ebooksmoney 2014/04/11 08:13:32 0 0
SpinnerChiefIII finally out and have a new ultimate version. A new customes only pay $177 for this full version. I bought SpinnerChief Elite on Aug. 2011 paying $197 with free upgrade for life, later I got free upgrade to SpinnerChiefII Elite. (Highest version level)But this time, it add a new level called "ultimate"as an old user,...
therobber 2014/07/21 01:05:21 0 0
Just downloaded and installed the program Spinnerchief.  Activated my account, tried to open the program multiple times and continue to get message"Whitehatbox has encountered a problem and needs to close" I have been waiting two days for an email response.
pepdeal 2014/07/10 06:00:42 0 0
helloi try to use the "sentence spin" option in batch spin. it creates spurn articles but the output file shows many weird  text. below is a sentence from the output file:-Th&#1257y are &#1072 lot les&#1109 like&#921y to simply click &#1072 reduced link, j&#965st &#921ike a bit. off, f&#959r example , compared to &#1072ctual edition. how to...
johnsoug 2014/04/27 09:32:25 0 0
Hi.I just purchased a 3 day trial in order to evaluate SpinnerChief with the purpose to extend this period to a yearly subscription after everything is ok.The problem is that every time i'm trying to use the above software in the login window i get a network connection error message with the advise to try again later.All my firewall , email, password etc.. settings are correct regarding the use of both whitehatbox and spinnerchief...
qkadoo 2014/07/07 02:08:38 0 0
I am just as frustrated as the rest of the posts here.I paid for the ultimate - I have a serial number - that also says expired.  I have yet to be able to use the software for a couple of reasons, I don't recall anywhere it saying that it was not compatible with a MAC - so I went and bought a PC - I have spent hours messing around with this crazy software to the point of wanting to throw this dang PC right out the flipping window and get a refund and...
smartwebpoint 2014/07/05 04:01:03 0 0
Please upgrade my API to Ultimate Version API again as I see that it has now been expired and I am not able to use it using any softwares. I have already paid for the yearly subscription.Subscription Name:     SpinnerChief III Ultimate Version - $7 for 3 days, then $67 per...
jhobbs 2014/07/04 13:41:22 0 0
The text input into SCIII Ult is "For the last couple of years, Google Adsense has dominated forums, discussions and newsletters all over the Internet. "Then spinning with Super Spin, balanced, produces For the last {couple of...
Gemini 2014/06/23 23:51:51 0 0
I can press Tab to select the next synonym word in my document. Is there a keyboard shortcut that will allow me to simply choose the first replacement synonym for the selected word?Are there any keyboard shortcuts? If so, is there a list available?
spiritfly 2014/06/20 13:23:55 0 0
Just bought the SpinnerChief III Ultimate, registered for the API, but it shows me as Free User. I needed to use it right away, but now this is really annoying. I wrote to support more than 6 hours ago, no reply yet. Not very satisfied with SC's support already.. :(
jrcollins 2014/06/13 22:26:58 0 0
In video tutorials on Spinnerchief I've seen, super spun articles have different colored text for original and spun words/sentences/phrases. When using the super spin function for myself, however, I can only get red text for the spun words.
SimpleSpinner 2014/06/03 23:48:30 0 0
Hello,I'm a newbie here. Hi everyone. I just purchased SpinnerChief Ultimate and have been testing it out for a few hours and still trying to figure out its many settings and options.Anyone has a suggest for the best settings?PS: I was using WordAI and they only had 4 options to choose from so I guess I'm used to that. lol -- but with spinnerchief, I can immediately see a better articles...
yataysamon 2014/05/27 23:32:13 0 0
About English Cloud Thesaurus,We have tried several times, in several days ,still hanging on there, nothinghappened. What now?Other languages working well .
Mafioso 2014/05/06 03:21:12 0 0
Hello, i bought Sc3, and i try to use the super spin with spanish cloud thesaurus.The spin result is worthless. not take any words, only complete phrases and put in the spin exactly the same way:Example:phrase : aportando ideas  y soluciones que mejorarán la idea inicial del proyecto.superspin:  {aportando ideas  y soluciones que mejorarán la idea inicial...
kadziu1 2014/04/15 09:01:27 0 0
HiI have try to scrape some video from YT but nothing happens. I put my keyword and click start and nothing :( Pleas help
dylan09 2014/05/13 00:19:34 0 0
I spin utf-8 files and some of the output was not utf-8 format.i want all my output files are utf-8 whitout bom format.files(txt. with uft-8 format) cant be saved as utf-8 even after i set my notpad++the problems are ' and " in articles. the problem files are saved as ANSI format, if i change the format to utf-8 wihtout bom manualy, the files cant be saved correctly. (i emailed support two days ago, hope received my letter, and my API update...
dbh3000 2014/05/16 04:31:58 0 0
Omg trying to download spinner chief which i already bought. took nearly 10 minutes. I am on 100mbit btw.still trying to download thesaurus for 2 hours. Tried yesterday and couldnt succeed.If you guys couldn't afford to get $30/month for a proper hosting.you should get the fuck of this business. 
Roland 2014/04/27 11:27:38 0 0
I have some spintax and need to extract all forms of it into a list form. Is that possible with Spinner chief?
gustaaf 2014/04/29 10:33:24 0 0
Hello!i've bought the 1 year version of Ultimate Spinnerchief III and I want to use it with kontentmachine.Because it says on the salespage: "Get a SpinnerChief API Advanced Account Free.of ChargeAfter you have purchased SpinnerChief 3 Elite or Ultimate version, we will give you a SpinnerChief 3 API advanced account freely of charge, so that you can use the SpinnerChief Spin function in other many third-party...
arlmm1 2014/05/06 11:24:15 0 0
How do you submit articles? it is for wordpress only? where can I find a list of directories? Is there any documentation about this function?
james27 2014/05/01 06:26:07 0 0
i want to know how to save what i created custom spin word to thesaurus.im using spinner3 but i can't figure out how to save to thesaurus.i want to save what i created korean words to thesaurus.thanks in advance
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