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marcush90 2017/01/17 08:31:09 0 0
When editing some spintax and finding that the spin tree has messed up and placed something like this {{blahahah|blahahahah}{asfijdsfiigjirig|fdgjhirjgijr|ijfgiorejghitrht}when it was just all emant to be in one like{blahahah|blahahahah|asfijdsfiigjirig|fdgjhirjgijr|ijfgiorejghitrht}when I try to delete the { spinnerchief every single time this occurs glitches and becomes not repsonding meaning I have to close the software...
qurat 2016/12/29 13:20:25 0 0
hi,i've bought the spinnerchief 4 ultimate license, i've emailed support@whitehatbox.com but there is no answer and the API isnt working with other software, I 've tried contentbomb and gsa but the api gives an error message....
winnstorm 2016/12/20 19:19:07 0 0
hi,i've bought the spinnerchief 4 ultimate license a few hours ago and the provided serial isn't working, i've emailed support@whitehatbox.com but there is no answer and i cannot use the api.Please help.Thanks
marcush90 2016/12/22 08:54:09 0 0
When I select load miracle theasurus and then select any word no synonmys appear.Any help would be great thanks!
eMMe 2016/12/20 15:29:40 0 0
Hi, o bought SpinnerChief 4 yesterday but when i try to install it (using WhiteHatBox) it ans me the serial number. Where can i find the Serial Number?Thanx
puwadol 2014/04/07 06:39:01 0 0
irfan 2015/09/11 23:57:23 0 0
Hello, SpinnerChief 4 Cloud Thesaurus File not updating.Kindly help!
ahmet 2016/11/30 02:46:28 0 0
Hi, I bought SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate service yearly and I asked that how can I get my serial number 3 days ago. I sent Western Union payment details but anyone didn't answer. ...
DanJ 2016/11/27 19:03:40 0 0
I piad for SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate Version and emailed support about not being able to use the API, i should have an API key with unlimited credits but everytime i login here:http://account.spinnerchief.comOn the API pages it says i need to buy credits but i should have them unlimited for free with the version that i purchased.Support has not sent me a reply email, my username (DanJ)...
rudhra 2016/11/27 05:05:23 0 0
Hello,I bought spinner chief 4 on 25th Nov but i didn't receive download link and license. I contacted the support with email, sending the copy of the paypal receipt several times but no response. I even contacted over the phone asking for the response, but still no response. Very poor support. Can anybody help with this issue.rudhra
DanJ 2016/10/31 09:12:06 0 0
Hi, i have a few questions regarding the software.1) The "Advanced Functions > Suggest Keyword" tool seems to do nothing when i type the word "dog", i was expecting a big list like "puppy", "doggy", "pet" etc. Is this feature working correctly?2) I know how to input synonyms but i am not sure how to re-use custom setup ones for other times. Is this possible?
DanJ 2016/10/31 08:36:04 0 0
Hi, i am a new SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate Version user and have just downloaded the software and setup my web account.I have a few questions:1) How exactly does it work? From the sounds of things after buying the ultimate edition i should be able to access the API but it says i have to purchase API credits?2) I assume there will be a key and id type thing just like with APIs like...
aleksandrius 2016/10/19 18:15:39 1 0
Hello. I am experiencing problems with the API. I want to run SC4 with Seo Content Machine (SCM) and when I do that, the text that comes as a result of the campaign is unspinned.I am thinking that there might be some API issue?Thank you for the support.
eheyl 2016/10/27 14:01:44 0 0
So I recently purchased the one time SC4 Ultimate and have just been mucking about with it.I clicked on Manage Account and saw that there were several accounts already there: http://screencast-o-matic.com/screenshots/u/uni/1477591001858-5520.pngAre these just samples or can I delete them?Also, what is the difference in terms of quality/quantity between the cloud based thesaurus and the one created by...
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