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Solving ReCaptchas MANUALLY With Images

ReplyThanks 2016/01/08 19:29:23 0 0

There is NO documentation/videos for this.

How do I configure the "captcha" to allow me to select a combination of individual images for Recaptcha?

I am able to get the iframe recaptcha pop up window to load, but I can NOT click anything in it to solve the recapcha manually.

This is with GMX.com when trying to create an acct, which I have to manually create my own bot for because the gmx acct creator was removed from botchief

Please Advise me on how to proceed, thanks.

2016/01/09 11:36:22

Actually there is no official support for recaptcha! However check this video out


It might give you an idea

It took me more than 2 weeks to make a recpatcha bot :P And i finally made it

A tip : try using Imagemagick to modify image to solve recaptchas

2016/01/10 02:41:06

I took a peep at that video. From what I understand is that its another bot to solve captchas. Nope, it didn't give me any ideas. Im still trying to learn the very basics of botchief, so trying to tell it to let some other minibot solve my captchas will prob take another 6 months to learn to do, lol

What I'd like to do is solve my own captchas, myself, personally. I know captchas services are pretty cheap, but there are so many that I wouldn't know which one(s) are the best, or which to invest in over the others, and which ones I'd be needing to use the most.

How do I CLICK on the images to solve them myself?

2016/01/10 08:17:14
Haha not like a minibot, but do everything with botchief just as that video didFirst get the image via getimage functionRun bat file to put numbers in botchief via imagemagickSend image to whatever captcha service you wantGet the answerThen according to answer select images in the captchaLike I said took me 2 weeksSince there is no official support either do what I say :( or just wait for it
2016/01/10 18:25:55

Thanks for your input, now we're getting somewhere. I dont know if you read my other thread, but those options aren't available to me because Im using the free version.

I've heard of imagemagick, but thought that was associated with variants of linux os's.

I have another but extremely simple theory which may work, but I dont know exactly how to implement it. Im sure it would be quite easy for you if you've managed to pull your method off.

Would you be willing to assist me with 1 very small function that I need in order to try my simple theory?

2016/01/11 05:12:08
What is the small function do you want to do ?
Let's ROCK!
2016/01/11 10:31:16

Yeah sure! @greyhat but whatever i said is already there in the free version (in order to make what i said)

I almost told all the necessary steps right there! :P Just tell me what problem you have

From imagemagick i have created two bat files! One for cropping the image and one for inserting numbers into the image

2016/01/11 10:51:07
@Danksta, I think you don't need imagemagick, botchief can do the job inside.
Let's ROCK!
2016/01/11 17:19:12

@WHB, since Danksta has the Pro version, and the record function is available to him, I'd like for him to:

@Danksta: (keep in mind that I want to solve them myself manually, and not use 3rd party sources)

a) Press Record Button

b) Click "Im not a robot" button to generate the captcha images.

c) Click on a few images

d) Stop Recording

e) send the log/.dat to me to so I can see if i can recreate the process manually

This will keep everything inside Botchief without needing any 3rd party resources.

The above is my last resort. I have another theory which is even easier than that, but I cant try it yet because my editor & runner is still open 3 days later because I'd like to retrieve the data from them before I start another project, located below.


2016/01/12 10:12:28
@greyhat i think you are misunderstanding the use of record buttonIts only used to make your projects faster by recording actions Its is not used here! For pressing the im not a robot button you use control operate to click it and then those steps! I have confirmed you can use these with your free version You just need to think a bit [email protected] i am using it because it converts the images within miliseconds rather than uploading it to server to convert it (add number to the images) and yeah waiting for its official supoort :p
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