Mafioso 2014/05/06 03:21:12 0 0
Hello, i bought Sc3, and i try to use the super spin with spanish cloud thesaurus.The spin result is worthless. not take any words, only complete phrases and put in the spin exactly the same way:Example:phrase : aportando ideas  y soluciones que mejorarán la idea inicial del proyecto.superspin:  {aportando ideas  y soluciones que mejorarán la idea inicial...
kadziu1 2014/04/15 09:01:27 0 0
HiI have try to scrape some video from YT but nothing happens. I put my keyword and click start and nothing :( Pleas help
dylan09 2014/05/13 00:19:34 0 0
I spin utf-8 files and some of the output was not utf-8 format.i want all my output files are utf-8 whitout bom format.files(txt. with uft-8 format) cant be saved as utf-8 even after i set my notpad++the problems are ' and " in articles. the problem files are saved as ANSI format, if i change the format to utf-8 wihtout bom manualy, the files cant be saved correctly. (i emailed support two days ago, hope received my letter, and my API update...
dbh3000 2014/05/16 04:31:58 0 0
Omg trying to download spinner chief which i already bought. took nearly 10 minutes. I am on 100mbit btw.still trying to download thesaurus for 2 hours. Tried yesterday and couldnt succeed.If you guys couldn't afford to get $30/month for a proper hosting.you should get the fuck of this business. 
Roland 2014/04/27 11:27:38 0 0
I have some spintax and need to extract all forms of it into a list form. Is that possible with Spinner chief?
gustaaf 2014/04/29 10:33:24 0 0
Hello!i've bought the 1 year version of Ultimate Spinnerchief III and I want to use it with kontentmachine.Because it says on the salespage: "Get a SpinnerChief API Advanced Account Free.of ChargeAfter you have purchased SpinnerChief 3 Elite or Ultimate version, we will give you a SpinnerChief 3 API advanced account freely of charge, so that you can use the SpinnerChief Spin function in other many third-party...
arlmm1 2014/05/06 11:24:15 0 0
How do you submit articles? it is for wordpress only? where can I find a list of directories? Is there any documentation about this function?
james27 2014/05/01 06:26:07 0 0
i want to know how to save what i created custom spin word to thesaurus.im using spinner3 but i can't figure out how to save to thesaurus.i want to save what i created korean words to thesaurus.thanks in advance
mmddww 2014/04/29 14:03:19 0 0
what do i have to do that spinnerchief add my manual added synonyms into the cloud thesaurus? (i use cloud thesaurus and the button "save synonyms recipocal" is active)what do i have to do that superspin use my favorite synonyms. (i see them marked as favorite in the thesaurus box, but superspin don't use them)
alodie 2014/04/24 05:44:40 0 0
...Using the SpinnerChief Software.Or, did I miss it somewhere?Would someone please take a weemoment and respond to this post forme?  I would be eternally grateful.I need a written word manual, if oneis available.Thank you in advance.Alodie
Maroso2602 2014/04/11 04:57:28 0 0
I'm spinning around 100k articles using the "Batch Spinner", but I want a way to not modify the titles in each article, because they are seo optimized for long tail keywords.So, I have a folder with 100k articles in .txt files. I set SC to spin each article using the "Batch Spin" addon, but I don't want SC to spin the titles (the first line in each article).Is there a way to set SC not to spin the first line in each article?
gfro 2014/04/22 20:01:36 0 0
I recently bought SC API access for use with WP Robot, however the account says its banned and seems like I cannot use the api?I sent an email to support to clarify what has happened but have had no response yet. 
isaacyip007 2014/04/20 04:25:13 0 0
Hi I cannot use the upgrade function to spinner chief 3 elite versionI am a spinnerchief 2 elite user.But I am unable to use the page to upgradeMind contacting me?The email needed for upgrade is it the paypal email or the email i used to receive the emails?The paycode is the transaction code for the spinnerchief2 right?The name is which one coz i forgotten about it.The one for my paypal name or my email name?...
Chezzy 2014/04/16 05:34:24 0 0
Hello, I have article in spintax and when I spin it with spinner chief ot loases its formatting and all the text is in one big block. Also I need to save all articles in one file, how can I do that? Thanks for help.
Vincent 2014/04/08 03:32:23 0 0
Thank you to everyone who downloaded and helped us to develop SC3. The beta period is finished, currently you still have a chance - if you are quick! - to buy SpinnerChief 3 for a very low one-time fee. Just click the link below.http://www.spinnerchief.com/sc32014discount.htm
hsharma 2014/04/13 02:44:01 0 0
I downloaded Whitehat box App. Then from within the app I downloaded SC3. I entered the Name, Email and serial no. I also choose to AutoLogin. Now I am registered as SC3 Elite user and everytime I start SC3 it starts as SC3 Elite.Now I went and upgraded to SC3 Ultimate by paying extra money. Now I get a new Serial Key. My question is how do I put this new serial Key in the software so that when it starts it always...
Maroso2602 2014/04/12 03:55:50 0 0
It would be great to have an DuplicateSniper API for ultimate SC members, in order to integrate it with other tools.Thanks
jhobbs 2014/04/11 09:34:32 0 0
After selecting a synonym, insert the original word(s) into the top position on the synonym list, highlighted.  That way, I can delete the original word (at the top of the synonym list) and have SC fix up the spintax as required. 
jhobbs 2014/04/03 08:52:49 0 0
I entered the free Beta serial code into SpinnerChief 3, then purchased the code for SC3 Ultimate, but I can't figure out how to enter this code.  
handsun 2014/03/02 10:47:28 0 0
Hi! I have a mass of titles that are spun on the sentence and word level and I would like to unspin them at the sentence level to quickly choose the best ones, and leave the word spins in, then I can respin the sentences together. Every unspinner I have seen does not have this functionality. Do you have any ideas on how I can accomplish this? I do own SpinnerChief Pro.
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