pasie15 2018/03/31 01:27:40 0 0
Hi whenever I try to run a module in a new window, I get an unknown error and the debug window shows for a split second and goes away. Any Help?Generates the error 'location: 0 Reason : failed reason:...
onlygrace 2019/08/09 11:22:46 0 0
1. on the latest version, Control Operate 'click' does not work when running the debug. ex: when you fill in username and password wordpress, then when the program want to click login, it is failed.However if I try to run only that command (click command), it is work. 2. when I try to switch browser to gecko 33 or 45. Error window popped up, saying dll file not found, run program with administrator right. Then I have to switch...
Gabriel Carnielli 2019/08/03 03:54:49 0 0
Anyone facing the same problem?
baby2i 2019/06/03 09:17:50 0 0
Can not Open BotchiefEditor, Fix it Now!!!!!!!!!
notanotherseocompany 2019/07/25 05:03:46 0 0
Hi, I need someone who knows there way around BotChief to help teach me how to use it and to set up website click throughs on trafficbot pro for about 20-30 different websites. I need someone who will work with me during US MST hours 9-5 I am willing to negotiate pay.ThanksGina
212nycowboy 2017/02/10 02:39:58 0 0
What exactly is the public proxy setting in botcheif runner? Does editor have access to a large list of proxies? I pay for them now but if public work then i'm happy with free.Thanks
TurboGolom 2019/07/13 18:54:37 0 0
Hello Folks,1aso im working here and there on a simple website visit script which should take randomly a website and click on it.the script itself works fine and now i try to create a very simple GUI with an Start button (to obviously start the script) 1 textfield where the User can enter the amount of Runs how often the script should be used and 1 field how often each site got clicked..i allready took a look at...
Karmagedon 2019/07/16 18:26:31 0 0
onlygrace 2019/07/12 19:11:16 0 0
I am a user with a pro account. In the old version of botchief, the menu to add mouse and keyboard emulation are not locked. But the recent version locks these menus for pro user, only elite and developer user can access these functions.Nowadays, I've found a few and more sites which cannot click element with standard "control operate" function.Can you put back the ability to use mouse and keyboard emulation for pro user ?I...
Karmagedon 2019/01/04 07:24:46 1 0
1. Could you explain the parameters of the action and how to use them.2. Is it a resolution emulation or is it a physical window resolution of Debug Window....
lorand 2019/06/25 23:31:30 0 0
I wanna scrape some product info, but i don't know how to download the thumb image from: https://www.sigemo.ro/anvelope/anvelope-turisme/Anvelopa-all-seasons-175-65-15-Nexen-N-Priz-4S-84T?mfp=17-profil[all%20seasons]Later to upload it to a wordpress website.Thanks!
Karmagedon 2019/06/13 20:18:58 0 0
Hey. It seems I already wrote about something like that.I have not found a single way how to change the value in a particular cell (for example, a cell in the 3rd column of the 7th row).I have not found anything suitable.Action Variable Operate ...
Karmagedon 2019/06/07 23:13:04 0 0
Hey. In this command, you can specify a variable to set the screen resolution. But there is a problem. If you select a variable, save the changes, and then view the command again, the settings are simply not saved....
Karmagedon 2017/07/24 04:18:06 1 0
There are situations when you need to use mailboxes from different services, for example, when registering accounts. This module shows how to solve this problem.You can use it as a template to create your own modules.I added comments to variables and actions, where necessary....
RumenGeorgieff 2019/06/05 16:21:41 0 0
Hello, I have an idea and I wonder if it can happen. I'm a webdesigner, and when I make a new site for a client, the indexed Google links from the old site should be redirected to the links from the new site so they will not break. Sometimes it's about thousands of links and it's a lot of work to do if it's done by hand. Can you create a bot that crawls old links and creates redirects to new ones in .txt file. I give the following example: We have a product named "White Winter Hat" with...
Karmagedon 2019/03/27 18:14:16 0 0
integer variables are not passed in parameters...
Stoffl1a 2019/05/21 16:26:02 0 0
Hi guys,I would need someone who can finish my started bot. It is about login into my account (already done), check unread emails (already done) and open link of email. Afterwards close account (already done). One extra option would be that the bot would choose accounts randomly but open all once a day. I would provide my started bot and you finish it. What would this cost?
lorand 2019/05/06 16:56:46 0 0
I made a pinterest scrapper that stopped working, then i changed to GeckoFx 45. Now woun't load again, after i log nothing works. The only solution to make it work is to change to mobile user agent but i can't scrape any data that's interest me. 
lorand 2019/05/10 08:24:37 0 0
I compiled my bot and using it on my server.I'm using the runner from compiled files, i'm using 4 thread. First time work all 4 but when the next day starts just one thread is working, why don't start all 4? I'm using run forever in settings
lorand 2019/05/02 17:15:35 0 0
I want to detect redirect with cmd but i dontget any value back.CMD curl -i http://xxx.com not returning value. Thested other command and worked. In cmd.exe is working.
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