kaevlar 2015/11/01 16:54:48 0 0
Hello,I was wondering if there is a list of Free version' limitations.I understood it were a full working version, with limited features but I thought I could export a project from the editor and run it with the runner. At the moment, the only thing i can do is run manually one-action at time in the project view, but it's pretty unuseful.Am I missing something?
greyhat 2016/01/08 22:46:38 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:3.8.9I doubled checked your site to make sure that this feature is included by default in the free version.However, it tells me that I have no rights to use this feature.I really need to try to use this feature so that I can try to find how to be able to select the manual recaptchas that Im attempting to solve since I cant figure out how to use the "captcha" function to manually select the images for gmx acct creation.WhiteHatB...
greyhat 2016/01/10 18:33:04 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:3.8.9While (debug on) & running my bot in the runner, I noticed that if the debuggin runner window is up, and if you do anything with your mouse or keyboard, it will throw the runner off of its routine.What I mean is that only way the runner will run perfectly fine is if I do not bother my...
greyhat 2016/01/10 07:55:40 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:3.8.9Invalid ConnectionString format for parameterThat is the error that I got after my bot finished its task successfully.  What is that and why did I get it?
user_1234 2016/01/09 00:15:19 0 0
I am having difficulty trying to make an account creator. Whenever I run the program it gives me the error "Can not find the controls." I tried a variety of solutions be I keep getting the error. I attached the file so you can look over it for any mistakes. The error occurs on number 6 every time. Can someone help me with a solution?/editor/attached/file/20160109/20160109001220_5690....
user_1234 2016/01/10 16:03:57 0 0
I didn't see any info on how to use the cookie manager. I am wanting to save cookies from multiple browser sessions and then access them again. Is this possible? If so, how?
user_1234 2016/01/01 22:16:51 0 0
I am having difficulty trying to figure out how to use a csv file with bot-chief. I looked up online videos and the Manuel and have found the sources lacking of a thorough explanation of the function. Could I get help integrating one csv file with name(first and last), phone number, address, etc... into my account creator / browser search bot?
Danksta 2015/10/12 11:06:14 1 0
I have been thinking of buying either the devleoper monthly or lifetime version from here but I haven't seen a single tutorial in here to compile exe's or make forms or anything! I didn't even find anything noteworthy in the documentation! Compiling in exe would be like the only thing that i would need but I don't want my purchase to go in waste! Are there any good tuts here for that? Also can you add a few more basic and advanced tuturials! The one present are already good but not sufficient! T...
greyhat 2016/01/10 03:09:37 0 0
How long has whitehatbox or botchief been around?
Karmagedon 2015/12/20 01:08:14 0 0
I was not long. I had a lot of work.What's New? :)
greyhat 2016/01/08 18:26:39 0 0
Im having a HUGE issue trying to create my 1st bot.  I've given it most of the steps to execute, I did a test run, and all was fine (in the editor)I then needed to make a few changes, and after my changes my bot doesn't work anymore (in the editor)It appears that the bot is trying to execute the tasks according to the number assigned to the task, and not in the order that I have the steps listed.Ex:...
Gregzify 2016/01/02 03:27:28 0 0
Hy guys, is it possibile with botchief to export a project to Visual BASIC?
onlygrace 2015/12/17 03:22:45 0 0
Hi, I recently notice there are a new function called table loop. Usually I use wait (loop) to loop from one row to the next till it is finished by deleting first row each time I use one row. Does it do the same? Also there are many other features in botchief that I don't know how to work with it.Where can I get the tutorial about this new feature and all the features botchief have?
onlygrace 2015/12/21 05:14:47 0 0
Hi, I wonder whether can I make one variable that work for every task operated in the same category. I mean, if I want to make web2 registration, I have to set variable password username, etc.In my understanding, I have to make those same variable for every module I created for different sites, it's exhausting. I also have to put the same value in botchief runner too for every module.Can I make global variable for all modules? so I need to enter only once and...
BotMan91 2016/01/02 18:04:37 0 0
You are using an unsupported browser. Your experience may not work as expected. Please upgrade to a modern browser like Google Chrome. I get this error message on certain websites is there a way you guys can get this fixed ASAP?
onlygrace 2015/12/21 14:10:41 0 0
Hi, I need help. The site that I want to automate need a click from mouse. Since my version is pro, I cannot use mouse emulation. I try to use control operate but it's not working. I try every options in control operate (click,onclick,focus,keypress,onchange) but cannot find one that works. What can I do to do this automation without mouse emulation? please help
ramosadams 2015/02/19 17:12:02 0 0
hello , i see bot use user agent and we have CMD option we can luch the real google chrome or another browser from commande line  i want your help me how i make bot work on the real google chrome after lunch it from cmd thx
eidison0110 2015/12/23 10:56:15 0 0
"See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.************** Exception Text **************System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'xul': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)   at Gecko.Xpcom.Alloc(IntPtr size)   at Gecko.nsAString..ctor()   at Gecko.nsAString..ctor(String value) ...
johnhern 2015/12/19 11:03:28 0 0
I have an issue,I tried to run the bot after I created it and get this:See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.************** Exception Text **************System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Data....
onlygrace 2015/12/19 04:47:26 0 0
my question is simple, however I don't find a clue to achieve it. I try to use botchief runner scheduler. But the schedule options are only run how many times, run in specific hours, run in specific date and time and run forever. How to make it run once a day?
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