ownpy 2017/08/11 21:09:08 0 0
Today i purchased 'Traffic Bot Pro Full Version', but i don't get the software,  i want make a refunds. No one response. I already purchased 'SpinnerChief 5 Ultimate Version' before, but this time is so bad experience.
rrksingh 2018/12/14 21:02:08 0 0
Hi I have purchased this software few days back. when i run this within minute it shown the error.screeshot as attached. Please let me know how to solve this....
Mayad123 2019/01/17 02:50:07 0 0
Hello.I've heard a lot about this software and it's benefits, but since there is no trial, I have to ask the persons who have already bought this product.So here we go my questions are :1. Is it worth to invest about 200$ to buy this software?2. How much did you earn since you bought this software?3. What are the sites that you're using the software with?4. Where do you get the proxies from? Is the free proxy scrapper that comes with the software enough, I mean do I have to buy proxies too?5. Fi...
Brinr 2019/01/16 17:51:28 0 0
I am looking to use traffic bot pro, and wondering is there any trial version available to test before i pay for full version.1. Can i use custom browser user agents, timezone spoofing matching with proxy country, etc.2. Can i use Proxifier with this software to use bulk proxies.3. What number of visits can i send in 1-day if only add one campaign with 30 keywords and use this software on Dell i5 machine with 2.5GHz processor and 4GiB RAM....
chris martinez 2019/01/09 02:53:31 0 0
    My websites are operational but just need a proxy and other requirements to generate traffic. I'm on the verge of making money and im getting super frustrated please help!!
nashmalaysia 2019/01/05 00:57:31 1 0
I have decided to buy traffic bot and I found a lot of software on market and each one has its own options, my main purpose to purchase traffic bot software is to get Organic Targeted keywords traffic to my website to increase my impression and average CTR.I have  a few questions : 1- I want to target Arab countries such as Saudi Arabic, Yemen, Oman, Iraq, UAE, Qatar, and Libya, Does your software...
Yo Celebs 2018/12/12 06:11:05 0 0
I have tried to send a good amount of hits before with this program but I have always failed.  I have only sent like 20-40 hits per day to our site.  I am wanting to send 10,000 to 15,000 hits to our site and have it click on ads with a ctr in the 0.30-0.40 range.  I have found this program uses so much cpu and ram power that it would be near impossible to send 10k hits per day to our site.  If anyone is able to send me that...
Igotcha2018 2018/12/29 21:21:22 0 0
Hi,I bought the software yesterday and in general it does what it should do. Can not judge the results of course for now.But in my opinion there are some must have features that are missing at the moment (I just speak for the search engine part):There MUST be a way to do some random link clicking on the target page to simulate natural browsing.Spread x views over y time (e. g. 200...
Igotcha2018 2018/12/28 21:33:39 0 0
Hi,I just bought the software and there seems to be a general problem with proxies and the search engine location. If I set "google.de" and use proxies not from Germany the google search engine in the debug window switches to localized google search engines like "google.com", "google.pl".
[email protected] 2018/12/05 19:17:42 0 0
TrafficBotPro is a desktop software and its License key is open to all which is not secure at all.It is very easy to stealing that key if someone wants.So I am requesting you to update the software by hiding the license key Like ************. So that no body can see my license key.I expect it will be resolved by your engineer very soon.
aliday038 2018/12/09 20:54:36 0 0
Peace be upon youI would like to know the stages in which my followers need to make a successful new campaign
Dmitry Pismennyy 2018/12/05 22:37:44 1 0
Hello.1. Is it possible to run trafficbotpro on non-windows machines? Did you test eg. wine?2. May be there nonconsole version of trafficbot pro?3. Is there are API to manage traffic pro automatically?3. Is there any way to import/export campaigns from single file that can be generated by another soft?
DenkiChou 2018/10/24 07:04:10 0 0
It sounds too good to be true that someone can just do this. Wouldn't everyone do it then?
Dmitry Pismenny 2018/12/06 15:49:34 0 0
What is the difference in customer operate tasks between: Mouse emulation (web) and Mouse emulation.
Dmitry Pismennyy 2018/12/05 22:16:43 1 0
Hello, 1. How to spread visitors in time?  Eg. I want to get 2400 visitors per day, but spread them to achieve ~100 visitors per hour. What should be used to achieve this? 2. What is difference between "interval time to next page" and "search interval time" ? 3. Is there any complete doc/faq with explanation all settings in tool?Thx....
Valen Gaming 2018/12/01 21:32:26 1 0
please anyone who can explain step by step this engine, the information is incomplete so minimum! even trafficbotpro site, no video at all, I bought it expensive, no instructions, please tell me about:1.network and reconnect2. Hits3. manage proxy, how to succes run this engine?4. example 1 campaign, and this campaign...
Odbytolog 2018/12/03 22:14:00 0 0
the licence Server of aiostream keeps on saying ?Try later-Network Connection error“Please help
Leeis 2018/12/02 14:41:29 0 0
I am using this program. When I search for set keywords, there are shown as (not provided) in keywords section. I want solve this problem. please reply.
pejuang seo 2018/12/01 17:16:59 1 0
helloanyone know what is the best settings for Traffic Bot Ads Clicker? i mean , I'm scared if adsense will detect it please any answer.....
alica aliya 2018/11/25 06:55:54 0 0
i want buy this software but am not now how i use it  and i want know that if i set 1000 user for get website it give me 1000 user in 5 mint .or i will set the time it give mw 1000 user in 10 hours /12 hours  /1 hours ?  you have this setting in this software  .its means can i set the 1000pv timing that i get 1000 user in 8 hours . not in 5 to 10 mintsyou have these following options 1: have...
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