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hmcollins 2016/06/28 07:50:11 0 0
I have found that I can add my own synonymsto my article by typing them in the “input synonyms here” box but I want toknow if they re kept forever in my desktop version as that’s what I’m using, Ihave re-input the same sentence and looked at the available synonyms and the onesI added don’t seem to be there the next time.Have I not added them in the correct way sothat they are added permanently or can I simply not add them...
hmcollins 2016/06/28 06:00:18 0 0
I have done a “Superspin” on an article andit did not do a very good job so I decided to add more synonyms inside thebrackets and removed some others that did not make sense. I did make sure thatthe pipes were in place but when I previewed the articles they were showing someof the the spintax (the brackets etc)Ihave done a manual spin (going from word to word picking all the synonyms myselfas I went) but that is  lot of work and doesnot then...
hmcollins 2016/06/28 07:53:50 0 0
There are a lot of functions withinSpinnerChief that do not seem to be explained within the 7 videos on the forum thatI have watched, are they the only videos available?
hmcollins 2016/06/28 05:47:39 0 0
As there is no specific "Preview" button, is the only way to see a preview of the spunarticles  by pressing the"Spin" button which then brings up a box where you  press spin again? (It then shows 10 tabs forthe default 10 articles that have been created and you can view them separatelythere.)   
hmcollins 2016/06/28 06:05:30 0 0
1. I'm not sure if there is any way of saving an article that I’vebeen working on so that it's still there when I return to the desktopversion. 2. I don't know how thesaving/exporting etc works so while learning I have been copying and pastingwhat I have done to a word doc and have saved that to my files on my computer.
ct05137 2016/06/02 17:01:16 0 0
Hello i just bought the spinnerchief in order to spin my greek articles...When i'm trying to load the fille from cloud thesaurus it pops ups a message which says wrong thesaurus fille..As you can understand i bought this software to spin articles in Greek if you can't please tell me to cancel my subscription. Or just sent me a fille to download it and try to load it. Thanks
Kaya 2016/06/26 08:33:36 0 0
0207100 2016/04/27 05:33:47 0 0
I have a document that is using csv import of certain fields, this works and SpinnerChief 4 will insert the fields as expected. It's about 400 rows.I want to perform the spin and have the results from the spin be added or written to a txt file that is csv compliant - meaning i don't want to have to go line item by line item making edits. Ideal when it spins it would create a field for title and a field of all the spun content....
vasko 2016/06/14 23:31:28 0 0
I did it and now I just can't implement it to my website I have MainWP plugin and i just dont get to use spinnerchief.. My email is vasko456@gmaul.com.... or admin@torontoremodelingpros.com or.....Please respond
levd 2016/04/18 16:14:12 0 0
Hi,Just bought spinnerchief for using it with cyberseo...when i fill in my username and pass im getting the following error:Daily Limit: error=login error, please check if your spinnerchief username and password is right. if you still don't have the spinnerchief account, you can register one at http://account....
minhcl 2016/06/09 05:03:18 0 0
Hi,Please let me know how to spin paragraph, I have check all tutorial clip but don't know how to spin paragraph. Example:Origin text will be:I have a book.I have a pen.I have a TV.After spin will become:I have a pen.I have a TV.I have a book.and I...
morrowmann 2016/06/04 01:36:36 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:SC4Hi,In preview mode the blank spin doesn't work.When I enter this in the spin window:{|word1|word2|word3|}then I hit the preview button SC never shows the blank field. It just keep repeating the words but never shows an empty space.
goodtoknow 2016/02/04 18:26:25 0 0
I am posting this out of sheer frustration, i bought a life time license for spinner chief elite back in July 2011.Initially i was having trouble registering my elite version license and shortly after had given up due to personal reasons....
edupison 2016/03/01 06:28:29 1 0
Hi, I purchased SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate a few weeks ago and since the first use it's constantly crashing.I've been tryng to have a response from White Hat Box team, but they are not being helpful at all: after sending a few emails to support@whitehatbox.com John told me to add him on Skype but he's not answering when I speak to him.I paid for this tool that doesn't work and nobody seems to care at White Hat Box....
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