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Program disappeared!

ReplyThanks 2017/03/05 05:35:41 0 0
I was working on my program I spent a lot of time on, and now I can't find the .dat file.
I tried restoring the old folder and updating but I can't find it anywhere!
Do you know how I can recover it?
2017/03/05 23:31:40
C:\Program Files (x86)\WhiteHatBox\AppFile\129\Projects
2017/03/06 00:55:06
I've checked that location, I also checked the ..\backup\129\projects folder. I did an entire system search and all of my drives / devices. The file isn't on my system. I didn't delete it. I'm really sure it was botchief. If there is a possible way to resotere the files I would love that, alternatively if the makers of botchief could make sure it doesn't happen again that would be better.
2017/03/06 11:50:54
The created module will be saved to this path: C:\Program Files (x86)\WhiteHatBox\AppFile\129\Projects

If you want to save your module to another file, you can export your module. Or click this Open button to copy your module to another file too.

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