Briankong21 2014/09/02 03:52:00 0 0
Oh my stupid brain ...
George1 2014/08/30 09:44:27 0 0
Hi - I'm trying to upload various videos to a video site and I want to upload a set number of these videos to an account and then change to a new account. All the data (Title, Description, etc) is held in a CSV file - i.e. 1 row for each video.Can you please tell me how I ask BotChief to loop through the videos?Also, is it possible to get BotChief to run a CMD command?Thanks. 
Sain 2014/08/27 18:03:21 0 0
Can some one post here working project file with multi treat, ability to change proxy from file for every treat, different login and password for every treat etc...? Previously I wright multi treat bots in Ubot, but I can't understand logic of treat working in BotChief. Thank's
kernjoseph 2014/08/25 10:15:09 0 0
I,ve been playing with this baby for week now and before buying i want to master it .Today i've encountered a issues on webs signup when i want to check the terms and conditions box it says success but in reality it doesn't check it.I've tried focusing first then clicking, mouse emulation with sleep time,focusing and enter. Could you please help me ?By the way this is a great software and i hope to see it updated
xiojin 2014/08/19 07:26:20 0 0
Hi, I have some questions.1. How to set/import a CSV File once as default to some/multipleTasks I checked to run? So I don't need to import one-by-one for each Task.2. From Control Operate with event Click, when a form has been submitted, can the task auto finished only after the confirm page fully loaded? So I we don't need Sleep x second to estimate the confirm page to be prepared to scrape action OR to keep the task doesn't stop before the confirm...
Sain 2014/08/23 08:30:23 0 0
Hi. I need to clear cookies on every LoadURL action. Any way to do this?
Sain 2014/08/23 11:23:12 0 0
After playing with BotChief for some time I can't find any way to use different user agent for different LoadURL action. I need to simulate different users, so I need bind proxy, user agent, login and password. As I see, user agent can be one for project, but there is no way to make it different inside 1 project (use different user agent for LoadURL)...
Sain 2014/08/23 07:17:53 0 0
Hi. I tried to make simple software, that login to site and make some action. I made file with logins and with passwords. In Editor I add ReadFile action and use option "read all lines in the file into the table variable", select path to file and save info into column in table type variable with option "clear up the table and add all line into the table". Then I add action SetValue, choose my variable, column name and may choose only 2 types of RowIndex - 0 and Random. I need, that row selected ...
chel 2014/07/08 16:10:07 0 0
Could you please add pop3 enabling and spam filter setting into yahoo account creator, please?
rajeshdungrani 2014/08/07 06:46:08 0 0
Hi,I am not able to create tagged account. Auto filling of One field "I am here for" is missing in your bot....
Cedric55555 2014/08/01 09:25:10 0 0
Hello,i want to buy your Elite service for weeks now but I got no support so please answer me. I need automated email account creation for gmx.de, web.de, yahoo.de, aol.de and if it works, also for gmail and hotmail. My question is if this can be included in your service this week so I can get my hands on no later than next week. I want to add that I tried to create a gmx.de email account creator by myself but when you navigate to the registration page the integrated browser shows...
Cedric55555 2014/07/26 11:37:51 0 0
Hello,I created a yahoo account creator and I was already finished but I don't get used to import Names from my .txt files. Everytime I trie to import the Names from the .txt files and start the Bot the Bot fills all imported names in one line. Could you help me fast via Team Viewer? I would like to buy Elite BotChief but I want to try it before so please help me I tryed it the last hours.
mist717 2014/06/16 08:38:55 0 0
Hey can you add a schedule to botcheif. A way to start to auto start when computer will be good too.
mist717 2014/06/10 00:46:13 0 0
Hey the "delimiter" option of the "Variable process" is not saving. I set index to 1 and it will go back to 0, no matter what number I choose to save as the index, it will go back to 0. Please fix, Thank you
mist717 2014/06/08 19:46:49 0 0
update was good, the double variable can be equal now, facebook has no problems, but the "get the values of other variables" option in Variable Process is not working.
mist717 2014/05/30 11:23:42 0 0
No element can be find on anything on m.facebook.com such as links, submit, and even typing in textboxes. Any help. Thanks!
mist717 2014/06/06 12:54:18 0 0
The double variable are not equal to each other, even when they are the same number
mist717 2014/06/08 13:51:10 0 0
A response to error. Every time my bot get errors, it close, it will be good if it had an option of what to do other than shutting down. Sometimes I want the bot to finish even when having an error
mist717 2014/06/01 12:19:14 0 0
Is there a way to get all the matching regex into one variable instead of doing one index at a time.
WhiteHatBox 2014/03/19 13:59:47 0 0
If you want to use botchief to create some bots, and you don't know how to do that.You can just post what you want to do here, and we will try to make a video for you.Suggestion : if you post a need here, please follow this thread, then you will receive an email when there is an update.
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