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Scraping Internet Data to Excel format problem.

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ok, Im still confused. Trying get make fresh leads for me to call. I've spent some considerable time now.

I was able to follow the YouTube video "BotChief Multi Level Scraper" along with "BotChief Tutorial Series - 03 - Using the Scraper Action."

Combining certain parts to try to figure out my goal.

Part 1: To extract Company Name and Address from a website THEN

Part 2: Paste the company name and address values from excel csv to retrieve a Phone Number and Name of Person using google or yellow pages or xyz. I don't know how to do this step or what video to watch if any.

I was able to get part one done by YouTube videos however my excel data format is incorrect.

Column 1, Column 2, Column 3, Column 4, Column 5, Column 6, Column 7,

web, Filing #, Co Name, Street , City, State, Date

All my data is compiled under Column 1 and column 3 but hey I am very happy to get this far!


here's my data I entered not fully understanding Item Index Numbers or why

Item Index 0 = Column1 = selected index 1

Item Index 1 = Column2 = selected index 1

Item Index 2 = Column3 = selected index 1

Item Index 1 = Column4 = selected index 1

Item Index 2 = Column5 = selected index 1

Item Index 3 = Column6 = selected index 1

Item Index 0 = Column7 = selected index 1


Any help would be gratefully appreciated.



2017/03/01 21:28:58
Hi please send your module to us; we will test it on our side. Also please tell us the value you input to let the module to run.

2017/03/02 14:16:06

ok, I have a better understanding of why I got messed up. I was using the same names for different values. (see pic)

I had to set ITEM SEEK CONDITION to what WAS in Common and WHAT is NOT in Common because the field names were all the same. Bad coding or good coding depending on how you look at it. Then it worked

Also where is the variable manager MY TABLE? Cant find it.

2017/03/02 14:24:51
2017/03/06 13:17:19
Please use this action Variable Operate (Table) to manage the table variable.
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Advanced Option