Charlyne23 2021/07/27 16:11:34 0 0
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TomasLuque 2021/07/26 02:58:53 0 0
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BenTredin 2021/07/25 05:03:33 0 0
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BeckHassen 2021/07/21 23:00:16 0 0
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adnansami 2021/06/29 19:34:46 0 0
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nmaniac 2021/07/20 20:32:35 0 0
My experience with this wonderful program!Not only does the program work with errors, half of the social networks simply does not work, a year later they are asked to buy again!
nmaniac 2021/07/20 17:32:01 0 0
Hey,I have been the owner of the full version for over 1 year, I got the following message for FollowingLike-4:...
ellawilliams 2021/06/28 13:24:40 0 0
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pandoai 2021/06/28 00:28:28 0 0
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didi101 2021/06/10 22:10:00 1 0
since the new version, the program no longer starts because of avira antivirus
billy yuza 2021/04/29 00:53:33 0 0
Hello, i really need your helpI followed all the steps from available videos on youtube and now i already funded 5sim.I started a campaign a couple times already and everything went well except for 1 partAuto-phone Verification doesn't seem to work yet i kept getting charged on 5simCan anyone pls help me with this? or teach me the correct way to use it via discord?Thanks
[email protected] 2021/02/08 07:12:13 0 0
Hello, if I try to download the updated version, I get this error after the download is completed, please fix this issue
domoshow 2021/03/02 15:01:59 0 0
PVA won't open outside of WhiteHatBox and clicking updater file doesn't work. It's stuck on version 2.9.8. whbPack says that it is updated and there is no new version. 
richardbox82 2021/03/09 07:12:42 0 0
Is there anybody on this site that would be happy to train me on how to use this software? Once trained I myself will be happy to provide a detailed video tutorial in English, beginning with an introduction of the extras that we need to get started, where to obtain them and then how to add them, leading to a detailed tutorial on how to use PVA Creator.Message me at [email protected]
Hootinanny 2021/03/03 06:33:05 0 0
When I do a direct link to my site there is no issue, but when I do search google I get a captcha that states there is an issue with your network need to confirm you are human.  All traffic bot does is close the browser.  This goes on and on and I never get any connections with my site.  I used proxy spider, Rotating from Storm Proxies, and rented private proxies.  The one that does the best is the private ones. When search they find the site and skip right pass it....
gaby 2021/02/25 09:37:40 0 0
Hello can anyone help meI bought the pvacreator gmail version And got proxy from storm proxyAnd just funded my phone service account with 5sim.net as all recommended by the pvacreator software.My challenge now is on the 5sim, should i buy the country number i want?If yes,i tried buting it but it requires me to put code which i dont know how to getBut i already input the 5sim.net Api key to pvacreator software.So how do the number work with the softwarePls somebody help me i dont know what to do....
G1itch 2021/01/31 11:12:26 0 0
im using botchief and trying to figure out how to load my list of URLs and then navigate to each of them, if someone could walk me through step by step or post a template that would be much appreciated 
markusherdin 2020/12/23 10:19:17 0 0
gMail creator not completing, because of recent changes to the sign up steps.Will this be fixed soon?thanks!
richardbox82 2021/01/19 23:26:43 0 0
Do you have both a updated manual and also tutorial?
Silvanoh 2020/10/20 05:28:32 0 0
Hi,I got it to work but now it gets stuck on a setting of google. Once it has finished you need peronalized settings or something. the bot doesnt do this. Why is this?
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