isaacyip007 2014/04/20 04:25:13 0 0
Hi I cannot use the upgrade function to spinner chief 3 elite versionI am a spinnerchief 2 elite user.But I am unable to use the page to upgradeMind contacting me?The email needed for upgrade is it the paypal email or the email i used to receive the emails?The paycode is the transaction code for the spinnerchief2 right?The name is which one coz i forgotten about it.The one for my paypal name or my email name?...
Chezzy 2014/04/16 05:34:24 0 0
Hello, I have article in spintax and when I spin it with spinner chief ot loases its formatting and all the text is in one big block. Also I need to save all articles in one file, how can I do that? Thanks for help.
Vincent 2014/04/08 03:32:23 0 0
Thank you to everyone who downloaded and helped us to develop SC3. The beta period is finished, currently you still have a chance - if you are quick! - to buy SpinnerChief 3 for a very low one-time fee. Just click the link below.http://www.spinnerchief.com/sc32014discount.htm
hsharma 2014/04/13 02:44:01 0 0
I downloaded Whitehat box App. Then from within the app I downloaded SC3. I entered the Name, Email and serial no. I also choose to AutoLogin. Now I am registered as SC3 Elite user and everytime I start SC3 it starts as SC3 Elite.Now I went and upgraded to SC3 Ultimate by paying extra money. Now I get a new Serial Key. My question is how do I put this new serial Key in the software so that when it starts it always...
Maroso2602 2014/04/12 03:55:50 0 0
It would be great to have an DuplicateSniper API for ultimate SC members, in order to integrate it with other tools.Thanks
jhobbs 2014/04/11 09:34:32 0 0
After selecting a synonym, insert the original word(s) into the top position on the synonym list, highlighted.  That way, I can delete the original word (at the top of the synonym list) and have SC fix up the spintax as required. 
jhobbs 2014/04/03 08:52:49 0 0
I entered the free Beta serial code into SpinnerChief 3, then purchased the code for SC3 Ultimate, but I can't figure out how to enter this code.  
handsun 2014/03/02 10:47:28 0 0
Hi! I have a mass of titles that are spun on the sentence and word level and I would like to unspin them at the sentence level to quickly choose the best ones, and leave the word spins in, then I can respin the sentences together. Every unspinner I have seen does not have this functionality. Do you have any ideas on how I can accomplish this? I do own SpinnerChief Pro.
osas123 2014/03/01 00:36:06 0 0
am finding it very hard adding sentence and paragraph manually could you ples assist me am using sc3 right nowalso which is the spin tree for manual spinning
mobius 2013/12/24 11:42:31 0 0
Hi,Could you help me to inform how to download sc3 from sc2 paid version. Will be update automatically while the update available or else?Thanks
kalasnikof 2014/02/24 16:38:48 0 0
osas123 2014/02/19 20:05:50 0 0
before now have been using the version 2 of this spinner but right now i can't connect anymore, always showing errors and directing me to spinner chief 3 which am find very tough to install.my question is can i still use the free version of SC 2?
WhiteHatBox 2013/08/29 08:50:55 0 0
The newest SpinnerChief III fixed some bugs, and made much improvement in Super Spin to generate more readable article, and also the update has the sentence spin function now....
kalasnikof 2014/01/12 18:29:43 0 0
1st.a.  Cannot scrape text content ( i don't know about others)b. Why so few article sources ?2nd. UniquenessWell.... 7 tries ZERO {0} to 2 percent {%} Uniqness .Ofcourse i am using a really good programThen and because i beleive in sc3 program and team behind  i scrape and make a cocktail of 5 texts suing other Cheap program ( not the well knows other) and spin with it. the i take the...
fergplay 2014/01/08 10:55:52 0 0
Can someone please explain to me how I use the tasks feature? Pardon my ignorance here but what exactly would I setup a task to do?
alodie 2013/12/15 01:34:50 0 0
...Purchased a copy of the SpinnerChief this October (2013).Since I did not have enough time to "take it for a spin" i decided to wait until i had the time.Tonight I logged onto the Spinnerchief.com site, every button I tried to click on gave me an error message.============Start of Error Message===================Server Error in '/' Application....
wpguy 2013/12/30 03:06:30 0 0
Hello.I am wondering how to do the following:I spun the article to 10 different articles.I need to set spinner chief 2 elite to insert different hyperlinks in to the different articles and as an anchor text I want to use a spin variations of the word I choose.So every article would have a different anchor text preferably with different link (links are set in Tools->Link manage)Is this possible?...
wpguy 2013/12/21 15:27:42 0 0
Hello friends.I am still using a spinner chief 2. I am trying to figure out how to auto replace synonyms.For example I have a text. In that text there are certain words repeating throughout.What I want to do is select first occurrence of the word then manually select best fitting synonyms and then have spinner chief replace every occurrence of the synonym in the text with selected synonyms form the first occurrence.Is it possible?...
Marketing101 2013/12/28 14:46:58 0 0
How do I get, find, locate my login credentials for third party software such as Kontent Machine and GSA? I need a user name and a password but I don't know where to look to get one.Thank you,Douglas
Narkoz 2013/12/28 11:23:25 0 0
hello i send you an e-mail two days ago related to my spinner chief account which you will upgrade to 250 spinning credit per day. Why you  dont reply me e-mails? I still cant use cloud thesaurus. Please upgrade my spinner chief  account immediately.My e-mail: ozledimnet  gmail.comMy User Name: Narkoz
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