Dark_1 2019/10/21 06:34:05 0 0
I can use the seek item, but when I hit find regardless of the element within gmail or gsuite it cannot locate the item. In Chrome I am able to use XPATH and find it, but when i try xpath within botchief this still doesn't work. Any Ideas? I cannot do multi level items because I cannot even get the first to detect. No matter what i do, xpath, class, div, text, regex, etc
Nam Sơn 2019/10/10 17:02:59 0 0
I have a input field, i want send key random string. How can do it?
cyberi 2017/07/27 22:19:23 0 0
I'm getting this error when I try to run my bot in botrunnerhttps://prnt.sc/g103cvHow to fix it? I tried to delete and reinstall still same error
TurboGolom 2019/09/30 05:45:12 0 0
Hello Guys,Im a long Time User of Botchief but discontinued many of my Projects because Botchief allways annoyed me somehow. Was it cause of missing or not correct working functions, broken patches which fucked up some things, the missing Tutorials or the complicated GUI with his functionality.Now some time has passed and i wanna give Botchief a new chance but before im starting with brainstorming and working on things which arent working later and wasting a...
Karmagedon 2019/09/30 00:40:01 0 0
Today I wanted to test one of my modules, I found that it does not work.I will show this with an example of a simple test script.When the command Load Url is executed, the editor freezes, and a window appears in the lower corner....
Karmagedon 2019/09/12 19:27:51 0 0
I suggest this. Add the ability to save multiple Layouts. That they were in this drop-down menu. So it will be possible to make several Layouts for convenience, depending on the task at hand - development, testing, and so on....
vickymcfadden 2019/09/13 19:06:52 0 0
Does this work for connecting a lot of instagram pages to eachother to interact?Like, comment ect.
Nasheeb Dangi 2019/09/08 19:27:38 0 0
    Hello I just tried to install PVA creator but i got dll error. I figured it out it was due to XUL runner files and when i tried to download they were outdated links. so can u please send me link to download the necessary XULRUNNER files for PVACreator?Thanks
Karmagedon 2019/09/01 22:38:38 0 0
Karmagedon 2019/07/15 21:51:05 0 0
After the release of the update, neither the old version nor the new version is launched!Guys, developers, what the hell are you doing?...
Karmagedon 2019/08/30 08:05:57 0 0
How to change proxies during module execution if I use the engine Chrome?
Karmagedon 2019/09/01 22:22:30 0 0
This is sometimes necessary when the title are all the same and the content is different....
sajisaji 2017/10/16 23:43:05 0 0
hello everyonei have an issue with making a bot for textnow websiteit has 2 captcha verification, in the first one its okey and i handle it with 2captcha plugin...
goodboxing 2019/08/20 09:15:14 0 0
I launch BotChief Runner. It verifies my license, attempts to load, and generates this error:"Getting update information failed failed! Exception message (2). The remote server returned an error: (53) Server Unavailable."Please assist!
winter400 2019/08/12 23:05:20 0 0
Hello,I'm trying bot auto signup wordpress.com. But can't load site when input infomation! Error in Step 2https://wordpress.com/start/site-typehttps://wordpress.com/start/site-topic-with-preview...
Karmagedon 2019/08/12 17:57:22 0 0
When I run the compiled module, sometimes I get such a message...
weallscrape 2019/08/09 19:28:51 0 0
This works fine for something like this:document.getElementById("name").value = "John Smith"But what if I want to set the value of the object to the value of a variable, instead of the hard-coded string "John Smith"?
jbdteam 2019/08/13 09:23:26 0 0
Hello,Is it possible to compile project so it can be used as a chrome extension? This would help a lot in working with existing sessions and cut time in having to create an automated process for just logging and cause 2 step triggers.Thanks
Hamed420 2019/07/28 21:47:46 0 0
Hi everyone,I want to rent a house but to do that I need to click on the house at the website as first person, but there are so many people clicking at the same time so i need a program which click automatically for me, do you think botchief does do it for me?
pasie15 2018/03/31 01:27:40 0 0
Hi whenever I try to run a module in a new window, I get an unknown error and the debug window shows for a split second and goes away. Any Help?Generates the error 'location: 0 Reason : failed reason:...
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