nguyenloitn 2018/05/29 17:01:27 1 0
Google Analytics shows only my current localization - it looks like the proxy is not working
incapdns 2018/06/06 15:43:35 1 0
I was interested in buying the program but my colleague told me that it is not working with the Socks proxy list, example: [Now offline, but this IP already worked, Socks 4/5]The company already managed to tidy up or this program only work on HTTP / HTTPS Proxy?Sorry for my english :C
temo8999 2018/06/03 06:45:35 0 0
HelloI hosted ads for revenuehits company that included in <script></script> tag so how i can allow traffic bot pro to click on these ads ?Regards
[email protected] 2018/06/01 02:40:03 0 0
I bought this software today! and really unhappy with it. Its not running my campaigns at all. My first experience of this software is really bad. I need someone to response please to fix issue.        
gosthecat 2018/02/17 04:28:40 2 0
Hi, I have some issue with using the proxy. I add a list of my proxy (image below).On the top of the debug windows, I see that everything is fine and the proxy is up. But when I'm running the campaign, my Google Analytics shows only my current localization - it looks like the proxy is not working. Do you have any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for any suggestions....
mitmit28 2018/04/29 21:10:38 0 0
Hi GuysHow do I use second level on adclick?I Understand how to make it click on banner on the first page.... but I am tryingto click first on link on the Hompage and after to click on banner on the Inner page of the websiteThank you for your fast replymitmit
LUCASSANTOS 2018/05/03 21:22:16 1 0
Hi, could you make a tutorial showing how to make the bot click on itens inside the page on different levels?Thanks
LUCASSANTOS 2018/05/03 22:15:45 0 0
What is the "Referer" parameter in the "Manage Website" section?https://prnt.sc/jd8i36Also, I can't upload images in here. There's an error.Thanks
freespirit01 2017/10/05 09:28:39 0 0
How do we setup HMA VPN for trafficbotpro?
fancypants 2018/04/06 22:52:47 0 0
When trying to connect to HMA I am shown a Disconnecting error and a 623 error
carloadmin 2018/01/23 18:54:20 1 0
Google Ad is not selected. What are the settings for Custom operate?The web load from Google search but it just scrolls up and down a few times without clicking on a second page.Please help.
thechosen 2018/01/24 00:11:47 3 0
Please finally create a video tutorial for the latest version of the software to explain in detail how to setup the HMA proxies!Please don`t post old youtube videos from last year where somebody used a old version of the software which didn`t had HMA!And please don`t post descriptions in poor english how to setup HMA! I`ve already red them in the other posts and I don`t understand them!...
mindstorms80 2018/02/16 00:07:40 1 0
Does not recognize my page,mobile search freezes,I totally uninstalled everything the same again......we paid $ 200? FOR WATH?absolutely bug creation.After each version bugs,how long?
falco555 2018/02/03 04:48:45 0 0
Hello,I have a few questions before purchase:1. Can this bot run on multiple threads?2. If I use virtual machines, can I install bot on unlimited virtual machines inside same computer or is it limited to two virtual machines?3. If I have auto updating url with proxies list, cdn I add this url to the script and could script reload proxies from the list every 15 minutes?4. Can this script click on any type of ad, even if there is no clear indication of ad location in html source code?5. Can I use ...
funtotade 2018/02/04 23:16:23 0 0
can i use this app for my adsense and not worry about getting ban?
funtotade 2018/02/04 23:14:21 0 0
can i use this app for my adsense and not worry about getting ban?
rizkhanjr 2018/01/24 04:25:29 0 0
I need to run the software on 2 computers. Can I buy 1 copy and run on two computers or do I have to buy 2 licenses?Does your software come with built in proxy or do we have to install proxy our self?
mequantum 2017/11/29 20:01:52 0 0
I have been using this and I see that google analytics does not catch the keywords I have put in campaign. It shows (not provided) in the results. I have ran multiple campaigns but all had same issues. Please let me know how to get those keywords detected?
fancypants 2017/12/18 21:45:22 1 0
You need to create some form of tutorials for this software. There is only 1 tutorial on youtube going over the very basics of how this software works?? You are charging customers for this software surely you should be producing some form of training???
brkykmsz 2018/01/15 17:20:11 0 0
We need help. I have updated the program to the newer version but debug window does not open and it crashes.
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