htmedia07 2019/12/09 16:37:55 0 0
I do not understand why? When I add the account, it says limit
Red Knight Reborn 2019/10/11 03:49:19 0 0
Hi im really new to this, and i have alit of question.1. Do i need alot of gmail account if buy the unlimited users?2. Do i need to bind all the gmail account to proxy when i made them3. Do i need to buy the pva account creator first so that i can habe alot of gmail accounts and also buy proxy servers?5. Do you sell gmail pva?Im sorry if im out of topic but i think is still related. Need to answer for all 4 questions so i know how it works.By the way do you have whatsup contact number. Because ...
StreamFeind 2019/10/01 09:09:25 0 0
software gets stuck on verify recovery email when checking newly added accounts.
Haligali 2019/10/21 17:41:55 0 0
where can i buy youtube accounts for this bot?
Ocir2016 2019/11/02 16:05:43 0 0
Hi, im interested on buying tube assist pro, but i dont have many email. I o ly need this software to increase the view of my yt video. Is it possible to run this sofware to watch a video or playlist without any gmail account? Only using proxy?Any recommendation proxy site that match your software.Thanks
tysonwald 2019/09/25 21:17:34 0 0
How do I add my youtube account? options to add an account are greyed out. Ive basically got the program open and havent been able to do anything since. 
Cotton Creations 2019/10/02 11:49:16 0 0
I need help with setting up a click ads task. Is there a sample task for this? Is it okay to do this under your channel account or is it best to have a different account click the ads?
Archer 2019/09/24 04:03:51 0 0
I have been trying to figure this out but I want a list of channels that YoutubeAssist will get the newest video (past 24 hours) of that channel and leave a comment. Could I get some assistance on that?
Kithu Joby 2019/07/17 23:47:28 0 0
I have bought around 40 proxies but could not upload it. Please tell step by step procedure to upload this 40 proxies at a single click thereafter i have to buy 1,00,000 proxies.all my 40 proxies are in this format etc etc.How to upload these proxies and run the task..iam...
Cotton Creations 2019/09/18 13:42:14 0 0
What are the steps to add my youtube channel? And the steps to IP and Fingerprint?
Eric Newlin 2019/09/17 04:35:44 0 0
HiI tried to fix the network error when verifying accounts as per a previous postbut the xulrunner33.0 zip file is empty.I can't make the program work.Can you help?
xuanngoc 2019/09/12 11:47:46 0 0
Hi whitehatbox, I bought TubeAssistPro (TAP) yesterday, so Itried to know how it work but It’s so hard to me. I have some questions pleasetell me the answers1.      1. I’m following these step        Choose accounts => set proxy to them=> click “IP icon” to  bind proxy=>...
Kyle Ryan 2019/09/04 02:07:36 0 0
It seems to be that i cannot automate my account because of a account verifying error. It says d1_ the type initializer for gecko. gecko prefrences threw an exception. what do i do to fix this problem? i sent a message for a refund but i would love to use this program to promo my youtube channel. need help.
Robbie White 2019/08/15 23:20:43 1 0
Ok so I found the attached task to comment on my subs videos, but when I run it, it keeps trying to comment on the same video.. And also is it possible to not only comment on the video but also like it at the same time?Thank you!!!I tried to attach the task but its not letting me upload. so I added a picture of the task....
raesremmurd 2019/08/28 18:58:45 0 0
That's what I'm wondering right now
Greyhatguy 2019/08/29 00:31:49 0 0
If I buy the single account version can I I later upgrade to the unlimited version if I pay the difference?Thanks.
StreamFeind 2019/08/17 01:39:42 0 0
Does this actually work good and easily with proxy for youtube views??? don't feel like wasting money on this like I did with aiostream. that software is a joke
CarryisLive 2019/08/13 19:15:41 0 0
hey buddy, where can i get serial key of the software.Can i get it in free or i have to pay (and where to pay the amount) & what's the amount.hope, you will reply soon. Thanks
Kithu Joby 2019/07/12 11:27:31 0 0
i'am running my own agency and i have clients for increasing their youtube video views. can i do it? if so can you tell me step by step on how to do it. i'am newbie.if a client gives me their url of the video how can i give them views for that video. please explain in detail.
SirBlackNCL 2019/07/14 02:09:11 0 0
Hello everyone,I was wondering, what kind of accounts are you using to run the view video tasks. Do you use PVA or you purchase them over the internet?
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