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  • Has anyone been able to get this working? i bought the YT account Maker and it never works. ive tried with proxies and no proxies. ive tried all the settings. Everytime it just hangs and times out. Never gets past the Date of Birth. just hangs on the Month shows the list of months and thats it. Also why only have when your other account tools use getsmscode as well. sucks it only works if you have russian proxies. can you please add getsmscode as it works for every proxy
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  • Here is a list of accounts that do no work - Please check them and update please APPLE DailyMotion Linkedin Naver Soundcloud Spotify Fiverr Twitter
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  • Can you tell me if these sites are working 100% I dont want to buy and these are not working. Also a friend of mine who bought the full package said some are not working and need updating Fiverr Facebook - Says its getting detected as a bot even with mobile proxies Apple Pinterest - i know they just updated so might now work Amazon reddit soundcloud spotify these are all the sites i want to make accounts for but before i buy i need to be 10000% sure they are all updated and working 100%
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