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Stored Variable Table "Scraped Content" Location?

ReplyThanks 2017/03/06 00:09:26 0 0

Can someone help me find my data location that I just scraped?

Also it would be great if someone made a PDF HELP book showing what each control does.

2017/03/06 06:25:20

I just scraped a few hours of data then BotChief crashed. Again, no Variables and can't find my data that I scraped.


2017/03/06 11:43:05

The scraped out data is saved to the variable you create, check thescreenshot:

If you want to save the data to your local file, you can use the Write file action to save the variable's value to your local file. If you just want to see the data you scraped, you can use the Show variable action to view them.

Manual of Botchief: http://developer.botchief.com/actions/botchief_actions.html

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