Stephen 2015/08/16 15:49:14 0 0
I would like someone to create a bot for me. Its a simple bot. Email me if your interested. I will pay via paypal.  Stephensockstv@gmail.com
iiSushi 2015/08/09 17:45:49 0 0
There is a class on a game site that changes name depending on if you won or not.By default the html is <div class="clearfix status">When you win it's called <div class="clearfix status won">When you lose it's called <div class="clearfix status lost">I need to be able to have a scraper store the name in a variable so I can track each time I win and lose.When it...
NonameGenerator 2015/08/05 15:17:16 0 0
1. Browser Operation - Load Url - Action Settings...
NonameGenerator 2015/08/05 10:40:44 0 0
1. If I buy the Pro version ($ 97) and then want to upgrade to version Elite ($ 197), it would be to somehow take into account the difference in price? How much do I pay in the transition from version to version?2. When you run the module opens a window built-in browser. When you run a multithreaded (seen in the video) opens multiple browser windows. Is it possible to launch a module without opening a browser window? If not, whether such a...
TurboGolom 2015/08/02 16:44:37 0 0
Hello BC im using here and there your tool and to be honest several Times its just annyoing as hell that the bot cant find the tasks of Websites like Buttons etc. Allways i get on a Point where i cant continue my Script cause BC cant find the Buttons etc of websites.IM working on a Script where my Program should complete a Surcey but  BC cant find the Buttons of the Survey or even if i do it manual he cant find fields etc at the Survey....
Justin 2015/07/22 15:32:12 1 0
I need one that can automatically make a Kongregate.com account and automatically post on that forum with what I want to say. But I keep running into errors such as "selection not found" when trying to sign the new acc. up. Please help and its really simple I think because the site requires no captcha and email verification so if someone could help me I'd be so grateful.
Dragonknight 2015/08/04 08:19:06 0 0
By recognize images I mean eg. there are 5 images on 4 are dogs on 1 is cat and bot needs to recognize cat and click on it so we cant simply create click command because every time page is opened images change different looking 4 dogs and 1 cat. Is there any way to achieve that?Color recognition bot will click specific color. 
Stephen 2015/08/03 20:36:46 0 0
In this program can you create a spread sheet with emails and passwords that can be used in a bot to log in and log out of a program on your computer with those emails and passwords? Also can you create a bot that will create an account using emails and passwords from a spreadsheet?
Crazykarma 2015/08/01 14:45:53 0 0
Hello,I just installed Whitehatbox on my windows 7 and run it with admin rights and this message popup that says: please helpDescription:  Stopped workingProblem signature:  Problem Event Name:CLR20r3  Problem Signature 01:whitehatbox.exe  Problem Signature 02:  Problem Signature 03:5474b5e6  Problem Signature 04:...
daggercan 2015/07/30 18:01:02 0 0
Hi (? must say my english is not good :/ ) I need help.Example ? want write script for google search and ? want default values in turn(in order) like one thread -a- another -b- another -c- like 1,2,3 not random like c,d,e,a,b (i said for every other SINGLE thread) but i cant do this, which processing way which row index so how can ? do this ? ...
daggercan 2015/07/27 21:27:46 0 0
Its my problem.. in this script opens new tab pop-up and getting error like this and bc stop, I must click manually for pass new task what can i do ?
marcofgn 2015/07/22 10:56:04 0 0
hi, just bought the dev version and would like to connect the bot to a MSSQL database. How do I do it?regardsMarco
Baller20 2015/06/12 05:20:05 0 0
Hello,If I got 25 proxies, and each proxy have 2 accounts where to log in. What is smartest way to make that happen ? I have tried a lot of "IF" statements but I haven't find a way yet.One way is make 25 different if statements and always when proxy equals to one of variable then log in specific account....
darren 2015/07/23 02:48:00 0 0
how long does it take to get the code for the sofeware after I've paid for the Developer
Bigrob 2015/05/16 18:31:28 0 0
Hi, is there any documentation of the system? The videos are interesting and well done, but seem to be against a version several iterations ago, and I cannot even duplicate the actions, much less perform the functions I want. It seems like there is a lot of power in the tool, but I'm not even sure where to start to learn it, since the videos no longer match the software, and I'm not aware of any documentation. Thanks.
Sain 2014/08/29 08:32:22 1 0
I decided to create some projects in BotChief, so I will have many questions about this platform options. To not create new topics for every question, I created this 1 topic. So, I will publish all my questions in this 1 topic. 
Stephen 2015/07/14 21:08:09 1 0
I am looking into buying BotChief but I dont know if I will be able to do what I want to do. So here is my question, will I be able to create a bot that will log in to a website with a lot of accounts then log out and just do that over and over again? Thanks!
cmg777 2015/07/11 09:05:45 1 0
I recently purchased the elite version of BotChief. All I would like to do is go to a web page and click a button/icon and refresh the page and loop a repeat. How would I go about doing this? Additionally, I have one more question so when I purchase the elite program it is only one key to one PC or could I possibly add it to maybe say 2 more PCs I have around the house? If not then one is fine I understand don't want my...
lucasglijander 2015/07/09 06:52:07 1 0
Is there any way to reuse a module in another?Is the "Quote" functionality for that?I tried to use the "Quote" action but Botchief crashes.Thanks in advance
dave1dave1 2015/07/03 13:38:26 1 0
So as the title suggests is how I can make a bot in the new update as the videos are all for the old one. I am totally new to this and would like some real help
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