kannss4u 2019/01/22 20:28:34 0 0
Hello thereI purchased spinnercheif ultimate package 3 days trial for 7$ using my credit card. I want to cancel my membership before they charge me. Because I will buy other package later. Any way to disable auto billing ?
Polykrom 2019/01/15 11:31:02 0 0
hi !I try to find à way to get all the GIFs ( so links and contents ) from friends public posts or followed pages ...Is there a way to do this ?Thanks a lot !!
uberdavid 2019/01/07 01:07:05 1 0
Hi Is anyone knows if the followinglike for facebook can search and delete facebook posts from group users? for examplei want to search all the posts with http on my sale group, and than delete them all. idea anyone? Thank's Everybody 
papin1988 2018/12/04 23:20:09 0 0
Hello!! Do I have an autosave function once the yahoo accounts were created?Thanks!
mdjvdali 2018/11/24 16:45:37 0 0
hello,I Used PVA creator to generate bulk google account .but after the account get successfully created that every single created account get locked by google we can't even recover it if that account locked onceHow  i Created account :-    i used custom proxy , useragent , custom data  and tested both sms service ( getsmscode & smsPVA)How i open that account after...
noobtech 2018/11/16 11:09:03 0 0
I downloaded PVAcreator (gmail) the .zip file says 21mb but when I try to unzip it says its empty?
alexchai11 2018/11/15 15:17:46 0 0
Anyone can tell me this sofware is good...because i want to buy facebook creator version
Droid_Informer 2018/06/05 11:09:01 0 0
Don't know how you guys have or servers setup or even if its possible, butc I would greatly appreciate it if I wouldn't have to enter my licenses whenever I need to reinstall your app and my apps, I not one for good record keeping. ;)
Centre de Formation France 2018/09/08 20:25:36 0 0
Hi,I am new here and my first question is this one:How can I Scrap Facebook group post and its comments?Thanks for your help
zocus2018 2018/07/06 12:27:29 1 0
I'm interested in a bot where i can add the emails created with PVA Creator ( gmail.com ) and after the bot to auto-generate 12 Youtube V3 API Key for each email via ( https://console.developers.google.com/ )Is any type of bot working this way? If someone has already created and sell this type of bot please send me the link i really need it asap.Thanks
francesco bertozzi 2018/06/23 01:39:16 0 0
hi to everyonesomeone can explayn me how ro use the function "search photo on map" ??thanks a lot!
Droid_Informer 2018/06/05 10:43:31 0 0
I haven't found one I liked yet. Googles picture captcha, sometimes not humanly possible to solve them. Sometimes waste 5-10 minutes solving them, a few times I had to give up or change my IP. I have had Captcha Sniper for a few years, installed probably installed it 100 times, never got it work. 
digitalsearchengines 2018/03/10 18:23:13 0 0
I need support in Botchief. Getting Problem With Software Compilation.I bought Vip Diamond Package.I am trying to compile Gmail Bulk Sender & Yahoo Bulk Sender.I defind all the details in botchief compiler.At the end it says File is Broken?How to fix that. Please Reply
lowridertj 2018/02/26 15:40:30 0 0
I can automate the registration process up to solving the captcha and setting the response in the captcha response field.  However the form is not able to be submitted even if the disabled on the submit button is removed and made active the form still cant be submitted.This is likely due to some listening script on the registration process.Im willing to offer a commission for the resolution on this....
vladimirkomarek 2018/01/19 23:57:22 0 0
hellosorry for the complaintsbut i really can not understand how gethonecode plugin is actually working...i have read a post here in this forum where you explain something but it looks way too confusing to me.Is there any clear tutorial where i can get some more info?thanks
mobicycle 2018/01/23 02:13:36 0 0
I was told that I would get a refund.AprilCaiCai is refusing to give me a refund.Your service is absolutely horrible.I want my refund, now!
vladimirkomarek 2018/01/18 21:53:09 0 0
my question is...is it possible to use your APIs out of botchief software?i would love to use your system manually to retreive phone verification codescheers
Tylervillage 2017/11/21 19:52:34 0 0
Hey, so i know nothing about scripting or anything at the moment, i was just wondering if someone could tell me if it were possible to create a bot to copy the 4 numbers in the picture below and then click continue. and repeat. the numbers change each time, so it would have to be able to read the the numbers or something. just wanting to know if its possible before i go and learn how to do it. id appreciate the help, thanks.
Artdope 2017/09/30 12:21:51 0 0
I'm in developer version of botchief editor.When I use the "Find Control" function (for a follow button), I save it as "Button" (as a control variable). Then I write an IF statement.When I test the control variable in the IF statement it keeps returning as False when it should be "True".How can I get it to return "True" when it just found the control displsayed the "Success" message?
[email protected] 2017/09/11 00:46:08 0 0
I tried but can't import my contentbomb work into GSA SER. It gives an error message "Sorry, but nothing could be filled"
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