WhiteHatBox 2013/11/18 09:28:37 1 0
This topic will be updated often to introduct WhiteHatBox App functions...
Ranjit_727 2019/08/10 22:14:04 0 0
Instagram Accounts are not able to created by PVA creator !!! Is anyone know the issue ??
Breemndy 2018/01/24 07:40:52 0 0
I've emailed twice posted once (private) & still no reply. Please give me a serial number that works, or refund me. This is irritating! 
bitcoin 2019/03/25 20:47:44 0 0
I have twitter.com/bitcarfan and I cannot log into it (Chrome browser, Desktop + Mobile) with just my username. I must enter my full email address to login. If I only enter the username I get an error that I have to be logged in for that. Yeah... Only logging in with my @ddress works. Weird, right? Anyone else seen this before? Bug or new "feature"? :(Peace!
timepiece 2019/05/07 05:57:53 0 0
Can/Does the amount of RAM a host machine has effect the performance or otherwise lead to crashing or premature stopping of tasks?If so what is the optimal amount of RAM a host machine needs to run 50-100 accounts each on a different thread?Thanks in advance!
WhiteHatBox 2015/04/07 01:32:41 9 0
We are one of the best internet marketing software and bot providers in the world, creating high quality, well-known software that has hundreds of thousands licensed users.Now we are providing a new service, creating high quality customized software and bots to your requirements, developed and delivered quickly to you at an affordable price.We have provided dozens of customized bots and software for our customers in the past, and they have been happy with our...
Ninikogo 2019/03/05 03:09:30 0 0
In FollowingLike, I am trying to launch a LIKE campaign, but the process is ending with a message "unauthorized". There is no problem with connection. Please, help me
rfurdzik 2017/01/28 10:32:13 0 0
Hi, it is launching uodate service. Loading data and than massage "update failed:.Any idea? I run software as administrator already...I have Windows 7 OS.
cmwkings333 2018/07/13 08:52:33 0 0
To Whom It May ConcernI put in a ticket but I've been waiting all night. Can I please get my serial number to work. Thanks
kameo2k 2018/06/05 08:15:09 0 0
Your product so far has had small hiccups but overall has been amazing! I have created a few bots using this software that run continuously throughout the day separately to complete specific tasks. These bots are quite elaborate, 450+ lines of commands each, but I wanted to consolidate these modules into one bot to reduce computer overhead and potentially expand my operation. I thought it would be as simple as opening the modules and dragging the commands to a newly created module but it tells m...
propertor 2018/05/27 17:14:36 0 0
Hi,Any recommendation of free or low cost VPS to host software (says FollowingLike) to run 24/7?Thank you.
ellabella 2017/01/12 20:17:02 0 0
I just purchased the 3 day trial. The serial number given is invalid. I emailed them, no reply. Is it normal to have to file a refund with paypal because of being given invalid serial number? I'm not happy about paying for something i can't use, especially if i only get 3 days to try it, so far not impressed at all.Wow, retract all that. Online chat was off when i posted this. I noticed it on and within 5 minutes they have fixed the issue for me. That's very fast and...
pipodyer 2017/07/21 05:14:07 0 0
Hello Guys,Very interested in giving my recomendation or not to this tool! However, right from start and while my trial version is trying to update to latest version I get "UPDATE IS FAILING, TRY AGAIN LATER". I created exceptions for folder and exe of WhoiteHatBox and tried again with the same result. I even temporarily deactivated Norton and I got the same error.Any idea?
auliar21 2018/03/07 09:32:47 0 0
how to upgrade x-spinner to elite version? i have pro version
mikeinnyc 2018/02/26 02:24:00 0 0
Hello,I have a future project where I want to scrape data every one hour.Specifically, if field has data on it then scrape else if not end.How do I select fields from a program and not a web browser? I'm using Citrix Receiver and I want to scrape 3 fields.
mindstorms80 2018/02/16 00:19:52 0 0
with   TrafficBotPro
bhave.meghna 2018/01/25 13:37:54 0 0
how to install pva creato for gmail
satyaluke 2015/04/13 10:01:15 0 0
Hi,I find difficulties to download whitehatbox setup file on this web. Can someone provide me an alternative link beside on this website.Thanks
Dismy Pos 2017/11/30 14:28:25 0 0
I want to post to groups in quick succession, but take a break between every 10 or 12 posts to prevent fb from blocking me. Can I use the sleep module to do this?How do I set this up?Thanks.
Some0ne 2016/08/21 09:40:20 0 0
I wouldn't invest a single penny in this bots!!!! It seems that  the Yahoo bots doesn't work! TweetAttack pro II doesn't work it says free and paid at TweetAttack Pro IIII but there is no free serial can't test the bots I'm very Disappointed!!!!
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