Raziel Ella 2019/11/08 18:11:58 0 0
hello, I am trying to open only module (with out the project), the problem is that module created from the project, anyone know how can I do that?
Karmagedon 2017/07/11 04:32:11 1 0
Here it is written that you need to use a lock for some actionshttp://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/bbspost?postid=4944#.WWPYaBXyjMwThese actions are listed:Upload File, Mouse Emulation(web), KeyStrokes Emulation, Flash Action, New CaptchaIs this all the action for which...
icemails 2019/02/19 05:18:10 0 0
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Raziel Ella 2019/11/07 18:36:10 0 0
Hello,I have 2 text files and I need to make a bot that will compare between this texts and find for me the similar words...any one know if there is tool that can do it for me in botchief?
ja1net 2019/11/01 10:39:19 0 0
helloi creat template to login to site with many accountbut i have probleme he choose username and password randomlyhe put password of another usercan i make it put value by order ?thak you
Dark_1 2019/10/21 04:54:31 0 0
I just bought this software last night and were not off to a good start. It's very slow, hangs and crashes so much. Anything I/You can do to fix this?
Karmagedon 2019/01/11 22:42:38 1 0
I bought it with the BotChief editor, right? Runner have built-in modules. But I have never used them. Because I do not know how....
Raziel Ella 2019/10/28 19:26:51 0 0
Hi,maybe its a stupid question, but is it possible to upload the compiled bot so it could run from a website? I have cloud that enable uploading application to it, but when I tried it it write "we didn't found html.index"....
Dare_odeneye 2017/08/10 00:19:58 0 0
Hi i am looking to make a bot with a calculator.Hi i have "Scraped" information from a sight into a variable table. this scrapped information are numbersdoes anyone know how to make a bot that takes the numbers from the variable table and put them into a calculatorThank you
Raziel Ella 2019/10/25 18:19:07 0 0
Hello, I am trying to use the 2captcha function as you are show in the video but it doesn't works.......
Karmagedon 2019/01/13 17:37:04 1 0
Raziel Ella 2019/10/20 02:16:06 0 0
Hello,I finished the module and now trying to build the form, the problem is that in the form the user will be ask to enter 3 values in text boxes and I didn't understand how to connect the form variable to module variables so the bot could use this variable (connecting to the module).please help me... I attacked image of the form: ...
Dark_1 2019/10/21 06:07:51 0 0
I am curious if i can make my bots in botchief and use another language to launch the tasks rather then using ui that comes with botchief? For instance i make a bot that signs into a website and does a task. Export it so when the exe is launched it opens and does the task. This way i can write some more logic and ui in say java? I dont need to pass values because i can use mysql or a csv to load values on launch. Is this possible?
lorand 2019/10/12 06:14:08 0 0
I get 2 errors, when i open the editor:****************************异常文本****************************【出现时间】:10/12/2019 1:09:01 AM【异常类型】:NullReferenceException【异常信息】:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.【堆栈调用】:   at BotChiefEditorb.?(Object A_0, EventArgs A_1)   at System.Windows.Forms.Timer.OnTick(EventArgs e)   at System.Windows.Forms.Timer.TimerNativeWindow....
Dark_1 2019/10/20 12:01:06 0 0
Clear Cookies action does not work. It says successful but it does not clear cookies!
Dark_1 2019/10/21 23:44:18 0 0
i am compiling a module into the default GUI. It's been going for 10 mins. Is it normal to sit on Modifiying information of botchiefdebug.exe for that long?
Dark_1 2019/10/21 05:52:54 0 0
I am trying to use quote and believe i am using it correctly. I made a module, which from another module i use quote and call a external module? Im writing a simple bot that logs in, then saves the cookies for use next time. The login and load cookies is in one module, in the other is a module that checks to see if a page verify its you pops up. Which i qant to use quote from the first module after cookies have been loaded to check if the verify page has pulled up. If it has it needs to...
Karmagedon 2019/10/05 22:06:10 0 0
Good afternoon. The BotChief now does not support the solution of ReCaptcha third version.I ask developers to add this feature.As well as a demo module for working with it.For the demo module, I suggest using this site.I saw this problem on the site beatstars.com - it fully uses the functions of the new captcha and does not allow to complete the registration.When you try to register, the site returns such an error.I hope for the soon appearance of a new plugin and demo module.
Raziel Ella 2019/10/22 05:03:14 0 0
Hello,I'm trying to connect 3 numbers to one number with JS code,somehow the software decided to recognize only 2 from the 3 variables,  I really don't know why....you can see by your self, all the variables are the same and still it doesn't work...I need help......
Dark_1 2019/10/20 11:56:19 0 0
I am running on a high end pc but still very laggy and slow. Are there any min specs for botchief? Id also,like to know so that when i start exporting my bots i can run on a big windows server with atleast 100 threads? Will this be possible? 24 physical core 64 gb of ram.
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