lyxinus 2020/03/22 21:19:10 1 0
Do you guys have any tips? Its not starting for me. :/
APX404 2020/11/18 14:31:01 0 0
Hello,After the SMS confirmation (done with smspva), I got stuck on "oops something went wrong".I don't think it's proxy related since I test with a LOT of different proxy, event with dedicated 4G proxy...Do you know how to solve that ? What can trigger this error ? Someone here can create gmail accounts ? :)Thanks !
Silvanoh 2020/10/20 01:13:06 0 0
hey,I installed everything I need. I followed all the steps, but my pva tool still won't open. why is this?
streams4 2020/10/26 20:30:16 0 0
Hi there,I'm noticing that some of the plays I should have had counted are not on my Spotify.All my tasks are set from 1min to 3 min played. I'm referring to the plays for single tracks, I don't have the same problem with playlist tasks.Can you please help me out to solve this problem?Thanks in advance.
tbradfield7 2020/10/10 01:43:42 0 0
I am having trouble verifying/ validating my account on AIOSTREAM (soundcloud).I click "edit" and type my account (email address) and password and it does not work. It says "Verification Failure"What am I doing wrong?Do I have to put a proxy in or can use without a proxy?
kissmylilstar 2020/09/04 19:15:35 0 0
how to fill in ???now i tryed like this but dont work1, Apikey1 Apikey1apikey
Gabriele00 2020/06/05 00:39:06 0 0
Hai un bot o qualcuno ha un bot per acquistare auto su iTunes e scalare le classifiche? Ho visto che esiste già un bot funzionale per "AppStore" ma non so se funziona anche per iTunes .. Qualcuno può aiutarmi?
Aatie29 2020/05/21 06:55:02 0 0
I bought the PVA creator Facebook version under the impression that I can create unlimited Facebook accounts. Now if I want to create 1000 Facebook account I would have to buy 1000 proxies and also buy gmail accounts. So what exactly does the app do if I have to keep buying proxies and even buy recapture too. I can't even use the software because the tutorials are not same as the version I bought which is 2.6.2. Any support?
Vera Notz 2020/03/13 01:37:03 0 0
Hello everybody Can anyone here speak German?I have a problem check today's update When I disable the show debug, the windows still come upwhat can I do?thank you for your help
codehouwas001 2019/11/23 07:02:14 0 0
HelloHow i can get automatically page 2 on google or bing if the link not exist on page 1 (Botchief editor)Thank you
M6 Flooring 2019/03/19 20:19:52 0 0
Hi i have pva create and i can get it to work the company have offed to use software to access my computer and fix it but just cant seem to connect correctly with them as hours are different, when  submit it get to sending email to confirm with code and the page closes 
testt 2016/11/10 15:34:39 0 0
hi, i am creating account on getnumber whitehatbox but it is said i am not logged even i am . fix ur bug . i tried again and again but still same .. fix it immediatley .
Reviews 2020/01/02 06:29:43 1 0
It will be really helpful for me to buy after seeing a few live ads posted by CLADpin.I am a CL marketer back from 11 years.
xrwmedia 2019/05/08 20:47:12 0 0
Has anyone been having gmail creation issues?
Micah4232 2020/01/25 02:03:06 1 0
Hello there,I am looking for video or tutorials on how to use the new version of 2.0 that supose to follow tasks. And how to make tasks run in order please help and thank you.
Sebastian Fuchs 2020/02/13 04:28:00 0 0
Is it possible to buy a license for spotify and for web.de or gmail for example and use them with the same instance of PVA Creator?
datalifeplus21 2018/03/28 03:35:12 1 0
Has anyone been able to get this working? i bought the YT account Maker and it never works. ive tried with proxies and no proxies. ive tried all the settings. Everytime it just hangs and times out.Never gets past the Date of Birth. just hangs on the Month shows the list of months and thats it.Also why only have smspva.com when your other account tools use getsmscode as well.smspva.com sucks it only works if you have russian ...
meekhee 2019/12/25 19:46:42 1 0
hi, anyone selling facebook ids and cookies here? ---no photo, no data required for those id.. --Software register fb ids are acceptable. -no email or sms verification required for id.pls contact me **** 
DXYASSER0 2019/09/25 06:08:06 0 0
when i run the blackculkmail showing application stopped error and close instantly , net framework is installed , so why isn't working with me
ZB8601 2019/09/12 08:33:12 0 0
im trying to figure out how to operate this software if theres anyone that can help me get started please email me at ************mail.com 
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