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ReplyThanks 2018/03/28 03:35:12 1 0
Has anyone been able to get this working? i bought the YT account Maker and it never works. ive tried with proxies and no proxies. ive tried all the settings. Everytime it just hangs and times out.

Never gets past the Date of Birth. just hangs on the Month shows the list of months and thats it.

Also why only have smspva.com when your other account tools use getsmscode as well.

smspva.com sucks it only works if you have russian proxies. can you please add getsmscode as it works for every proxy
2018/03/28 03:37:25
2018/03/28 03:41:25
also you dont have the bot updated so it can use the new and old layout https://www.screencast.com/t/AfFQ8yMM
2018/03/28 03:58:11
also another thing if your using mobile usernagents you get stuck on the YT page and it wont move
2018/03/28 04:05:02
So finally got it to work after 100 tried, but the smspva sucks big time. You need to change it please add getsmscode.

Also can you have it so it can use other countries too?
2018/03/28 05:40:57
also since i paid for the YT version why did it not make a YT channel?


missing some features. Upload bio pic, make double pva accounts, enable live stream

2018/03/28 15:35:51

We are so sorry for the inconvenience.

Probably the value for Month, Day you entered is wrong. So it gets stuck. At this moment, you can show us the screenshot of your settings. We will check it for you.

We will consider to add getsmscode phone service. Please wait for the news.

Very thanks for your suggestions (make channel, upload bio, enable live stream), we will take them into consideration. If the programmer can add it in the future, they will release the update ASAP. Please wait for the news.

2018/06/05 11:01:34
Have you guys got this set up to be installed in your app yet? It's the only one have that I can't get in there, but yet the directions say you can install it with the app. Don't know if it's me or your directions. lol.
2018/06/05 16:40:19

I am sorry, which one are you talking about please? Let me check it for you.

Waiting for your news.

Koo Pha
2018/12/09 11:20:07
What happened to the discount?
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