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Aprilcaicai 2018/06/05 14:12:17 0 0
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Aprilcaicai 2019/06/28 10:15:16 0 0
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didi101 2019/09/13 11:58:23 0 0
new version does not start the old version 1.2.7 works
[email protected] 2019/09/16 04:40:43 0 0
Please tell me, for Bing in the "Search Engine Version" the bot will click on ads in the search results?...
ImmadKhalid 2019/07/12 06:52:43 0 0
I am the only user on this pc and have full administrative rights. Running on Windows 10 Home 64 bit OS. Not sure if anyone else had these problems. Any help would be much appreciated. 
didi101 2019/09/13 20:52:52 0 0
where is the V2 of Traffic Bot Pro in the app please.It is no longer displayed, what's up with you
wazawaza84 2019/09/10 22:08:44 0 0
Hi,Purchased the full version. Trying to figure things out, I am trying to understand how the proxy list works. In the sales page of the program it says it loads the proxy list automatically (or scrape it or something like that). But it does not happen. Does that mean I have to buy a proxy list??
riza 2019/09/06 13:15:59 1 0
Hye,I want to buy this bot, but want to know something first.Will I be able to set it to click on inner pages as well after coming from serp?Is there any trial period to check and use the bot?And one other thing, can I upgrade it to higher version after I buy lower. How much will it cost then, will it just the difference or will I need to pay in full, and...
lightning091 2019/09/09 13:21:12 0 0
Hi whitehatbox, I’ve decided that I would buy Traffic Pro Bot with full function, before I purchase I want to know some things about this software1. How does ADSL connection in Traffic Pro Bot ? In my country, we use fiber internet, it means that we need cable and modem to access internet. 2. I have 3 PC, can I install TPB on all them, but I will not run all of them at the same time 3. Can...
didi101 2019/09/01 00:28:41 1 0
get this message every time HELP
Dirt Bikers 2019/09/01 17:00:11 0 0
sorry for my bad english i was boting for a week with trafficbot pro ..with kw = target kw + brand kwafter 1 weeks search botting my kw show up on google search top 100...and now my kw in the page 4-6 google search local indonesia ..with zero kw rank on google search before botting..this my screenshot...
Luckystar 2017/08/11 21:19:54 2 0
Cannot see any video support for the TrafficBotPro, Why?  No tutorial, no manual and no video. Cannot understand some of the functions. Please post tutorial.Urgent.....
johnaaa 2019/08/05 16:42:16 0 0
Hi,Is there a way to drive traffic to my Amazon product from google with specific keywordsGoogle (Amazon : my keyword) => amazon => search the keyword on amazon => scroll through the pages until it finds my product then click on it.+ with unique IP addressThanks in advance for your answer.
Magicbox22 2019/08/29 02:19:48 0 0
please advise how can this task can be done ?i purcheased the software specially to address this amazon sponsered ad task 
Valen Gaming 2018/12/01 21:32:26 1 0
please anyone who can explain step by step this engine, the information is incomplete so minimum! even trafficbotpro site, no video at all, I bought it expensive, no instructions, please tell me about:1.network and reconnect2. Hits3. manage proxy, how to succes run this engine?4. example 1 campaign, and this campaign...
TheEmpathy 2019/08/21 22:19:23 1 0
Hello,I am about to purchase TrafficBotPro V2, however, i would like to know if there's any tutorial included?Also have any one tried with Adwords, if yes what's the result?Thank you
savior_khan 2019/08/18 21:22:32 1 0
Hi,If you are a daily user of trafficbotpro, then i need help from you.I am looking to purchase this software but i have some questions from someone who have used this software. Please let me know if you want traffic from specific countries for different campaigns, how do you get traffic from particular country. Also which proxy provide you use.Thank you so much.Any help...
ronconkreet 2017/11/19 07:03:16 0 0
The software is not running. The following error message showing:"Load browser DLL file failed, please run it again using administrator rights". I have use administraor rights and downloads:http://www.botchief.com/xulrunner29.0.ziphttp://www.botchief.com/xulrunner33.0.ziphttp://www.botchief.com/xulrunner45.0.zipI try run Traffic Bot Pro with Windows 7...
[email protected] 2017/11/15 12:34:03 0 0
When I run this program, always show warning: "Load browser.dll failed, please run again using administrator rights."This is happened again and again although I have use administraor rights....
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