sgallasch 2015/04/19 03:31:49 0 0
Hi guys i think i would love this software but i have not a clue how to get started. Is it possible someone could point me in the right direction as the videos on here are for the old version and it does not make sence on the new free version trial. Thanks in advance.
akeshari 2015/04/19 00:56:46 0 0
hey John, thanks for solving the multiple thread issue.But there's a bug with the fix. I presume , you've added some kind of switcher whcih switches between multiple open windows to change the focus . But, its not efficient enough. Most of the times, it randomly starts switching windows and everything is messed up. I wanted the multiple thread to work on different windows at a time but not at the cost of efficiency....
Develko 2015/04/18 12:52:44 0 0
Hello.I've created a bot that makes Yahoo E-mail accounts .Yesterday i made 10 just to make sure it works and went to sleep.Today i woke up and i got a message "Sorry ,Unable to process your request - Error 999" .Can you give me any advce ?
TurboGolom 2015/04/16 16:16:20 0 0
Hello.I know there are 4 Videos or something like that with some explaining about some Functions of the Bot but thats just the simple things. Are there any other Guides/Tutorials/Videos where i can learn all the advanced things like recieving mails, using extern programs, including c# codes etc all that is missing with any explanation about the reqiered fields etc. would be nice if someone can show me some videos or some simple scripts where i can learn the things i...
akeshari 2015/04/12 01:30:05 0 0
The old version worked fine with the user agent set funtion  but the update doesn't. Please get this fixed asap.
Xion 2015/04/05 01:36:07 0 0
I don't know anything about scripts or coding (working on it), & I was wondering if there's either a place to download free scripts or could someone tell me what code scripts are written in?(I'm assuming it's code.)
Baller20 2015/04/08 04:05:30 0 0
Hey,I just noticed that when bot upload file, the row index is always "random" and I can't change that, why so ?
akeshari 2015/04/07 19:24:03 1 0
I clicked run as administrator as usual and this is what error i get. I even tried running it on a number of computers. The case is same. Please fix the bug, John.
TurboGolom 2015/04/06 14:08:42 0 0
Hello guys and hello Team.i started using your great tool some hours ago and have some Questions about your functions and generel stuff. i got some knowledge with this automation programs, i used the tool with z......so 1 Question: when is the next Update coming and what does it contain ?2: will there ever be an script recorder like: press record open site fill site and bot will record every step?3 Is it possible so far to use a...
akeshari 2015/04/07 19:26:52 0 0
John made me buy the elite developer version saying that the multiple threads is not working because I had the free version. The problem hasn't been resloved even with the paid version. Someone from WhiteHatBox, please reply.I really need your help.
akeshari 2015/04/02 20:11:51 0 0
PLEASE HELP.No matter what i do, the multiple thread feauture of the botchief runner is not working. I even tried running the system bots that's already provided(yahoo account creator). It doesn't even work on thatPlease tell me if I am missing something. Getting this issue fixed will be a great relief. ThanksLet's ROCK
x2102465 2015/03/31 01:31:03 0 0
I just did a fresh install of whitehatbox and botchiefeditor. I am getting this "error browser files are not correct"Any ideas on how to correct?Thank you.
johndashing 2015/03/29 13:40:57 0 0
Very simple bot; I cant figure out how to do it myself.1. Find random proxy (i will buy 30 to be randomly selected2. Open Google3. Type in random Keyword phrase (there are 15 to choose from)4. Search5. Click on First Url and wait6.Then repeat steps 2-5 but with another random Keyword phrase from the 15but, i need to be told where to put the keywords and how to set the...
akeshari 2015/03/27 01:19:03 0 0
Is there anyway to change the default browser from Firefox to Chrome.?Its crucial , please help.Let's ROCK.
djgbshows 2014/11/29 19:10:07 0 0
i am still waiting for some answers. At this point i literally have no idea what to do, you have no videos, topics, or bugs covering this issue. You told me to research my problem as i did but still could not find any answers.When i use bot editor to test run it works fine but soon as i run it in the debug nothing loads correctly, there must be some sort of glitch going on cause like i said it was working the other day but now i get...
Baller20 2015/03/23 08:46:08 0 0
Hey,I wanna know how the Upload File action works.I have tested it and trying add new photo in my website but the Select File -part is pretty weird :DI think that, "Upload File Path" -part is the tricky one. I have put in variable the path where is the picture and upload it then, but it doesn't upload it.Do I need upload the picture with Manual ?I appreciate every reply! Thank you!
akeshari 2015/03/23 09:25:23 0 0
Doesn't multi thread feature allows the bot to work simultaneously?When i try using 2 threads, my bot fetches the data and starts working in one window, then, Waits for me to click on the other window, only then it works on the other window.Simply put, it makes me choose which window to work on every time, AND, it's not able to work on its own simultaneously.I saw in the video that you uploaded that it works fine. May be then, I wonder ,is...
apaulo 2014/03/19 09:21:18 0 0
Im new to bot chief and was wondering if there is a tutorial repository available for getting started. I just want to create some simple traffic tasks where BotChief googles my keyword, visits and explores  my site then repeat for list of domains.
Baller20 2015/03/23 05:16:00 1 0
Hey,I use often that Wait(loop) action, and it's pretty awesome.But I have wondering this :Can I make it doing the action like 5 or 10 or 11 or 2 times ?At this time it doing wait (loop) forever or onetime, so how I can decide how many times bot doing that Wait(loop) action ?
akeshari 2015/03/20 22:07:15 0 0
The error message is in CHINESE so can't even say what the error is. I had been using it on my mac ona virtual machine, worked fine. But it won't work on Windows, Please don't say I am supposed to register with a different email id because I already did.Thanks
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