Baller20 2015/03/23 08:46:08 0 0
Hey,I wanna know how the Upload File action works.I have tested it and trying add new photo in my website but the Select File -part is pretty weird :DI think that, "Upload File Path" -part is the tricky one. I have put in variable the path where is the picture and upload it then, but it doesn't upload it.Do I need upload the picture with Manual ?I appreciate every reply! Thank you!
akeshari 2015/03/23 09:25:23 0 0
Doesn't multi thread feature allows the bot to work simultaneously?When i try using 2 threads, my bot fetches the data and starts working in one window, then, Waits for me to click on the other window, only then it works on the other window.Simply put, it makes me choose which window to work on every time, AND, it's not able to work on its own simultaneously.I saw in the video that you uploaded that it works fine. May be then, I wonder ,is...
apaulo 2014/03/19 09:21:18 0 0
Im new to bot chief and was wondering if there is a tutorial repository available for getting started. I just want to create some simple traffic tasks where BotChief googles my keyword, visits and explores  my site then repeat for list of domains.
Baller20 2015/03/23 05:16:00 0 0
Hey,I use often that Wait(loop) action, and it's pretty awesome.But I have wondering this :Can I make it doing the action like 5 or 10 or 11 or 2 times ?At this time it doing wait (loop) forever or onetime, so how I can decide how many times bot doing that Wait(loop) action ?
akeshari 2015/03/20 22:07:15 0 0
The error message is in CHINESE so can't even say what the error is. I had been using it on my mac ona virtual machine, worked fine. But it won't work on Windows, Please don't say I am supposed to register with a different email id because I already did.Thanks
Whitehatravi 2015/03/21 09:38:31 0 0
Hi the seeded email bots like hotmail etc fails. After following the bot, I realised that the username is the culprit. It seems that the username is already in use. This has become practically useless. It just eats up all the captcha money and proxy .. Yet, the account does not get created.Can you pls make atleast this one editable by the user, so that we can provide a file from where the bot can pick the user name? Ideally you should allow for all the...
daveyjones 2015/03/21 03:07:13 0 0
Built in help (For each module on it's panel you could have a link that showed some basic info for that control etc)Delayed Type Text (Simulate Human typing speeds)Check Internet Connection Pause/Play ControlPHP Scripting (Would be amazing)RSS/Atom Feed ProcessingImage Recognition (Like Sikuli)Spin TextURL Shorten (Bit.ly...
akeshari 2015/03/17 12:18:23 0 0
I realise that it makes the program halt for the duration the page takes to load, but can't I just use sleep and just be fine?Also, if I use page load, how do I use the select control feature in the page?
akeshari 2015/03/19 21:10:40 0 0
Can someone please post a detailed instruction of how a page load function is used?I mostly want to know about the select control function in the page load.Let's ROCK!
smartalex4 2015/03/16 12:34:45 0 0
Is it possible to create a bot that can do the following:- Visit Facebook links from an RSS Feed...
akeshari 2015/03/12 19:49:03 0 0
my botchief is supposed to 1. Sign Up(Page 1)                                        2. Go to the page(say,page 2) that loads after it's signed up (it's                       ...
Baller20 2015/02/26 04:38:44 0 0
Heyy!!I need bot like this :1) Click specific links with scraper (this works like a charm)2) Sometimes when pop-up a message, MUST skip that one and keep movingMy bot works well as long as above pop-up message doesn't pop...So far my bot do this :1) Click links as long as above message comes...2) close the message3) Click AGAIN a same link where just comes up the message....
akeshari 2015/03/14 16:31:59 0 0
Is it or ?...
akeshari 2015/03/13 21:08:37 0 0
My bot lands to a page which happens to have no html controls, but its still supposed to click on the to edges(right and left) to navigate to the previous and the next pages.May be, key press emulation(if there is that option) [pressing right and left arrows could work] but i don''t know how to use it.Has anyone stumbled on such an issue, please help a bro out.I am stuck.
Sady 2015/03/01 18:33:24 0 0
I created a string variable that was suppose to go through a list of emails, but when I ran the bot it kept putting in the same email over and over again.  I check-marked the "delete data after use one time" but it did not work.  I also tried it using the table variable but the same thing happened.   Any suggestions?
Yuki 2015/02/24 19:41:47 0 0
I bought the bot with elite user version but it wont work it said invalite code pls help.24/02/2015
nittonotes 2015/02/21 11:24:09 0 0
Hey guy, I'm having a little trouble here updating my software. I purchased the user pro version, but it seems since I selected the auto log-in when using your free version that I have made it impossible to update the serial number. What can I do to input the new serial number?
Baller20 2015/02/17 06:48:06 0 0
So, I downloaded WhiteHatBox and then downloaded BotChiefEditor & BotChiefRunner, but when I'm launching them my Norton virus scan pop-up a message like : "High risk! etc etc" and recommends me restart my computer...So, are there some risks or do I need just shut down my Norton virus scan and run your bots without it ?
TheMan 2015/02/17 19:54:22 0 0
Can the browser have variable option  That will be great
TheMan 2015/02/17 19:45:44 0 0
Such javascript, c#, and cmd. I try adding some code it was giving me errors!. Thanks!
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