• klucas
  • My topic Running more than 1 taks
  • Hello! How can I run more than one task at once? I run quite a few bots from whathatbox but in this one I cant find the task option.
  • 7-6 17:7
  • klucas
  • My topic The bot doesn't work
  • Hello! Could someone explain to me why the bot doesn't work? I have tried to run the tasks in different ways but in the end it always gives me an error. Those of support do not respond what seems to me a little odd because they respond super fast for the other bots. I am a bit disappointed in the truth, paying so much money for something that is not worth anything.
  • 6-12 16:54
  • klucas
  • My topic Spotify plays not showing!
  • Hello! Does anyone knows why the plays on Spotify doesn't show? I got around 90 private proxies and 500 Spotify free accounts. Checking everyday my Spotify stats but I have no new plays. 
  • 4-27 18:54
  • klucas
  • My topic Spotify Settings
  • Hello everyone, Im new on the forum, with no much experience on AIOSTREAM Could any advanced user share the settings to give 500k plays per month to a playlist? Im having some troubles following the youtube tutorial 
  • 4-16 18:51