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Problems that i encounter with suggestions.

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Below I have enlisted some suggestions and problems that i encounter. These suggestions are basic one in my thinking. Hope developer will consider them on future updates.

1) Display content of table to a richtextbox on custom form

2) In variable operation for append string there should bespecial character for new line. As in delimiter there is (\n) for new line.

3) In file operation action set addition of new action forsave to file. It should work like save as button on MS word. User can browse tofolder and input file name to save to.

4) Save a table variable to txt file as well not only to csvfile. Support for custom extension of file will be added bonus. I want to savesettings to .inf file not to txt or csv.

5) A variable that can be used both on form and module. Itis additional features but passing of variable to websubmit module is buggy. Ihave already pointed out the bug to your team.

6) New keystroke and hidden browser bug in custom form.

7) Direct variable action for copy values from one table toanother. I know this can be achieved by some harder way.

8) Possibility of usages of variable anywhere. Like if I wantto produce a line with many variable I can simply use {{variable1}} is greatfor {{variable2}}. The special word “{{variable}}” should always return variablevalue anywhere.

9) In a project with custom form there is no option forcopy/cut/paste. This only work on module. It looks it is intentionally disabledfor forms. But in writing codes there are many situation where I have to write largeamount of code again and again. Copying of entire function should also bepossible.

10) On compiling custom form application I can’t set iconfor exe. It is not working.

11) Get a row of table to a variable. Entire row to a variablenot only column wise. I know there is Get values from table but it gets valuescolumn wise.

12) Setting a Default value to a dropdown combo box. I can’tset default value. It should be auto selected while form start instead of blank.

13) Improvement on captcha solver on custom form compiledprojects.

14) Possibility to set custom width and height of debugwindows.

2016/08/12 00:07:09
Very thanks for your suggestion, and also very thanks for you to take time to write this. We will check them one by one, also if it is a bug, we will fix it, and for the new function suggestion, we will take it into consideration. Thanks again.
2016/08/19 00:20:57
I can't find anything included in new update.
2016/08/19 03:48:59
We just added it into our work list, and also we will take it into consideration. Recently we are mainly fixing some bug. Sorry for the inconvenience.
2016/08/23 04:05:27
Hello, please give us an example for all the bugs you submit, we cannot simulation it, very thanks for your help.
2016/10/23 23:21:44
@ digall very sorry that, there is no direct method to get the row of table to a new table, but you can do it like the below step shows.
Solution for the question 11:
Get one row of table, and then save it to a string variable. And then add a new row to the table.
2017/03/01 19:39:30


I m facing the same issue without finding any solution.

I have variable A,B,C and D

With the append function have added A and B to C

I need to use delimiter on D with the split string = C

Is there any way to relaize it?

2017/03/01 21:30:31
The Split string can't use a variable now, we will update this action in further version.
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