WebCreative 2018/03/01 08:54:59 0 0
Network error, please try to login later againOnly for me or other people also getting this error?
Stoffl1a 2020/05/25 17:16:23 0 0
Hi guys,I am not very familiar with Botchief and Pinterest changed the login page. Because of this my script needs to be fixed. Any help would be much appreciated.
baby2i 2020/05/19 12:25:23 0 0
When I update to version -> Botchief can run with Gexko FX. ...
Surbhi buha 2020/05/06 23:10:17 0 0
hi everyonei am making a bot for envato.com site where i want to create multiple accounts in registration form there is a google captcha which i need to solve either automatic or i can solve manually but i dont know how to do it.i am looking for someone to help.
sasha_brown 2020/05/11 21:11:56 0 0
any time i try to use botchief editor, i always get this error{ p5_Attempted to read or write protected memory. this is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. }
Briankong21 2014/08/31 00:19:16 0 0
I registered botchief today and I'm trying this program right now.But I don't know how to verificate the email.Of course I can see the menu button at left side of control panel, but when I useed that, it did not work.I cant find the article about that.Can you help me?
donski_d 2019/03/06 22:58:29 0 0
Hey I put in a request to have a poshmart bot created  but I have not had any response - can any body else do ? Happy to pay 
Karmagedon 2019/12/17 17:28:41 1 0
If we have been waiting for this for 9 months, then I do not know.1. Three loading windows at startup.Loading 1:...
dannywayn123 2020/05/04 17:38:27 0 0
i can't play music on napster, i'm using gecko 45, user agent { Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/81.0.4044.129 Safari/537.36 }music doesn't plays when i login to my account but when i'm logout, musics plays normally, so what's the problem??i tried to use chrome browser and works but still need to work on gecko, so please tell me how to fix this problem
Bad boy 2020/04/18 11:57:55 0 0
i'm working on gecko browser 45, i try to sign in my gmail accounts, but it's not working, i have tried to use proxy, set different user agents but still doesn't work, i have tried to use chrome but still can't access google products, like youtube or gmailhow to fix this please??
Raziel Ella 2020/04/22 17:52:29 0 0
Hi,I want to make a bot that could scrape in some web page html source code the sentence that starts with the words:"<input type="hidden" name="weight" value=    "(for example :     <input type="hidden" name="weight" value="0.015"/>)I tried to use scrape function and define "weight" but its doesn't work....can anyone help me? 
Raziel Ella 2020/04/23 21:11:04 0 0
Hi,How can I put my bot at server and make my bot to some kind of a rest API?Thanks for the helping
ohans 2020/04/14 02:12:13 0 0
ohans 2020/04/14 02:03:28 0 0
hello can you tell me what's not right here? i have the latest version of google chrome.javascript is accepted and all extensions are disabled.javascript is accepted and all extensions are disabled.
baby2i 2020/04/05 18:36:14 0 0
Can not Run Module in Form When Update (This is My Test Module)... Please Check now!/editor/attached/file/20200405/20200405183603_4646.rar
santosh66 2020/04/01 22:22:47 0 0
When I compile a software using geckofx version 60 the software won't run, it doesn't even load the windows from but same one works when compiling with the geckofx version 45, what's worng?
Jose Ayllon 2020/03/30 20:08:06 0 0
Does anybody know if it is possible to create a bot which can buy sneakers in the releases automatically?
danny wayn 2020/03/17 22:03:29 0 0
Hi, can somebody help me with this???after compiling my modules or project, things are working great, but when I run the software, i'm getting this error >>>  File broken_9!please if you know how to fix this, i really need your help, please reply and help me out ...
kameo2k 2020/01/08 17:17:17 0 0
Got the new version of botchief ( and compiled my bots but now they are crashing by themselves after ~20 minutes with this error code:-1073741819. I check the debug log and it isn't showing an error nor is the bot showing an error when it craps out. It just stops...doesn't matter what command it is on at the time. What the hell is this error code? And why do botchief updates seem to break more than they fix >.>
nboater 2020/01/14 05:55:46 0 0
Hello I was wondering if Botchief can make a formula for a field, based on other fields? For instance, I'm trying to auto calculate a convenience fee, which is 2% of the sum of premium and membership. In this example, "Convenience Fee" should be $20.70 ( 2% of premium + membership). I would rather my CSRs not have to calculate this 2% fee manually on the website. Thanks pf...
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