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casperass 2017/11/03 19:16:32 0 0
You can see my settings on the image. I just bought the program and having problems to set it up. I succesfully made it work with 1 account with 1 comment on one spesific video. But when I added more accounts and more comments to post on one spesific video. It doesn't work. At first it logs in all of the account one by one. Then wen it comes to commenting it goes into loop. Either it always stays signed in to first account and doesn't do anything or it needs to sign in to the accounts again and ...
ihakynot 2020/11/24 10:46:29 0 0
    Could you add a CHANNEL ID MODULE to search random videos on the channel play for a bit then add comment or like the video. CHANNEL ID is useful for viewing VIDEOs
ihakynot 2020/11/24 10:44:52 0 0
Is there a way to IMPORT Proxy's as opposed to using your 3rd party vendors. This should be something we need to add into and update. Its useful for smaller accounts
ihakynot 2020/11/24 09:55:49 0 0
    How do you run Multiple Threads?I have a simpleYT View    Account    URL    VIDEOI want to run Multiple Threads (views) running at the same time. I have tested with 2 accounts but only 1 account seems to run and the login and view videos the views are just showing one account as running in TASK
lprinc16 2020/11/18 12:16:32 0 0
Hi, in regards to my previous post, I would appreciate if someone could tell me whether or not there is a task I can run to auto comment under videos like this. (all from one, main account)1. Search a keyword2. Comment under all recently uploaded videos with the keyword for "x" amount of videosWhenever I try to do this on my own, my comments stop appearing on other accounts due to spam reasons. Is there a...
lprinc16 2020/11/20 03:53:21 0 0
What fingerprint should I choose under the different options to use for my pva's? Is there a difference between them?  (ex. Canvas, WebGL, AudioContext, etc.)Also, how can I import a list of proxies and bind them to different fingerprints?
Archer 2020/11/06 02:27:23 0 0
How would you task it to only leave comments new videos (the last week) on certain channels only.
lprinc16 2020/11/18 00:08:39 1 0
Im very interested in all the features, but I have one question. Is there a way to comment on all recently uploaded videos under a certain topic (with your main account to attract traffic). I assume there is? Most importantly, however, is there a way to get your comments to stop being marked as spam, and not showing up under the videos. Or is there a certain limit to how many times one account can comment?Basically,...
Archer 2020/11/06 00:53:24 0 0
I have the TubeAssistPro Unlimited v 1.0.81 and was wondering can I upgrade to v3.3.57 freely or is there a cost?
Pochowan 2020/10/05 03:46:03 0 0
Hi guys!i have purchased an unlimited account,but it seems that now I have to buythe PVA creator program to use Tubeassist Pro?.I'm thinking of retiring, I can't use it properly ...
asdviom 2020/09/19 04:50:09 0 0
hi im using a 4g proxy, and it takes a while for it to load and by the time it loads the bot closes out because it takes too long. Is there a way to change the wait time so the proxy can fully load
asdviom 2020/09/08 05:27:27 2 0
Hey im using 4g proxies for my accounts, but my likes are getting removed from my video still. Is this bot detected and youtube is removing the likes? its definitely not an ip issue since the ips are from a 4g provider
gringo 2020/08/19 22:24:14 1 0
Hi, im testing the software, when i test the account, i see this on Youtube:...
babayega 2020/09/10 12:23:06 1 0
Right I have been using the application over 48 Hours and I have come across few bugs which needs to be fixedBUG 1: Subscribe Function BUG : When we set many accounts and start them to subscribe to a channel then the accounts don't get randomized or used in serial order or reverse. It always uses the first account constantly and rest all accounts remain unused.BUG 2: Keyword Random Function BUG : For a particular view...
babayega 2020/09/09 20:21:09 1 0
Hello Support Team,I am new customer of Ultimate Version of your software and I must say I am really liking it. So far in 1-2 days I have setup almost of the application with proper proxies and fingerprint binded to my PVA Google Accounts.My question is ( Is there any way to just send the cookies to the webpage without actually loading the video playback while live viewing ? If this can be done then we can have more parallel accounts viewing the stream...
asdviom 2020/08/30 05:03:14 0 0
Hey I've tried adding a fake account and binding my proxy to it. but its still showing my real IP when running the module. Is there something im doing wrong?
hvt1588 2020/07/27 22:05:34 0 0
It's been 10 days since I couldn't log in to my gmail accounts, most of them have network error. Is the software defective ? When can it be over ?Thank !...
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