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  • Hi, Can someone explain the price logic on this? if you buy Ultimate Version, its 132$ one time fee, if you wish to try the ultimate (if its fast and works on certain conditions), its 7$ + 149$ for one time fee, apparently not 7$ + 132$ (which would be understandable). So, they discurage users to actually register and try ultimate for 3 days by punishing them with extra price on the package even you actually payed 7$ just for 3 days?? thats a really wierd way to run a business. Anyone know if you can make a deal with these guys to try the 3 days and not get punished over on the full package for wanting to try before buy (i need it to do more then the free version to test mine)? Also, how many submits you can do a day on ultimate?
  • 2021-05-28 04:40