kevinleijh 2014/09/21 04:34:13 0 0
Hi I bought spinnerchief 3 elite account. I tried to validate my elite api account but did not receive email validation. Please help thanks
Africamank1 2014/09/10 03:25:01 0 0
Hellol have bought German Thesaurus serial No. (4a067a5) to use for SpinnerChief Desktop and SpinnerChief Web.But it seems not to work for SpinnerChief Desktop.Also try to Upload to SpinnerChief Web But it can′t be upload this link account.spinnerchief dot com/thesaurusverify.zip) is not working.Please help me to solve the problem before l ask for my Money Back for German Thesaurus serial No. (4a067a5) l bought....
contentchallenger 2014/08/28 11:53:57 0 0
As most of you know there's another so-called "best spinner" out there that has a history of crashing all of the time. Customers have to go through all kinds of gymnastics to simply hope that the program will work. It's happened to me continually.I've NEVER had this problem with SpinnerChief. I'm blown away at how much thought continues to go into SpinnerChief and can't wait for version IV to come out.
dbh3000 2014/08/08 04:56:04 0 0
Hello I need to batchspin files in lots of different subfolder.But when i select top folder, it doesn't spin files within subfolders.I don't want to believe there is no option for this. I believe it exists.
Africamank1 2014/09/08 13:42:56 0 0
Hello I bought SpinnerChief III Ultimate Version One Time Fee - $177 yesterday and Have sent two emails to support with No reply.Please upgrade my user name : sammyk1 for API Access.Also Bought German Theraurus and would like you to Authorize my licence to use this thesaurus serial number (4a067a5) ....
royalflush 2014/09/07 16:00:20 0 0
Hi,I was former customer of SC, and I was upgraded to SC2 Elite. I want my account to be upgraded to SC3 Elite, how do I do that?BTW, I noticed that I'm no longer receiving update emails from the developers of SpinnerChief. The former emails I was receiving was from whitehatautomation.com and domarketup.com
seoexperts44 2014/09/07 15:22:27 0 0
With office in Dhaka, but you can take our services from anywhere in the world because we have all kinds of payment solutions, (like- Brac Bank, Paypal, Moneybookers, Alert pay and Liberty Reserve) we offer the same level of services you’d expect from a large Dhaka design, training ,payment marketing agency (we think sometimes even better).
RuFFCuT 2014/09/04 12:28:57 0 0
Hey,How do I export all article variations into separate .txt files? Is this possible?ThanksRicky
dundeedesigners 2014/09/02 12:47:32 0 0
Hi,i have recently posted here about an error i get every time i try to run the whitehatbox on windows 2008 r2 server.i still haven't heard back from the support yet.please help
seobuddynl 2014/08/29 07:56:27 0 0
Hi all, I've created my own thesaurus and of course made a screenshot of my password and serial-id. But when entering my password I can't get my thesaurus to open. Tried it again with creating another thesaurus, but also the second time without success. Have any of you had this before and how did you solve it? I really need my own thesaurus as I'm using the Dutch language and the default one is... (you can fill...
goceb 2014/08/27 15:13:38 0 0
Hi I have the SC3 Ultimate and I want to use it with SEO Content Machine. But when I enter my username i password it says that the login is invalid. Any idea why this happens. I tried contacting you but no reply so .. I am posting my question here.
contentchallenger 2014/08/24 22:19:23 0 0
I have two things I'm trying to figure out how to do with SpinnerChief Ultimate1. I have a superspun article loaded into Spinnerchief. I want to generate x number of articles from that superspun article and automatically save those articles directly to a folder on my pc.2. This is similar. I want to do a orderly spin (data merge) and have SpinnerChief automatically save those articles directly to a folder on my pc.
pl1whb2 2014/08/23 00:32:34 0 0
Just upgraded SC2 Elite to SC3 Elite and got license key instantly. But, where can I download SC3 Elite version. Can't wait to use the newest SC3. :) Somebody help? Thanks! 
hydride 2014/08/22 00:53:32 0 0
I want to transfer my SC II license to a different user and computer. How would I go about this?
Markus 2014/08/07 00:53:18 0 0
How get spinned articles after save articles with brackets? Posible use batch generator?Many files (articles with {}) to many new articles. Thanks. And small question: whether to wait for x64 version?
Incognito19 2014/08/01 14:55:59 0 0
Recently purchase SpinnerChief III Ultimate Version - $7 for 3 days, then $67 per year API displaying as FREE USER, please upgrade. Username = incognito19Thanks in advance
ebooksmoney 2014/04/11 08:13:32 0 0
SpinnerChiefIII finally out and have a new ultimate version. A new customes only pay $177 for this full version. I bought SpinnerChief Elite on Aug. 2011 paying $197 with free upgrade for life, later I got free upgrade to SpinnerChiefII Elite. (Highest version level)But this time, it add a new level called "ultimate"as an old user,...
therobber 2014/07/21 01:05:21 0 0
Just downloaded and installed the program Spinnerchief.  Activated my account, tried to open the program multiple times and continue to get message"Whitehatbox has encountered a problem and needs to close" I have been waiting two days for an email response.
pepdeal 2014/07/10 06:00:42 0 0
helloi try to use the "sentence spin" option in batch spin. it creates spurn articles but the output file shows many weird  text. below is a sentence from the output file:-Th&#1257y are &#1072 lot les&#1109 like&#921y to simply click &#1072 reduced link, j&#965st &#921ike a bit. off, f&#959r example , compared to &#1072ctual edition. how to...
johnsoug 2014/04/27 09:32:25 0 0
Hi.I just purchased a 3 day trial in order to evaluate SpinnerChief with the purpose to extend this period to a yearly subscription after everything is ok.The problem is that every time i'm trying to use the above software in the login window i get a network connection error message with the advise to try again later.All my firewall , email, password etc.. settings are correct regarding the use of both whitehatbox and spinnerchief...
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