• mikey08
  • My topic Cant download content bomb
  • cant download at this time please try again later, this is the message i am getting for like a week. i got the free content bomb from spinner chief 
  • 7-19 18:59
  • mikey08
  • My topic didnt find any results
  • Operating System:Windows 8 Operating System Bit:32bit Software Version: Didnt find any results that is what i get when i search for dog, computer, etc. I am sure at least one article directory has those terms I am doing online content sources I also come from spinner chief paid if that helps
  • 2015-06-03 06:11
  • mikey08
  • My topic How to turn off ch
  • I have version 4 ultimate. I notice certain words have the tilde, I think it is what is called. I use the very readable option and the other one readable option or is that how to make it readable. Also I notice sentence spin produces errors, I think it is the other brackets left over
  • 2015-05-31 11:37