  and serial number populated. I confirm these details shown are correct and when I try to login again, I get the same error " Network Error, Please try to login later...
antonyalston 2014/12/25 05:10:26 0 0
my bot which made works perfect in my windows 7 but it's not working in Windows 2008 R2i am getting below errorDescription:  Stopped workingProblem signature:  Problem Event Name:CLR20r3  Problem Signature 01:proxy.exe  Problem Signature 02:  Problem Signature 03:546ebe9d  Problem Signature 04:mscorlib  Problem Signature 05:2.0.0....
zeo 2014/10/03 18:53:04 0 0
I thought i would make a suggestions thread, anyone is welcome to join in posting ideas.The ability to use Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C etc in input fields, makes things simpler.Set variable from clipboard contentsSend variable to clipboardSome way to run a javascript etc to set a variable so you can use it to generate custom numbers and strings.
franklin 2014/12/28 06:46:55 0 0
playing around with the program a bit-- its really goodand can read and write data to fileshow about something like a sqlite databaseto make more complex botsto store logins (and change them from the program interface)and other data-- so that user could input the data from the user interface rather then supply a cvs fileany plans for something...
Augustrain 2014/12/24 13:12:24 0 0
  I can't run botchiefeditor, this is the error. Who can help me please./editor/attached/file/20141224/20141224131208_5014.rarAnyway thx all
zeo 2014/10/03 01:55:17 0 0
Hi i was wondering how to use the Proxy And User Agent In BotChiefEditor? Using a variable doesn't seem to be working. Is there a tutorial or video for this somewhere?
djgbshows 2014/11/27 15:16:08 0 0
i am trying to create a instagram bot and when i get to the screen to login i set the values etc but it fails at the point. i am not sure what i am doing wrong it was working yesterday. what i wanted to create was a bot that can serach multiple #hashtags and follow, like, and comment on their pics but i can get past the login screen anymore. am i doing something wrong with the set values?
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