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Comment failed to post

ReplyThanks 2021/09/15 01:32:40 0 0

Hello, I just bought this bot and when trying to add comments to the videos I get this error: "Comment failed to post" Any idea how to fix it?

2021/09/28 12:15:35
I'm also learning how to fix this bot. I hope to have an answer soon. the impossible quiz
2022/12/21 23:57:16
Most frequently, one or more of the aforementioned factors may be the reason you can't comment on a YouTube video. Having said that, sometimes you won't be able to identify the cause of this error right away, fnf so you might have to try any of the below solutions. As many users' problems were solved by these troubleshooting methods, I'm confident that one or two of them would work for you.
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