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Aprilcaicai 2018/06/05 14:12:17 0 0
elsaeyer 2018/09/12 10:57:07 0 0
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Chris656 2019/05/26 03:58:18 0 0
Hi there,just tried the TBP2 without any further information. I just want klicks on my kw. I do not manage that. Proxys are via GSA PS. Any short tut available? Otherwise this purchase seems useless.Best wishesChris
mavillar 2019/05/24 17:21:14 0 0
It would be great that TrafficBotPro could emulate Gmail sessions in case the browser engine were Chrome. Such navigations are very powerfulls.
Nacion Adsense 2019/05/08 06:51:22 0 0
Hey ! how much you can earn with this bot. it′′s safe?
alauddin2453 2019/05/21 02:58:12 0 0
Please help me to teach to create a account container...
Luckystar 2017/08/11 21:19:54 1 0
Cannot see any video support for the TrafficBotPro, Why?  No tutorial, no manual and no video. Cannot understand some of the functions. Please post tutorial.Urgent.....
abusama27@gmail.com 2019/04/29 17:53:41 0 0
HiAdmin, most of the TBP v2 users (me also) are fetching this software operating issue.So please make a TrafficBotPro V2 Tutorial for users to avoid crowd of TBP V2 operating issue.Thanks
andriusmeth 2019/05/17 23:41:24 0 0
Hello. I wonder. how connect traffic bot with luminati?
Randle4813 2019/05/15 07:37:19 0 0
I'm a little confused about something and I need clarification. If I have 5 rotating proxies that rotate every 10 minutes to a new IP. How do I set time between visits on the traffic bot? If that makes sense
Randle4813 2019/05/11 02:41:21 0 0
The more I use this software, the more I'm learning about it. The one thing that I want to ask about is the account manager feature. I noticed that I can add one with a proxy. What does this do? How does this work in the software?Is it working like a VPN per say?
Igotcha2018 2019/04/24 22:42:56 0 1
Hi,I just installed V2 for testing purpose (V1 is running well). After setting up a google (google.de) task I want to run it and get:d1_The Type initializer for "Gecko.GeckoPreferences" raised an Exception or in German "d1_Der Typeninitialisierer für "Gecko.GeckoPreferences" hat eine Ausnahme verursacht".System is Windows Server 2012.UPDATE:...
cryptocoin1btc 2019/05/12 02:05:28 0 0
i want to try it for 1 day 
Karmagedon 2019/05/07 19:54:56 0 0
I even wrote to the support service! This program does not have a free version, and there is no opportunity to buy first for a couple of days, and then full (like some other programs).The search engine version costs $ 92 a year, let me try it for one day for one dollar ...
ArnoRichterNet 2019/05/12 20:35:58 0 0
Hello!I dont have the option "scrape Proxy". See screenshotWhat could be the reason for that? I have licensed the search engine versionThank you!Arno....
fancypants 2019/05/06 18:30:42 0 0
Hi, Is there any way to stop the bot running every campaign consecutively? I would like to have the campaigns run throughout the day and not one after the other.Thanks
0961632bcltd@gmail.com 2019/04/26 07:22:06 0 0
Do we get version 2 upgrade?If not, will version 1 still get updates to reflect search engine changes?
geraldpil 2019/04/22 22:41:12 0 0
HelloThe version 2 looks cool. I am stumped how can we set it up to click our Adsense ads?Is there any training available on how to use this version?
abusama27@gmail.com 2019/05/01 14:06:02 0 0
Hi AdminWhich VPN Service do you recommend for WhiteHatBox Software?
Dr. Matthew Boley 2019/03/27 07:06:10 2 0
I would like to make this search in the Google GMB / Maps section to improve CTR to the website.  Is this possible? Thanks. 
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