ohans 2020/04/14 02:12:13 0 0
ohans 2020/04/14 02:03:28 0 0
hello can you tell me what's not right here? i have the latest version of google chrome.javascript is accepted and all extensions are disabled.javascript is accepted and all extensions are disabled.
baby2i 2020/04/05 18:36:14 0 0
Can not Run Module in Form When Update (This is My Test Module)... Please Check now!/editor/attached/file/20200405/20200405183603_4646.rar
santosh66 2020/04/01 22:22:47 0 0
When I compile a software using geckofx version 60 the software won't run, it doesn't even load the windows from but same one works when compiling with the geckofx version 45, what's worng?
Jose Ayllon 2020/03/30 20:08:06 0 0
Does anybody know if it is possible to create a bot which can buy sneakers in the releases automatically?
danny wayn 2020/03/17 22:03:29 0 0
Hi, can somebody help me with this???after compiling my modules or project, things are working great, but when I run the software, i'm getting this error >>>  File broken_9!please if you know how to fix this, i really need your help, please reply and help me out ...
kameo2k 2020/01/08 17:17:17 0 0
Got the new version of botchief ( and compiled my bots but now they are crashing by themselves after ~20 minutes with this error code:-1073741819. I check the debug log and it isn't showing an error nor is the bot showing an error when it craps out. It just stops...doesn't matter what command it is on at the time. What the hell is this error code? And why do botchief updates seem to break more than they fix >.>
nboater 2020/01/14 05:55:46 0 0
Hello I was wondering if Botchief can make a formula for a field, based on other fields? For instance, I'm trying to auto calculate a convenience fee, which is 2% of the sum of premium and membership. In this example, "Convenience Fee" should be $20.70 ( 2% of premium + membership). I would rather my CSRs not have to calculate this 2% fee manually on the website. Thanks pf...
Alexanderrdobek 2020/01/04 07:19:04 0 0
Is there a manual or PDF available for BotChief, one that goes through all of the functions and tools.
Simon Church 2019/12/30 06:03:05 0 0
Within TrafficBotPro Proxy settings there are three options, Transparent, Anonymous and HighAnonymous, where and how are this set within BotChief? I have the Set Proxy control working to my Proxy IP but I read somewhere else in the forum that if you are tryting to improve Google search rankings that HighAnonymous is required.Just to be clear, i am trying to set this in BotChief Editor and not TrafficBot Pro.....
Gabriel Carnielli 2019/12/18 01:07:34 0 0
How can I use an older botchief version? this new one doesnt work and I cant wait for this lovely support and dev team to fix it :) how can you guys release an update that doesnt work? thats just ridiculous and looks like u are joking with your customers.
leighnchristie 2019/12/20 12:36:47 0 0
hi, anyone know, is it possible to run the bot only between the time we want?for example between 7 am to 7 pm, after that bot will automatically wait until the next morning and start to run again?i know it can be done by run one day, but is there anything i can do without clicking and setting the bot to run everyday?thank you
TurboGolom 2019/12/03 00:45:23 0 0
Hello Guys, just a small Question cause im currently working on some different Bots and having trouble navigating and using Websites. When the Bot tries to load the Website its empty/clean/white but its finished loading. These websites are very different like having a lot of videos,gifs,pics or just normal websites with text.some examples:https://mixer.com/https://registrierung.gmx.net/#.pc_page.homepage.index.loginbox_1....
scorpy0n 2019/12/14 21:29:59 0 0
Can I can change the UserAgent in chrome browser? Can you tell me how please?Thank you.
Roberto Baan 2019/11/12 20:34:36 0 0
Hi everybody,I know this problem is in another post but i no see any solution post, I want to know if any of you guys is working with chrome in windows 10 version  1903 build 18362.449, that the case what version of chrome are using and what you do to make work, because i change to different version of chrome still have error when I switch with the same error i see in other post.Thanks in advance for any help....
Raziel Ella 2019/11/20 19:40:44 0 0
Hi,Is it possible to some how copy the source code of form I made?I need that after the bot will build the form it will send a copy of the form by email or take a screenshot of the form and send the image by email, is anyone know how to do it? 
Raziel Ella 2019/11/20 02:34:54 0 0
Hi, I am trying to build a bit that will read an email and then delete it, the problem is that I can't find how to tell the bot to delete an email....
Karmagedon 2018/07/30 00:46:47 0 0
Downloading files can begin after clicking on an item (for example, download button or link on file) on the page or after a certain delay on it (for example, "download will start in 5 seconds"). There are other nuances when downloading.Please, add the action to pause the running module until the download is complete. This action can be inserted after "Control Operate", "Load Url" or "Page Load White" (or after any other).
andy200486 2018/02/27 17:27:09 0 0
Hi, I try to download a PDF file but that doesn't work, here are my steps :set download locationnew mouse emulation (web) left click on the <a></a>Then appears a popup with title "Download File" but it stay at 0% and 0MB/0MBCould someone help me ?Thanks
Roberto Baan 2019/11/08 00:09:50 0 0
Hi every body.I have small bot accessing a web site and making some process, it was working to yesterday in the night when start having this problem:Secure Connection Faileduses an invalid security certificate.The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown.The server might not be sending the appropriate intermediate certificates.An additional...
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