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robotxt 2016/04/09 03:10:35 0 0
Hi!Will be nice to keep on updating the change log thread, or if there is another place where this is been updated i would like to know :)Many thanks!
user_1234 2016/08/24 02:25:36 0 0
It would be nice to have a easy way / function to quickly get a time / date from a specific time zone.Could you add this or give me a sample code to use the c# or java code action?
Karmagedon 2015/08/22 13:04:39 0 0
The ability to block sound. Some pages may be reproduced sound and he plays on the computer from the speakers.
user_1234 2016/05/20 16:10:56 0 0
Could you add support for copy / pasting of functions in one module to another module? I would like to copy parts of one module to add to another. I would also like to copy control variables to use many times in different modules.
user_1234 2017/03/24 00:54:31 0 0
Hi, I've had a couple issues running my programs, and it would be really helpful to look at the "Task Log" history while in the Botchief editor, not just runner.Thanks, have a good day!
digall 2016/08/10 10:42:09 1 0
Below I have enlisted some suggestions and problems that i encounter. These suggestions are basic one in my thinking. Hope developer will consider them on future updates.1) Display content of table to a richtextbox on custom form2) In variable operation for append string there should bespecial character for new line. As in delimiter there is (\n) for new line.3) In file operation...
Howski 2017/01/02 22:04:38 0 0
In using BotChief developer and I have noted that it is a nice editor, and there a action that can greatly improve efficiency of debugging scripts, I would like to automatically move to the next instruction after running a step. This would reduce the process of manual debugging to one mouse click per step and without a mouse move or extra clicks. I am sure that when you think about it that this will improve productivity for developer by being able to focus only on the debug window and avoid losi...
winter400 2016/11/29 17:49:02 0 0
Hello,I'm trying make real time task log for custom form. Same default form Botchief. Any have video tutorials?...
mpspringer 2016/10/13 13:44:51 0 0
Need Additional Browser Settings To Reduce Footprint1. Browser Dimensions- screen height- screen width2. Checkout latest features of Zennoprojecthttp://zennolab.com/wiki/en:changelog[+]...
usmanamjad 2016/09/22 02:05:08 0 0
HI , I need your help to create google account creator Bot . Unable to find any latest version video and help me to create Google Bot ..  waiting ..
user_1234 2016/09/15 12:36:33 0 0
Could you add an action that does the following for a thread:- Empty All Variables- Delete all non-needed temp data.- Clean cookies- Loads blank page.In effect, it would replicate a new thread, without having to terminate and re-initialize a new one.I didn't program botchief so I don't know what is kept in the temp data for the thread/browser. If you could delete all...
user_1234 2016/09/12 21:35:02 0 0
Hi, I want to pitch a suggestion for the botchief runner.I have a program that needs to start and stop 10,000's of threads in several hours. With the current botchief runner it can take seconds for each thread to initialize and it takes a minimum of 1 second to start each one (Which is part of the settings).Can you add a feature for faster thread initialization so I can start 50+ threads in a couple of seconds. I have a powerful computer which can...
user_1234 2016/09/04 14:13:32 0 0
Can you add a modulus operator for double variables?Can you add a modulus operator for double variables? If not, could you give me the code to return the modulus of 2 variables with the C# or Javascript function?
Karmagedon 2016/06/08 06:36:02 0 0
Hey. Dimensions compiled module can be changed. Global settings are not changed in size and do not have scrollbars. Therefore, on machines with small screen resolution is not possible to change these settings.My suggestion - to change the size (for example, the global proxy settings) or add scrollbars....
Danksta 2016/05/18 16:05:16 0 0
I wanted to know whether this could be added?What i mean to say is the current cookie manager option allows to get/set cookies only for a specific site, which becomes a trouble since we aren't able to see cookies of what all websites are stored in botchief the first place.Basically what i wanted to do is just login in one instance, copy complete cookie data of all sites of it and set that cookie data in another instance so that it doesn't have to login again....
Karmagedon 2016/01/23 16:09:49 1 0
Hello. A friend of mine who works in the field of web technology and online security communicate with me about your program. He told me that the WebRTC function can cause problems - many sites to track users across it.Quote from one of the sites:"Browsers based on Chromium and Firefox support for WebRTC technology for audio and video chat right from your browser window. In addition...
mokote 2016/06/05 18:38:17 0 0
hello,when I run tests of my programs and get error, message box disappear after few seconds, can you implement any error log od show error message until I close it manually?regards
mokote 2016/06/02 07:42:01 0 0
Hello,could you add to keystrokes emulation "page down" and/or "end" page button in special keys?Regards
user_1234 2016/01/11 17:13:44 0 0
Hello, for future versions of BotChief could you add the following features:    - Mouse emulation: That goes from current position to selected position, instead of just move around in the same box.    - Keyboard emulation: have randomized times between keystrokes.If this is something you cannot do, can you let me know how to do it myself?
Danksta 2015/11/14 05:07:26 0 0
Here are some features i would want to get implemented in botchief :DFeatures-Socks support (Currently has only http proxy support) I needed this since, i have tons of socks procies but couldnt get a hold of http proxiesSupport for mathmatical operations in variable management like addition/sub/division/multiplication/ and logical like greater than/smaller thanComparing integers (As in < > <= >=) in 'If statement'...
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