Karmagedon 2019/08/15 19:43:47 0 0
I am creating a variable of type double/number, global....
Karmagedon 2019/11/14 19:59:38 0 0
I do not understand the algorithm of this action. Could you explain to me?I need to extract the body of the letter from the sender [email protected] have a letter dated October 22 in my inbox....
Allen Levings 2019/07/10 22:44:44 0 0
When I try to run the BotChiefEditor I get an error message that I need to run as administrator. I did that, but I am still getting an error that says Load Browser DLL file failed. Can you please assist?
Raziel Ella 2019/11/10 22:51:20 0 0
Hello,I am trying to build a bot that will save json file as txt file and than read it through cmd, the problem is that it works only when I save it into txt file manually but when I do it through the "write file" function its its add some design that doesn't enable to read the json inside the file.....    
Roberto Baan 2019/11/09 07:33:03 0 0
 Hi guys,How we can add certificated to GeckoFx 45.0 or 60.0 there are some procedure.Thanks for help anticipated....
Raziel Ella 2019/11/08 18:11:58 0 0
hello, I am trying to open only module (with out the project), the problem is that module created from the project, anyone know how can I do that?
Karmagedon 2017/07/11 04:32:11 1 0
Here it is written that you need to use a lock for some actionshttp://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/bbspost?postid=4944#.WWPYaBXyjMwThese actions are listed:Upload File, Mouse Emulation(web), KeyStrokes Emulation, Flash Action, New CaptchaIs this all the action for which...
icemails 2019/02/19 05:18:10 0 0
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Raziel Ella 2019/11/07 18:36:10 0 0
Hello,I have 2 text files and I need to make a bot that will compare between this texts and find for me the similar words...any one know if there is tool that can do it for me in botchief?
ja1net 2019/11/01 10:39:19 0 0
helloi creat template to login to site with many accountbut i have probleme he choose username and password randomlyhe put password of another usercan i make it put value by order ?thak you
Dark_1 2019/10/21 04:54:31 0 0
I just bought this software last night and were not off to a good start. It's very slow, hangs and crashes so much. Anything I/You can do to fix this?
Karmagedon 2019/01/11 22:42:38 1 0
I bought it with the BotChief editor, right? Runner have built-in modules. But I have never used them. Because I do not know how....
Raziel Ella 2019/10/28 19:26:51 0 0
Hi,maybe its a stupid question, but is it possible to upload the compiled bot so it could run from a website? I have cloud that enable uploading application to it, but when I tried it it write "we didn't found html.index"....
Dare_odeneye 2017/08/10 00:19:58 0 0
Hi i am looking to make a bot with a calculator.Hi i have "Scraped" information from a sight into a variable table. this scrapped information are numbersdoes anyone know how to make a bot that takes the numbers from the variable table and put them into a calculatorThank you
Raziel Ella 2019/10/25 18:19:07 0 0
Hello, I am trying to use the 2captcha function as you are show in the video but it doesn't works.......
Karmagedon 2019/01/13 17:37:04 1 0
Raziel Ella 2019/10/20 02:16:06 0 0
Hello,I finished the module and now trying to build the form, the problem is that in the form the user will be ask to enter 3 values in text boxes and I didn't understand how to connect the form variable to module variables so the bot could use this variable (connecting to the module).please help me... I attacked image of the form: ...
Dark_1 2019/10/21 06:07:51 0 0
I am curious if i can make my bots in botchief and use another language to launch the tasks rather then using ui that comes with botchief? For instance i make a bot that signs into a website and does a task. Export it so when the exe is launched it opens and does the task. This way i can write some more logic and ui in say java? I dont need to pass values because i can use mysql or a csv to load values on launch. Is this possible?
lorand 2019/10/12 06:14:08 0 0
I get 2 errors, when i open the editor:****************************异常文本****************************【出现时间】:10/12/2019 1:09:01 AM【异常类型】:NullReferenceException【异常信息】:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.【堆栈调用】:   at BotChiefEditorb.?(Object A_0, EventArgs A_1)   at System.Windows.Forms.Timer.OnTick(EventArgs e)   at System.Windows.Forms.Timer.TimerNativeWindow....
Dark_1 2019/10/20 12:01:06 0 0
Clear Cookies action does not work. It says successful but it does not clear cookies!
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