Droid_Informer 2018/06/05 10:43:31 0 0
I haven't found one I liked yet. Googles picture captcha, sometimes not humanly possible to solve them. Sometimes waste 5-10 minutes solving them, a few times I had to give up or change my IP. I have had Captcha Sniper for a few years, installed probably installed it 100 times, never got it work. 
digitalsearchengines 2018/03/10 18:23:13 0 0
I need support in Botchief. Getting Problem With Software Compilation.I bought Vip Diamond Package.I am trying to compile Gmail Bulk Sender & Yahoo Bulk Sender.I defind all the details in botchief compiler.At the end it says File is Broken?How to fix that. Please Reply
lowridertj 2018/02/26 15:40:30 0 0
I can automate the registration process up to solving the captcha and setting the response in the captcha response field.  However the form is not able to be submitted even if the disabled on the submit button is removed and made active the form still cant be submitted.This is likely due to some listening script on the registration process.Im willing to offer a commission for the resolution on this....
vladimirkomarek 2018/01/19 23:57:22 0 0
hellosorry for the complaintsbut i really can not understand how gethonecode plugin is actually working...i have read a post here in this forum where you explain something but it looks way too confusing to me.Is there any clear tutorial where i can get some more info?thanks
mobicycle 2018/01/23 02:13:36 0 0
I was told that I would get a refund.AprilCaiCai is refusing to give me a refund.Your service is absolutely horrible.I want my refund, now!
vladimirkomarek 2018/01/18 21:53:09 0 0
my question is...is it possible to use your APIs out of botchief software?i would love to use your system manually to retreive phone verification codescheers
Tylervillage 2017/11/21 19:52:34 0 0
Hey, so i know nothing about scripting or anything at the moment, i was just wondering if someone could tell me if it were possible to create a bot to copy the 4 numbers in the picture below and then click continue. and repeat. the numbers change each time, so it would have to be able to read the the numbers or something. just wanting to know if its possible before i go and learn how to do it. id appreciate the help, thanks.
Artdope 2017/09/30 12:21:51 0 0
I'm in developer version of botchief editor.When I use the "Find Control" function (for a follow button), I save it as "Button" (as a control variable). Then I write an IF statement.When I test the control variable in the IF statement it keeps returning as False when it should be "True".How can I get it to return "True" when it just found the control displsayed the "Success" message?
[email protected] 2017/09/11 00:46:08 0 0
I tried but can't import my contentbomb work into GSA SER. It gives an error message "Sorry, but nothing could be filled"
husky1997 2017/09/01 03:17:21 0 0
For example, if I'm on a site that needs some information to fill out on a form, but that information is stored in a separate standalone application, can I use the SDK to pass data to the bot so that it can enter the data on the website form?For example, if I want to check status on an airline flight number, but the flight numbers are generated and stored outside of the bot. 
RT_QQ 2017/08/09 21:57:34 0 0
(TweetAttacksProIII) Can not filter (Need emaill verlfy) Please correct the error Thanks
Karmagedon 2017/07/11 03:04:38 0 0
I am sorry. Perhaps this is a stupid question :)How on this forum to receive the link to the separate message? I poked poking at different buttons, but it looks like I'm low IQ :)If this function is not available, perhaps you can add it?
veloro 2017/06/16 21:58:28 0 0
Hi, i am new to using bots; People say bot views doesn't have actual value.Is it true?
cyberi 2017/05/14 23:22:59 0 0
Hello, I use a free version of botchief and I bought "Urlshortnerbot" but I can't find or use it / I haven't got an email from them or any serial number? How can I use that bot? The only email I got is from paypal saying that I paid money for botchief/What should I do?
Jinxer 2017/05/14 03:05:51 0 0
Hello!I have found BOTCHIEF about two months ago.Saved some money to buy BOTCheif Developer version.I am curious if there is any coupon code or something like that for Developer version or nay kind of discount.Recently,I have seen FollowingLike BOT.Is this BOT created by BOTCheif officially,I am little bit confuse to buy it.That's why saying?.Is there any one who have used the facebook version of FollowingLike?...
PaxtonProjects 2016/08/28 21:27:03 0 0
 Hi guys,Did any of the white hat box tools automate and build YouTube channel subscribers?Cheers,
jvco.98 2017/04/09 10:55:30 0 0
Looking for help to get at least 4 viewer bots in my stream. Any way to do this?
ron 2017/04/07 02:50:42 0 0
Hi ! I would like to make a message to all my facebook friends automatically.Can u tell me if "White hat box" does this ?
yoelkululu 2017/03/21 00:25:37 0 0
1. i dont understand how make search of all my facebook friend and i got 50002. i do sucess found 1 friend and send him a auto message but its take alot time !! the time for all commands happend was like 30-40 sec and i need send a message to 5,000 friends so its not be dont forever ! some help ?
fferrando 2017/02/07 12:27:40 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:v6.2.4After upgrading to new version, TAIII is not loading anymore. Tried to reinstall previous version but it gives the same error.Any solution?....
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