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creating a GUI and combine it with script

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Hello Folks,


so im working here and there on a simple website visit script which should take randomly a website and click on it.

the script itself works fine and now i try to create a very simple GUI with an Start button (to obviously start the script) 1 textfield where the User can enter the amount of Runs how often the script should be used and 1 field how often each site got clicked..

i allready took a look at all the tutorials and they show how you can create a GUI but its not really showing how to create functions and combine with them into an allready created script.

like GUI creating the start button but how do i combine it so much start button will start the script.

1b to create a total run counter and an amount of run counter i need to create a global variable when it should run multitasked right ?

2. i cant install the whitehatboxapp cause i allways get an error 1001:

https://screenpresso.com/=6F5ud sorry for the german error cant translate that :(

3. is there something like a keyword search ? like having an pagen opened and look for specific words ?

scrape just cut out specific words and save them but i wanna look after them

thx a lot for the help

2019/07/15 18:42:05

I can help you in writing the GUI, write me an email (address in the signature).

About the error. It is written there:

An exception has occurred. Some or all of the identity references could not be translated.

This article will help you solve the problem.

Module Development - [email protected] // Thanks - https://ko-fi.com/arbots
2019/07/17 16:33:09

We updated whitehatbox app.

You can visit following link to install it directly, then check if it works.


Let me know if it works.

2019/07/19 23:05:01

thanks for posting the link. i can use now the whitehatboxapp.

any advice or guideance for any of my other 2 problems like how i can connect my GUI with my script ? cant finde any Tutorial or video for that. only creating a GUI but not how i can connect it with my scripts im creating :o

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